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1) TODAY: Choose one of the projects below based on your artistic strengths.

2) TODAY: Submit a written proposal for one of the projects below. Be detailed in your description of what you intend to do and explain how you intend to do it. If you are working in a group (for instance, to write a script and prepare a scene), present that information to me as well. By the end of the period, you will turn in this detailed proposal and rough draft of your project.

3) DUE LATER: The final project itself.

4) DUE LATER: You will also write a 100 to 200 words explanation of your artistic vision, and you must be able to cite specific text (line numbers in parenthetical documentation) to support your creation. Type or write neatly.

5) DUE LATER: Present your project to the class.

  1. Create Grendel in the form of sculpture, painting, drawing, puppet, etc.

  2. Investigate the historical references within the work and create a visual presentation through PowerPoint or some other medium. Put the finished product in your school folder on the WANPUB.

  3. Create a comic book that features the adventures of Beowulf. Use a comic-book character such as Superman as the model for your hero. Illustrate episodes from the poem. Make sure that your hero has characters traits that are consistent with Beowulf’s.

  4. Present a dramatic reading of one of the battles. Divide a section of the poem among several classmates, giving each person approximately a dozen lines to read aloud. Select logical places for making the transitions from speaker to speaker. Practice your dramatic reading, paying close attention to the action and emotions being expressed. During the reading, be guided by punctuation rather than by line breaks. For your performance, you may wish to use costumes and props that reflect the historical context of the poem. See me for the style in which the dramatic reading may be done.

  5. Write a composition in which you tell the incidents in Beowulf from Grendel’s point of view. Begin by jotting down notes about Grendel’s thoughts and feelings during his final, fatal visit to Hrothgar’s hall. Then, arrange these notes in a logical order to create a working outline. Next, write a draft, keeping in mind that you are giving Grendel’s version of events, not your own or Beowulf’s. Finally, revise your draft, improving your content and organization and correcting any errors you find in grammar. Turn in all pre-writing and the final project.

  6. Illustrate each of the following scenes: 1) Herot on page 20 before Grendel arrives, 2) Herot on page 22-23 after twelve years have passed, 3) the arrival of Beowulf on the Danish shores on pages 23 & 25, 4) the Battle with Grendel on pages 28 – 32, 5) The Battle with Grendel’s Mother on pages 36 – 39, and 6) the Battle with the Dragon on pages 41 – 43.

  7. Write a script of one of the chapters and film it. Remember props!

  8. Create a social media account on Facebook or Twitter for one of the main characters.

  9. A project of your choice. See me when you have an idea, and we will discuss.

  10. Create a PowerPoint storyboard of the action in Beowulf. Using the internet, research the epic poem Beowulf. is a good search engine to find the text and other information. Read the text online or from the Brit Lit book. Choose one of the three sections (Beowulf vs. Grendel, Beowulf vs. Grendel’s mother, Beowulf vs. the dragon) and compile information for a Powerpoint presentation on the topic. Information presented should include but not be limited to the following:

    1. an illustration of Beowulf and the monster in the section you have chosen

    2. a sound bite of Beowulf recited in Old English

    3. a copy of the original document

    4. a brief history of the text of Beowulf

    5. interesting information on Beowulf as epic hero

    6. map of Anglo-Saxon Europe

Sources must be cited by listing internet address and the date accessed. Choose a background and format which will be easy for students to read. Extra creative points will be added for inserting music of the era and hyperlinks to useful websites.

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