Directions: Review all of your notes, returned tests, and handouts. Use your notes and textbook to review the terms below

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American Studies Midterm Exam Review Sheet
Directions: Review ALL of your notes, returned tests, and handouts. Use your notes and textbook to review the terms below.
Review summer reading packets- conquistadors, groups that arrived in the Americas and the lives of American Indians before white settlement and review the The Scarlet Letter (main plot points, characters, themes, style).
Colonial Era




Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Factors pushing people

Out of Europe and into


Puritan culture

Indian relations (Spanish, French, and English)

Indian wars

Characteristics of Puritan religion

Factors pulling people

To America

reasons Puritans settled in NE

Know the purposes for each colony

Joint-stock companies

Anne Hutchinson

Plimoth plantation

Characteristics of Puritan literature

Characteristics of Puritan art and architecture

Forms of punishment (retribution, deterrent, rehabilitation)

Revolutionary Era

French and Indian War

Federalist Papers


Study your notes on Revolutionary Art (John Singleton Copley)

Shay’s rebellion

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Paine and Common Sense

Read over the The Declaration of Independence

US alliances during the war

Bunker Hill

Proclamation Line of 1763

Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

Salutary neglect

Lexington and Concord

Patriots and Loyalists

Benjamin Franklin

Review key battles of the war

Revolutionary literature characteristics

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Know the various acts that led to the American Revolution (sugar, tea, Intolerable, etc)

Review the role of women during the war (Revolutionary Mothers)

Romantic Era

Lowell girls (the Lowell Mills- in your textbook)


Andrew Jackson

The Louisiana Purchase

Trail of Tears

Manifest destiny

Hudson River Valley painters

Romantic Art characteristics

Henry David Thoreau

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Romantic literature characteristics

Fireside poets

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

Civil Disobedience

Poe, Black Cat, and Masque of the Red Death


Mexican-American war

California Gold Rush

War of 1812

Civil War Era



Events leading up to the war (causes)

Slave Narratives



Colonel Shaw and 54th Massachusetts

Mathew Brady photography


Fort Sumter

John Brown, Harper’s Ferry and Bleeding Kansas

Major Battles of the Civil War

The soldier’s experience

Mathew Brady

Locations of battles

Soldier’s experience during Civil War

Frederick Douglas

Slave songs and culture

Stephen Crane

Major people involved in the war

Ambrose Bierce

Walt Whitman

Mark Twain


Carpetbaggers and scalywags

13th, 14th, and 15th amendments

Booker T Washington and WEB DuBois

Andrew Johnson

Ulysses S. Grant


Plessy v Ferguson

Black Codes

De facto v de jure segregation

Barriers to Black voting rights (literacy tests, poll tax, etc)


Jim Crow

Three phases of Reconstruction- presidential, radical (Congressional), Redemption

Freedman’s Bureau


Bring a #2 pencil!

There are 175 Multiple Choice questions. You will have the whole exam period to complete the exam. Bring something quiet to do after you are done.

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