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Greek Culture Web Quest:

Directions: Log on to your computer and type in:

Complete the following Question;

City- States:

  1. Describe the function of a City-State

  1. Define Agora and show its influence on today’s American Culture.

Greek Boys:

  1. What cultural practice of the Greeks would you consider to be morally offensive in today’s society?

  1. Describe the education system common to ancient Greek culture: (bullet points)

  1. At what point in a boy’s life did he become a “young man”?

  1. What are some of the cultural practices, described in the life of young Greek men, can we see have impacted our own society? (bullet Points)

Girl hood & marriage:

  1. Provide specific examples to support this statement: “In Greek culture women were seen as inferior to men.”

Greek democracy:

  1. List all those who would be included as “Citizens” of Athens

  1. As a citizen of Athens, what was your expected duty? Do you think this is important today?

  1. What is the Athenian model of democracy?

The Iliad: Odyssey

  1. How was this epic poem a contribution to Greek Culture?

Famous Greeks:

Socrates and Plato:

  1. What does philosophy mean?

  1. What is the Socratic Method? How is it best used today?

  1. What was Socrates impact on the youth of Athens?

  1. What is “The Republic”


  1. How did Hippocrates change the common view about sickness and impact future medicine?

Who was the Worlds 1st Historian?

Greek Theater:

  1. How did modern day theater evolve from early Greek theater? Give historical account.

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