Directions: Go to the webpages listed below and answer the following questions using the information on those pages

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Charles Darwin WebQuest



Directions:  Go to the webpages listed below and answer the following questions using the information on those pages.

Link #1:  Who Is Charles Darwin?


1.  When and where was Charles Darwin born?  What were his parents named and how many siblings did he have?


2.  Briefly describe Darwin’s schooling and why he did not become a doctor like his father wanted.


3.  How did Darwin get selected to sail on the HMS Beagle? What was the name of the Captain of the ship?

a4.  What year did Darwin first propose the Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection and who was his collaborator? 


5.  What was the name of his most famous book, when was it published, and why did he want it published so quickly?


6.  When did Charles Darwin die and where is he buried?


Link #2: 5 Interesting Facts About Charles Darwin


1.  Who did Charles Darwin marry and how did he meet her?  How many children did they have?


2.  What TWO things did Charles Darwin have in common with Abraham Lincoln?


3.  How did Darwin influence the beginning of Psychology?


4.  What is the name of the book Darwin wrote that was influenced by Buddhism and how is it related to that religion?


Link #3:  People Who Influenced Charles Darwin

1.  Give the birth and death dates of Jean Baptiste Lamarck.


2.  What did Lamarck believe would happen to older, unused structures as new adaptations took over for them?


3.  Who influenced Darwin to come up with the idea of Natural Selection (also sometimes called “Survival of the Fittest”)?


4.  The Comte de Buffon was not a scientist.  What area was he most known for and what did he help discover?


5.  Alfred Russel Wallace went on a voyage similar to Darwin’s on the HMS Beagle.  Where did he go on his first voyage and why did he have to go on a second voyage (and this time where did he go)?


6.  What relation was Erasmus Darwin to Charles Darwin and why was Erasmus such a controversial person (in regards to his personal life)?


Link #4:  Darwin’s Finches


1.  How long did it take the HMS Beagle to reach South America and how long did they stay there?


2.  Besides the finches, what two things did Darwin study while on the Galapagos Islands?


3.  What year did Darwin return to England and who did he enlist to help him figure out the situation with the finches’ beaks?  (Name the man and his occupation)  Describe the man’s reaction and what he said about Darwin’s information.


4.  Relate why the finches had different beaks to evolution of the species.  How did this new information compare to Jean Baptiste Lamarck’s ideas?


5.  What is the name of the book Darwin published about his trip to South America?

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