Directions: circle me correct vocabulary word to match the given definition

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American History _1st quarter Vocabulary Assessment (modified version)


Directions: circle me correct vocabulary word to match the given definition

1. A group of people who live in one place but are ruled by a government in another place. (colony / census)

  1. Very Important part of direct democracy, place where people meet to make decisions, debate, and vote. We
    actually still see them in some New England states today. (Mercantilism / Town Meeting)

  2. a tax on paper goods during the Revolutionary period. Example: newspapers
    (Stamp Act / Patriot)

4. a count of the population every ten years (census / Democracy)

  1. changed into a representative democracy in America because of several factors. One example is population
    growth makes this form of democracy hard to manage.

(Direct Democracy / Direct Deposit)

6. refusal to by goods. (BoycottlLoyalists)

7. someone in the American colonies who remained loyal to the English King. (Loyalists/ Patriot)

  1. wrote "Common Sense" during the American Revolution and the struggle for Independence. (Thomas
    Paine / T. Jefferson)

  2. one person or a small group making all decisions for its people. This form of government can still be found
    in the world today. Example: North Korea.

(Dictatorship / Monarch)

10. American colonists devoted to the fight for Independence against the British.

(Patriot / government)

11. sent to the king to declare our freedom from British rule. (Declaration of Independence / Constitution)

12. King or Queen form of government (Mercantilism / Monarch)

  1. 1 st American president, commanded the American Revolutionary forces during the Revolutionary War,

presided over the Constitutional Convention. ( T. Jefferson / George Washington)

  1. located along the Eastern coast of America. They believed very strongly in self-government. To show this
    they set up governments in which people made the decisions using direct and representative forms.
    (colonist / 13 original colonies)

  2. A group of angry farmers protesting over high state taxes. This even showed our young country that we
    needed a stronger central government (Mr. Robinson's Rebellion or Shay's Rebellion)

16. theory that a country should sell more than they buy. ( mercantilism / constitution)

  1. different forms of these include monarchy, democracy, and dictatorship.
    democracy / government)

  2. states basic laws, principals, ideas, guidelines and rights for the American people. This document replaced
    the Articles of Confederation. ( Constitution / Declaration of Independence)

  3. First permanent settlement in America. The settlement was made up of a very diverse group of people.
    (Morehead, Ky. / Jamestown, VA)

  4. where the people elect officials to make decisions on their behalf. (Direct Democracy / Representative

  5. Events that occurred because of the colonist anger over British taxes. Events such as this helped colonist
    drive harder for independence. (Boston Tea PartylMassacre or "What happens in Vegas stays in

22. Form of government where people make the decisions (Monarchy / Democracy)

  1. Wrote the Declaration oflndependence, 3rd President of the United States.
    (T. Jefferson / Shay)

  2. Influences on the United States system of government both in the ancient world and modem world. (Sparta
    / Athens, Greece)

  3. established because nobles were angry at the kind. Eventually this split into the House of Lords and the
    House of Commons. (Parliament / Intolerable Acts)

  4. Weak document, which gave states and the state governments too much power. Eventually replaced by the
    Constitutions. (Articles of Confederation / Constitution)

  5. Famous statement included in the Declaration of Independence. (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Love /
    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness)

28. Left England to settle in America. Life was very difficult early. (colony / colonists)

  1. Series oflaws made by English Parliament such as the quartering act.
    (Hammarabi's Code / Intolerable Acts)

  2. The document drafted in England by the nobles that limited the kings power.
    (Magma / Magna Carta)

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