Did I really see that? By Dimara Almeida

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Did I really see that? By Dimara Almeida
Do you dread going to see a movie because you might encounter numerous inaccuracies in the film? Probably not, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know just what exactly is a mistake and what was meant to be in the film? Then www.movie-mistakes.com is definitely the authority in film faux pas. It is an interesting site to pick up bits of trivia on any of your favorite movies. While historical movies are an easy target- a gas cylinder in a Gladiator chariot- the site offers a huge library of information on all classic and current films.

Movie-mistakes.com, operated by Jon Sadys of the UK, started out as a “tech geek film fan’s” hobby and has evolved into a site that is hit by up to 50,000 visitors a day. Sadys is a 22-year-old graduate from Southampton University who hosts a television show on films. The mistakes are submitted by the visitors themselves and are verified by Sadys and others. With so many submissions verifying accuracy is somewhat tedious, but all corrections are eventually made and posted with date of correction, usually every other day. The site also allows visitors to make corrections on information they see, as well as submit new facts. The site aims at for the average moviegoer as well as the seasoned film critic aficionado.

Since one man manages the web site, visuals are basic but clean. A color scheme of white background with blue shaded images flows throughout the content of the site. The headlines are blue background with bold, white lettering, and the majority of the writing is in simple Times New Roman. The theme is carried out on every page of the site offering continuity. The organization of the site is very functional and straightforward. Ten categories-All Films, Top Films, Updates, The Best, Questions, Guest book, Charts, Links, Contribute, and Home- in the index allow the visitor to view or find any information he/she is looking for or wanting to submit. Overall, the visuals are simple and effective. The site may seem a little bare without pictures from films, especially since they are so readily available, but with so much information visuals might crowd the site, but a few wouldn’t hurt.

The site is readily accessible to any viewer and is very interactive. The site offers the ability to look up, change, and add movie mistakes, as well as voting on the top errors. A Movie-Mistake e-mail group allows real movie buffs to receive updates and new information the minute the facts are available or submitted vie e-mail, daily or weekly.

Information abounds at Movie-Mistakes, from the highly retentive- reflections of cameras- to fun and interesting trivia. The visitor can access all films through a directory using alphabetic listings, or the surname of the actors, actresses, or director of the film. Once a movie is chosen, all the listed mistakes appear. You also have the ability to vote on the best mistake, which is then tallied and shown in a top 20 best mistakes category. Other than mistakes, the site also answers questions about movies that lacked the explanation themselves. A listing of the top ten US and UK films is available under The Charts. Links to official movie sites, movie news, and other movie trivia sites are available. The best link is to www.allposters.com, which features almost any film’s movie poster for sale. The information provided is at a nice median, serving those who occasionally frequent the cinema to those who stand in line for three hours for tickets to a new release.

Movie- mistakes.com is a funny, entertaining web site appealing to anyone who has seen a movie. The site takes in information form all over the world and effortlessly allows the viewer to interact with the site through many venues. The aesthetics are basic and clean providing functional organization. The availability of movies is always growing, as are the mistakes in them.

Excellent analysis of a great site! 10 points

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