Developmentally Challenged Adult Field Trip Program

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Developmentally Challenged Adult Field Trip Program

The mission of the Discovery Park of America is to enhance the educational experience of children and adults and to inspire them to see beyond their current level of knowledge. In a further effort to fulfill our educational mission, Discovery Park of America has established the Developmentally Challenged Adult Field Trip Program.

Developmentally challenged adults benefit greatly from opportunities to interact with people outside of their day-to-day environments. These outings offer a chance to practice important life skills such as communicating and interacting with others. When developmentally challenged adults are able to participate in their communities, the community as a whole also benefits. When others see developmentally challenged adults behaving in a way appropriate to the circumstances and enjoying the same activities as everyone else, it helps to build community awareness and break down stereotypes.

This program is designed to offer such opportunities and is available for any organization licensed by a state department of intellectual and developmental disabilities (or equivalent state department). With pre-registration, and under the supervision of caregivers approved by a licensed organization, developmentally disabled adults may visit the Discovery Park of America for $8.00 per person. One chaperone per 4 developmentally disabled adults will be admitted free of charge. Additional chaperones will be charged $13.95 per person. A minimum of eight paying individuals are required. Tax exempt organizations must provide a copy of their tax exempt certificate in order to receive a tax-free invoice.

Visits to Discovery Park of America under this program must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Admission tickets purchased under this program are one-day general admission tickets. Any additional purchases, such as food, gifts, or special attraction tickets must be made on site during the visit and are not included under this program.

To register for a visit to Discovery Park of America, please provide the following information and return this form by email to, or by fax to 731-885-7276. Please also include a copy of your state license. We will contact you within 5 business days.

Organization Name: ________________________________________________Licensing State: _______ License #:_________________

Billing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________

Organizational Point of Contact:

Name: ____________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________________________

Title: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________________________

Today’s Date: _______________________ Planned Date of Visit: _______________ Estimated Arrival Time: _________________

Total # of Clients: ___________ Total # of Staff: __________________________
Are you a tax free organization? YES / NO Tax ID #___________________________

(Please include a copy of your tax exempt certificate with this form.)

Do you need an individual receipt for your client’s personal records? YES / NO

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