Desk Aid Providing Workforce Services to Veterans Interviewing/Assessing Veteran Customer For the purpose of this guidance, a Veteran is an individual who meets the definition of a veteran or an eligible spouse of a veteran. Background

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Desk Aid
Providing Workforce Services to Veterans

Interviewing/Assessing Veteran Customer

For the purpose of this guidance, a Veteran is an individual who meets the definition of a veteran or an eligible spouse of a veteran.

Workforce Solutions staff, primarily Employment Counselors, will provide assistance to Veterans who:

  • Do not qualify for a referral to a Veterans Career Advisor (Career Advisor) for assistance or;

  • Should be referred to a Career Advisor, but is unavailable or;

  • Are waiting to speak with a Career Advisor, but the veteran chooses to speak with other Workforce Solutions staff.

Veterans always have first priority for services provided by Workforce Solutions.

Providing quality services to Veterans
Referral to a Career Advisor

  • If a veteran self identifies that one or more factors on the Veteran Identification Flyer apply, refer the customer to a Career Advisor.

  • If the Career Advisor is not available, give the customer the option to make an appointment to see the Career Advisor, wait until the Career Advisor is available, or speak with another Workforce Solutions staff.

  • If the veteran customer self identifies that none of the factors on the flyer apply, refer the customer to the next available Workforce Solutions staff.


  • Many veterans are accustomed to receiving assistance from Veterans’ Career Advisor and Veterans’ Employment Liaison in our offices. A customer may insist seeing one of the veteran staff even though none of the factors on the Veteran Identification Flyer apply.

  • Workforce Solutions staff should allow the customer to see the Veterans’ Career Advisor or the Veterans’ Employment Liaison. They will explain the new rules to the customer and personally escort the customer to other Workforce staff for assistance.

Workforce staff providing services to Veterans
In addition to providing basic services to veterans, staff must ensure the WorkInTexas application is updated for all veterans seeking employment.

  • Work History: Recently released and/or those with little work history should have their military duties entered in the work history (see "Translating Military Skills" section below).

  • Education/Training: Enter the military training/occupation in this area.

Translating Military Skills

If a veteran is trying to find resources to assist with translating military skills to civilian terms, go to the following websites:

  • ;

  • - Army/Navy



Other Job Search Engines

Workforce staff can go to other websites outside of WorkInTexas to assist veterans with more resources to find gainful employment. The following websites are a few that have proved to be helpful search engines:








State Applications

Workforce staff should stress the importance of filling out the state application which would allow the veteran an opportunity to see any matching state jobs. These jobs give preference to veterans and tend to have more benefits included than most other positions. Inform the veteran on the different steps to searching WorkInTexas for state employment.

Recording History of Services

All Workforce staff should summarize their conversations in TWIST Counselor Notes when assisting a veteran.


Unemployment Insurance

A recently release veteran (within 12 months of release of active duty) should follow the following steps in filing for unemployment insurance benefits:

  1. File for benefits via phone or internet

  2. Fax the “Member Copy” of the DD 214 to 512-322-2875

  3. Contact UCX claims at : 866-229-6362

All other eligible veterans will follow the normal procedures for filing for unemployment insurance benefits.

Veteran request DD214

If a veteran is requesting a DD-214, the EC should attempt the following actions:

  1. Refer to the website.

  2. Refer to their nearest Veteran Service Officer to receive assistance.

Note: For quicker access to their DD 214, it is recommended that veterans file the "Member Copy” with the County Clerk’s office where they reside.

Veterans Entrepreneur Program



VA Education Benefits information

  1. Post 9/11 – expires 15 years after date of discharge

  2. Montgomery GI Bill – expires 10 years after date of discharge

    • To apply online, visit

  1. Hazelwood Act – does not expire!! This applies to the veteran who ENLISTED in the military while living in Texas. State supported schools only (U of H, Texas Southern)

  • To apply, visit

VA Benefit Claims Information

Texas Veterans Commission Claims

VA Regional Office

6900 Almeda Rd

Houston, TX 77030


Office hours 7:30am – 4:00 pm


  1. Who do I contact if I want to file a VA Compensation Claim?

    • Contact the Texas Veterans Commission Claims Coordinator.

      • Abel Guevara


  1. My spouse died recently. What survivor benefits am I entitled to receive?

    • Refer to the Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors Guide at

  1. Where can I obtain legal advice?

    • The VA Hospital has a free legal clinic each Friday from 2-5PM.

  1. My GI Bill benefits have expired. Are there other ways to receive educational training?

    • Disabled veterans may be entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation; Workforce Solutions has scholarships for high demand occupations; Trade and Labor Unions offer free apprenticeships.

    • Texas Veterans Commission – Houston Veterans Education Staff

P.O. Box 841884

Pearland, Texas 77584

Ph: 832-418-7349

Fax: 713-436-6262


P.O. Box 1429
Missouri City, Texas 77459-1429
Ph: 281-229-3175
Fax: 281-416-8748

  • Melanie A. Moynahan, L.M.S.W., Program Specialist

P.O. Box 1694
Cypress, Texas 77410-1694
Ph: 713- 818-1630
(FAX) 281-256-3737

  1. What Veteran Support agencies provide assistance for rent, utilities, etc.?

    • Refer to the “Welcome Home” Returning Veterans’ Guide to Community Resources at

    • Call 211 for referral information

    • Immediate Housing needs

      • US Veterans Administration -

      • US Vets –

      • Salvation Army -

      • Star of Hope



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