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Descendants of Samuel Fuller
Generation No. 1
Child of SAMUEL FULLER is:

2. i. EZEKIEL2 FULLER I, b. 1650, Isle of Wright VA; d. 24 Jun 1723, Isle of Wright VA.

Generation No. 2
2. EZEKIEL2 FULLER I (SAMUEL1) was born 1650 in Isle of Wright VA, and died 24 Jun 1723 in Isle of Wright VA. He married DEBORAH SPIVEY 1698 in Nansemond Co VA, daughter of JOHN SPIVEY and SARAH LITTLETON. She was born 1680 in Isle of Wright VA, and died 23 Apr 1744 in Isle of Wright VA.

Died 2: 24 Jun 1723, Isle of Wright VA


i. LYDIA3 FULLER. (Not Proven)

ii. SARAH FULLER. (Not Proven)

iii. UNITY FULLER. (Not Proven_

iv. AMY FULLER, b. 1692; d. 1696.

v. CARRY FULLER, b. 1692; d. 1696.

vi. MILLY FULLER, b. 1692; d. 1696.

3. vii. JOHN FULLER, b. Abt. 1700, NC.

4. viii. EZEKIEL FULLER II, b. 1702, Isle of Wright VA; d. 1763, Granville Co NC.

ix. ANN FULLER, b. 1703, Isle of Wright VA; d. 1798.

5. x. SOLOMON FULLER I, b. 1704, Isle of Wright VA; d. 1777, Granville Co NC.

xi. MARY FULLER, b. 1708, Isle of Wright VA; d. 1709.

xii. BENJAMIN FULLER, b. 1710, Isle of Wright VA; d. 1779, Granville Co NC.

xiii. TIMOTHY FULLER, b. 1714.

xiv. JOSEPH FULLER, b. 1716, Isle of Wright VA; d. Aft. 1760.

xv. ARTHUR FULLER, b. 1718, Isle of Wright VA; d. 4 Oct 1797, Pittsylvania Co VA.

xvi. MARTHA WHITNEY FULLER, b. 1720, VA; d. 1725.

xvii. WILLIAM FULLER, b. 1720, VA.

xviii. TIMOTHY FULLER, b. 1722, Isle of Wright VA; d. 27 Jan 1767, Bute Co NC.

xix. HONOUR FULLER, b. 1728; m. JAMES ALLEN.

Generation No. 3
3. JOHN3 FULLER (EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1700 in NC. He married SARAH.
Children of JOHN FULLER and SARAH are:

6. i. HENRY4 FULLER, b. Abt. 1717, Caswell Co NC; d. Apr 1788, Caswell Co NC.



iv. ELIZABETH FULLER, m. GEORGE SIMMONS, Joppa Town Baltimore Co MD.
4. EZEKIEL3 FULLER II (EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1702 in Isle of Wright VA, and died 1763 in Granville Co NC. He married SARAH VINSON, daughter of THOMAS VINSON and ISABELL MORGAN. She was born 1705 in VA, and died 1763.

i. SAMUEL4 FULLER, b. 1732, Isle of Wright co VA; d. 1792, Granville Co NC; m. FEREBY SPIVEY, 1753, Granville Co NC; b. Isle of Wright co VA; d. Granville Co NC.

7. ii. EZEKIEL FULLER III, b. 1732, Granville Co NC; d. May 1811, Franklin Co VA.




8. vi. HENRY FULLER I, b. 1725, Isle of Wright VA.

5. SOLOMON3 FULLER I (EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1704 in Isle of Wright VA, and died 1777 in Granville Co NC. He married MIRA PEACE DUKE 1728 in Bertie NC, daughter of BENNETT DUKE and LUCY JOHNSON.
Children of SOLOMON FULLER and MIRA DUKE are:

i. ISRAEL4 FULLER, b. 1730, Bertie NC.

ii. BARNABY FULLER, b. 1732, Bertie NC.

9. iii. JONES FULLER, b. 1735, Granville Co NC; d. 15 Sep 1815, Franklin Co NC.

10. iv. SOLOMON FULLER II, b. 1737, Bertie NC.

v. MARY FULLER, b. 1740, Bertie NC; m. BOOTH PEARY, 1 Feb 1763, Oxford Granville Co NC.

Generation No. 4
6. HENRY4 FULLER (JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1717 in Caswell Co NC, and died Apr 1788 in Caswell Co NC. He married CATHERINE SALLING 15 Apr 1751 in Augusta Va, daughter of JOHANNE SALLING and ANN ROEMER. She was born 1725 in Caswell NC, and died 15 Apr 1788 in Augusta Co VA.

i. SARAH5 FULLER, b. 1747, Augusta VA.

11. ii. JOHN SALLING FULLER, b. 1751, Caswell Co NC.

12. iii. KEZIAH FULLER, b. 1752, Caswell Co NC; d. 25 Sep 1853, Roane Co TN.

iv. PETER FULLER, b. 1753, Caswell Co NC; m. JANE ROSEBROUGH, 1781.

v. ELIZABETH FULLER, b. 1755, Caswell Co NC; d. Bef. 1812, Sumner Co TN; m. JAMES RANKIN, NC; b. 1750, King George Co VA; d. 25 Oct 1827, Sumner Co TN.

vi. MARY FULLER, b. 1757, Caswell Co NC; d. Bef. 1850, Caswell Co NC.

vii. HENRY FULLER JR, b. 1759, Caswell Co NC.

viii. GEORGE FULLER, b. 1761.

13. ix. ABRAHAM FULLER, b. 27 Dec 1763, Caswell Co NC; d. 15 Nov 1836, Russell Co VA.

14. x. STEPHEN FULLER, b. Feb 1766, Caswell Co NC.

xi. ISAAC FULLER, b. 1767, Caswell Co NC; m. ELIZABETH CLAYTON, 1794.

xii. ANN FULLER, b. 1769, Caswell Co NC.

15. xiii. GEORGE FULLER, b. Abt. 1772, VA; d. 1854, Roane Co TN.

xiv. ISIAH FULLER, b. 1773, Caswell Co NC; m. (1) EASTER; m. (2) PATSEY WILLIAMS.

Date born 2: Possible a twin to Jacob

xv. JACOB FULLER, b. 1773, Caswell Co NC; d. 8 May 1848, Lexington Rockbridge Co VA; m. (1) MARY DUTY, 1793; m. (2) SARAH SALLY DUPREE, 17 Nov 1796, Lexington Rockbridge Co VA; b. 1775; d. 23 Aug 1859.

Date born 2: Possible a twin to Isiah.

7. EZEKIEL4 FULLER III (EZEKIEL3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1732 in Granville Co NC, and died May 1811 in Franklin Co VA. He married (1) FANNY MOODY 22 Sep 1762 in Granville Co NC, daughter of JOEL MOODY and SARAH ALLEN. She was born 1742 in Granville Co NC, and died 1803 in Granville Co NC. He married (2) SARAH SMITH MARTIN 25 Sep 1803 in Granville Co NC. She was born 1782 in NC.


16. i. GILLEY ELIZABETH5 FULLER, b. 1763, Granville Co NC.

ii. TEMPERANCE FULLER, b. 1764, Granville Co NC.

17. iii. BENJAMIN FULLER, b. 1765, Granville Co NC; d. 1848.

iv. EZEKIEL FULLER IV, b. 1766, Granville Co NC.

v. SIMON FULLER, b. 1767, Granville Co NC.

vi. ELIZABETH FULLER, b. 1768, Granville Co NC.


vii. ROBERT5 FULLER, b. 1806, Granville Co NC.

8. HENRY4 FULLER I (EZEKIEL3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1725 in Isle of Wright VA. He married JUDITH SPIVEY Abt. 1755, daughter of LITTLETON SR. and ANN SMITH. She was born 1725 in Isle of Wright co VA, and died 1800.

18. i. ELIZABETH5 FULLER, b. 1772, Caswell Co NC; d. 1850, Russell Co VA.

19. ii. JOSEPH FULLER, d. 4 Oct 1808.

iii. HENRY FULLER JR, b. 1740; m. MARY EARL, 1768, Granville Co NC.

20. iv. SARAH FULLER, b. 1745.

21. v. SHADRACK FULLER, b. 1750; d. Aft. 1798.

vi. MESHACK FULLER, b. 1755, NC.

22. vii. SAMUEL FULLER, b. 1756, Caswell Co NC; d. Aft. 1800, Guilford NC.

viii. JOHN FULLER, b. 1769.
9. JONES4 FULLER (SOLOMON3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1735 in Granville Co NC, and died 15 Sep 1815 in Franklin Co NC. He married (1) PRISILLA. He married (2) SARAH BRADFORD 13 May 1786 in Granville Co NC, daughter of THOMAS BRADFORD and MARY WHITE. She was born 1767 in Granville Co NC. He married (3) ANN 13 May 1786 in Granville Co NC.

i. ISHAM5 FULLER, b. 1760, Granville Co NC; d. 2 Jul 1805, Laurens SC; m. (1) ELIZABETH ROBERTS, Randolph Co NC; b. Halifax Co VA; d. 24 Dec 1797, Laurens SC; m. (2) SARAH ALLEN, 1798, SC.


23. ii. ZELLA5 FULLER, b. 1786, Granville Co NC; d. 1850, Calloway KY.

iii. ALICE FULLER, b. 1787.

iv. EPHRIAM FULLER, b. 1789.



vii. MARY FULLER, b. 1793.

viii. WARREN FULLER, b. 1795; m. ANN CONYERS.

ix. FRANCES B FULLER, b. 1798; m. JAMES PERDUE, 27 Oct 1821, Franklin Co NC.
Children of JONES FULLER and ANN are:

x. CELIA5 FULLER, b. 1762, Granville Co NC; m. ARTHUR FULLER, 1782.

xi. MILDRED FULLER, b. 1767.


xiii. BARTHOLOMEW FULLER, b. 1769; m. SARAH COOK, 23 Jan 1794.

xiv. DEMPSEY FULLER, b. 1771; m. NANCY HARRIS, 27 Jun 1797.

xv. JONES FULLER JR, b. 1773; m. SARAH MILLER, 1793, Laurens SC.

xvi. SARAH FULLER, b. 1774.

24. xvii. HENRY FULLER, b. 1776.
10. SOLOMON4 FULLER II (SOLOMON3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1737 in Bertie NC. He married OGILVIA AVENT.


25. i. CHARLOTTE5 FULLER, b. 1784, Laurens SC.

Generation No. 5
11. JOHN SALLING5 FULLER (HENRY4, JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1751 in Caswell Co NC. He married SUSANNAH CLAYTON 9 Dec 1778 in Caswell Co NC.

i. RICHARD CLAYTON6 FULLER, b. 1799, Caswell Co NC; m. MARY FULLAR, Persons Co NC; b. 1799.

12. KEZIAH5 FULLER (HENRY4, JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 1752 in Caswell Co NC, and died 25 Sep 1853 in Roane Co TN. She married (1) JETHRO BERNARD REYNOLDS 1787 in Hillsborough District Orange Co NC. He was born Nov 1813 in War of 1812. She married (2) JOSEPH HANKINS SR. 27 Mar 1817 in Roane Co TN. He died 1822 in Roane Co TN.

County Court Minute Book Roane Co TN (1849-1856, page 375.

The death of Keziah Reynolds [Hankins marked out] who was a pensioner under the act of February 1853 and mention in a certificate commenced 9th September 1853 adn ??? 11 august 1853 as the widow of Jethro Reynolds who was a private in the 15 Fifles commanded byLieutenant Findley was proved in open court by the oath of Hamilton Gray and Samuel E. Wright who dispose and say they were acquainted with the said Keziah Reynolds that she departed that life in the County of Roane on the 25 day of September 1853 leaving the following named children surviving her viz. alford Reynolds, Jacob Reynolds, Kiziah Newman formerly Kiziah Reynolds, Mary blackburn formerly Mary Reynolds, Nancy Reynolds, and that they were the only surviving children of the said Keziah de
Roane County Court Minutes Tuesday January 23 1820 The Court here being Satisfied from the testimony of Kezeah HANKINS later Kezeah REYNOLDS Widow and wife of Jethro REYNOLDS later private in the First Rifle Regiment of the United States Deceased the said Kiziah HANKINS being first duly Sworn Saith that (....lists children and birthdates....) and now of said county and are the Only heirs at Law of the Said Jethro REYNOLDS deceased being the children of the said Jethro REYNOLDS deceased upon the Said Kezeah REYNOLDS Widow and Relect as aforesaid begotten and the Court in Order to

Intitle the Said Heirs at Law to Recover from the Government of the United Sates a pension of half pay for Five years in Consequence of their Ancesters Service in the late army agreeeable to an act of Congress of the 16th day of April 1816 making further provision for militery services during the late war the acts of Congress amendatory thereto doth appoint Joseph HANKINS of the County aforesaid Guardian to the said Serveral Heirs at Law of the said decedent and therefore the said Joseph HANKINS with James HANKINS and Robert MARNEY Entered into and acknowledged their bond in the condition accordingly.

SOURCE: Roane County Tennessee County Court Minute Book H 1830 Roane County Tennessee Census HANKINS, Isabella - Page 55 HANKINS, John - Page 18 HANKINS, John S. - Page 27 HANKINS, Kisiah - Page 52 HANKINS, Lemuel J. - Page 37 HANKINS, Ruthy - Page 41 HANKINS, Thomas - Page 33 Keziah Fullar's first husband Jethro Reynolds was killed in Nov 1813 (War of 1812) and they were living in Tennessee at that time with 11 children. Keziah then married Joseph Hankins, Sr. in Roane Co. TN. There are guardianship papers dated 1819-1821 where Joseph was made guardian of 7 of Keziah's children who were still home. Joseph Hankins, Sr. and Keziah Fullar Reynolds had no children together. It was the second marriage for Joseph Hankins, Sr. also. SOURCE: Hankins Workshop Page 358 October the 3 1853. To the worship county cort of Roane County. Your Petitioner John W. Sturgess wood shoe to your worship that he has made two Coffins for the pore of the aforesaid County and pray youre worship to make him alowance for the same to wit. Coffin for Kisiah Reynos -- 3.00 Do one for Nathaniel Farmer - 3.00 John W. Sturgess Married first, beginning 1787 in Hillsborough Dist. Orange Co., NC, Jethro REYNOLDS (5538), died Nov 1813 in Roane Co., TN. Married second, 27 Mar 1817 in Roane Co., TN (Thomas McMullin, J.P. John Burris Bd.), Joseph HANKINS (16036), died about 1822 in Roane Co., TN.






26. v. MARY B REYNOLDS, b. 30 Oct 1809, Henrico Co VA; d. 1 Mar 1884, Russell Co VA.
13. ABRAHAM5 FULLER (HENRY4, JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born 27 Dec 1763 in Caswell Co NC, and died 15 Nov 1836 in Russell Co VA. He married MARY SARGENT 6 Feb 1786 in Caswell Co NC, daughter of STEPHEN SARGENT and MARGARET. She was born 24 Feb 1766, and died 2 Nov 1846.

Date born 2: Abt. 1765


27. i. STEPHEN6 FULLER, b. 31 Aug 1789, Russell Co VA; d. Feb 1869, Scott Co VA.

ii. HENRY FULLER, b. 3 Apr 1792.

iii. KATHERINE FULLER, b. 1794.

28. iv. ABRAHAM FULLER, b. 21 Sep 1807, Caswell Co NC; d. 15 Nov 1891, Russell Co VA.

v. REBECCA SARGENT FULLER, b. 19 Mar 1813, Russell Co VA.

29. vi. ISAAC FULLER, b. 1797, Russell Co VA; d. Aft. 1850.
14. STEPHEN5 FULLER (HENRY4, JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born Feb 1766 in Caswell Co NC. He married (1) ELLEN MARY 6 Feb 1798. She was born 25 Dec 1773 in Montgomery Co VA, and died Bef. May 1863. He married (2) ELEANOR "ELLEN" DALY 1838 in Tazewell Co VA.

WILL OF STEPHEN FULLERRussell County, VirginiaWill Book 7, Page 305

Executed 05 May 1863

I Stephen Fuller, of the county of Russell and State of Virginia, being

weak in body but sound in mind and disposing memory, for which I thank

God, and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being

desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God

to bless me with, I give and bequeath the same in manner and form as

followeth, that is to say:

1st. After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses I desire my

estate both real and personal, to be equally divided share and share

alike, among my children and their heirs. That is, I give to Hawkins

Fuller one sixth part of all my estate after first deducting from the

amount the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars, which they have

received heretofore in land.

2nd. I give to the heirs of my daughter Celia Samples - Stephen,

Catherine, William P., Franklin and Henry, the one sixth part of all my

estate to be equally divided among the said five children, except in

this, that the said Stephen Samples has received from me fifty eight

dollars and 22 cents and I desire that he shall have that much less

than the other four, with legal interest thereon from the year 1850

until the final division.

3rd. I give to the heirs of my daughter Elizabeth Kindrick, the one

sixth part of all my estate to be equally divided among them.

4th. I give to the heirs of my daughter Catherine S. Johnson, the one

sixth part of all my estate to be equally divided among them.

5th. I give to the heirs of my son Jacob Fuller, the one sixth part of

all my estate to be equally divided among them.

6th. I give to the heirs of my daughter Polly Johnson, the one sixth

part of all my estate to be equally divided among them.

7th. I give to the heirs of my daughter Phebe Thompson, one dollar, to

be equally divided among them.

The heirs of Hawkins Fuller and Polly Johnson are citizens of the north.

If the said heirs of Hawkins Fuller and Polly Johnson do not come to get

their part in seven years after my decease, I desire that their part be

equally divided between my first six heirs mentioned in my will.

I hereby constitute and appoint my grandson, Wm. P. Samples, executor of

this my last will and testament and I direct that he shall not be

required to give security, in the event that the said Wm. P. Samples

should die, or be prevented from any cause to execute this will, I

desire that Emory Thompson shall not be appointed administrator. I

hereby revoke and make void all former wills made by me at any time heretofore.

In writing whereof I, the said Stephen Fuller, sets my hand and seal

this 8th day of January, 1863. I also direct that E. Thompson is not

to have possession of the land until he pays the purchase price.

In the presence of us at his request.Stephen X Fuller (Seal)Henry M. McGlothlin

James Claypole

At a court held for Russell County at the courthouse on the 5th of May, 1863.

The last will and testament of Stephen Fuller deceased, was produced in

court and proved by the oath of henry M. McGlothlin and James Claypole,

the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and on

the motion of William P. Samples the executor therein named, who took

the oath of an executor prescribed by law and entered into and

acknowledged his bond in the sum of seven thousand dollars with Wm. G.

Kindrick, S. B. Hurt, and A. L. Kendricks as his securities thereto,

conditioned as the law directs. A certificate is therefore granted him

for obtaining probate of said will in due form.


Occupation: Farmer

Children of STEPHEN FULLER and ELLEN MARY are:

30. i. CELIA6 FULLER, b. 1 Mar 1801, Russell Co VA; d. 26 Mar 1838.

31. ii. PHOEBE GIBSON FULLER, b. 22 Jan 1814, Caswell Co NC; d. 1 May 1900, Russell Co VA.

iii. HAWKINS FULLER, b. 1860, Russell Co VA; m. PHOEBE NASH.

iv. ELIZABETH FULLER, b. 6 Mar 1806, Russell Co VA; m. GEORGE H KINDRICK, 17 Feb 1829; b. Russell Co VA.

v. CATHERINE S FULLER, b. 11 Oct 1808, Russell Co VA; d. 2 Feb 1835; m. JOHNSON.

vi. JACOB FULLER, b. 22 Apr 1811, Russell Co VA.

vii. POLLY FULLER, b. 13 Jun 1803; d. 10 Oct 1835; m. ABNER JOHNSON, 10 Feb 1820.

15. GEORGE5 FULLER (HENRY4, JOHN3, EZEKIEL2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1772 in VA, and died 1854 in Roane Co TN.

Revolutionary Pension Application of George Fuller

Common Law Order Book 1, Page 186

April 16, 1818

George Fuller who resides in the County of Russell in the State of Virginia, wishing to become a pensioner under a late law of the Congress of the United States, this day personally appeared in Court, and declared on oath, that he entered the military service of the United States on the first day of May 1781 and continued twelve months in active service as a private soldier in a North Carolina Regiment, commanded first by Colo. Dixon and afterwards by Colo. Ash. He was then interrogated by the Judge of the Court, who was a Lieutenant in Colo. Lee's Legion which formed a part of the Southern army under the command of General Green, and who was with the said Army during a part of the year 1780, almost the whole of 1781 - all the year 1782, and until the troops were disbanded in 1783. The answers rendered by the above named George Fuller with respect to the names and rank of several officers of the North Carolina line, the position of the Southern army at various times, remarkable incidents which occurred in camp, and in the action fought at Eutaw Spring on the 8th of September, 1781; afforded to the said Judge conclusive and perfectly satisfactory proof that the said Fuller was in service a great part of the time of which he speaks. He also proved by the testimony of two respectable persons, to wit: Francis Browning and Abraham Fuller that he was in said service in the capacity aforesaid, for the term of twelve months. It was also proved to the satisfaction of the Court that the said George Fuller is in indigent circumstances and has a large family.

George Fuller3, son of Henry and Catherine Salling Fuller, was born between 1756 and 1761. In the line of children, he was born in 1761. He died in Roane County, Tennessee on March 16, 1848. His grave marker gives age 91. According to this, he would have been born sometime after March 16, 1756 and before March 16, 1757. The year of his birth would also determine the location of his birth. It is widely written he was born in Caswell Co, NC. This would be impossible!! Caswell Co did not exist until 1777. This would make his birth place Orange Co, NC and since it is close to the time Henry and Catherine left Augusta County, VA, It is possible he was born in VA!! He enlisted in the NC Continental Line in May of 1781. He served for a period of one year, and was in the battle at Eutaw Springs, South Carolina. He married probably in NC to Nancy??. The earliest record of him being in Russell County is a deed recorded in 1796, when he purchased land on Cedar Creek. By that time he would have been abt 40 years of age. We know his son John Fuller4, my ancestor was born in NC in abt 1795-1796. His son Thomas was born in VA in 1797. It would seem likely, he already had several children older than John and Thomas. Mrs. Wilcox also states in her book that our ancestor, George Fuller came "from Scotland." I have found no evidence to support this. I have, however, found evidence to support my belief that John and Thomas's father, George, was indeed the Revolutionary War Soldier that moved to Roane County, TN. I believe the "from Scotland" comes from the fact that the place where Henry Fuller lived in Augusta County VA, was the Scotch-Irish Settlement of Virginia.

George Fuller3 moved to Roane County, TN around 1821. His first wife, Nancy, died there between 1840 and 1842. She is listed with him in the 1840 census. He married Hollin Johnson in Roane County on March 15, 1842. It is from Court Records in Roane County that we get names of children of George Fuller.

Land Grant to George Fuller - 1795


70 Acres in Russell County, Virginia

Virginia Grants 64, p. 123

Warrant Dated 05 Nov 1795, Survey dated 01 Jan 1800, Recorded 11 Nov 1813


James Barbour Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia: To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting; Know ye that by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 1651, issued the 5th of November, 1795. There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto George Fuller, a certain tract or parcel of Land containing seventy acres by survey, bearing date the 1st day of January 1800; situate in the County of Russell, on the north side of Cedar Creek, a part of the waters of Clinch River and bounded as followth, to wit: Beginning at a white oak, corner to Anthony Hinton, thence with his line, north eleven degrees, east twenty four poles to a hickory on said line, thence leaving said line north thirty two degrees, west eighty four poles to a white oak and dogwood on a ridge, north fourteen degrees, east thirty two poles crossing a branch to a sugar tree and beech on the side of the ridge, north fifty two degrees, west thirty poles to a hickory, red bud and cherry tree on a line of Martha Hays, and with her line and binding thereon south thirty five degrees, west one hundred and twenty poles, passing her corner to three dogwoods near the bank of said creek; south thirty degrees, east thirty eight poles to a dogwood, white oak and Spanish oak near said creek, south six degrees; east thirty seven poles to a white oak, his own corner and with his line north fifty degrees; east fifty two poles to three white oaks, another of his corners; and then with another of his lines, south eighty two degrees, east sixty three poles to the beginning, with its appurtenances: To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land, with its appurtenances, to the said George Fuller and his heirs forever. In Witness whereof the said James Barbour Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the eleventh day of November, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirteen and of the Commonwealth the thirty eight.

Js Barbour

Children of GEORGE FULLER are:

32. i. JOHN6 FULLER, b. Abt. 1797, Caswell Co NC; d. Abt. 1860, VA.

33. ii. THOMAS FULLER, b. 1800, VA; d. Abt. 1860, Buchanan Co VA.

34. iii. JOSHUA FULLER, b. 1787; d. 11 Nov 1858, Roane Co TN.

iv. GEORGE FULLER JR., m. MARY M MCCULLEY, 28 Feb 1867, Roane Co TN.


Kincaid, James M. Adm of George Fuller, Sr

George Fuller Jr and others
Roane Co, TN Chancery Court--1853


To the Hon. Thos L. Williams, Chancelor for the Eastern District holding court at Kingston for the counties of Roane and Morgan.
Humbly complaining show to your Honor Your Orator, Madison Kincade a citizen of the county of Roane That about the month of 1847 one George Fuller, Sen. departed this life intestate in the county of Roane Your Orator states that he is the administrator of the estate of said George Fuller legally appointed by the county court of said Roane County Your Orator states that since he qualified as administrator of said estate debts and demands have come against him for payments as administrator to the amount of about Two hundred dollars. These debts Your Orator is advised and believes are valid and good against said estate. Your Orator states that all the personal property and effects of the said intestate are inadequate to the payment of the debts by about the sum of one hundred dollars. Your Orator states that the goods and chattles of the intestates Estate have been sold and the proceeds of the sale amount to the sum of only ninety-two dollars Eighty-cents. Thus it will be seen by your Honor that the personnal assets are greatly insufficient to pay the debts against the Estate. Your Orator now shows to Your Honor that the said George Fuller at the time of his death was seized and possessed of a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Roane aforesaid containing about Eight acres and bounded as follows and thus described "in the first range west of the Maridean Hiwassee District First Township Twenty ninth section and the south East quarter of said section Beginning at the south East corner running with the Branch to a poplar on the south side of the big spring Branch being the south west end of said quarter now particularly described and marked in the deed of Conveyance from one Elias Moreland to said intestate as reference being thereunto had will more fully appear.

Your Orator further shows that the said George Fuller left at the time of his death, George Fuller Joshua Fuller the children of Nancy Fuller who intermarried with one Obed Mattheus and who died before the death of intestate leaving the following Minors her children and heirs at Law to wit Irvin George Susanah James John and Eliza Matheus whose lawful Guardian is the said Obed Matheus all of whom live in Roane County said George likewise left at the time of his death Elizabeth Fuller John Fuller Thomas Fuller Susanah Fuller who married James Gray Anny Newport formerly Anny Fuller his heirs at Law who live in the state of Virginia.
The premises considered the prayor of Your Orator is that the heirs of the said intestate may be made parties defendants to this bill and that those living in Roane County be served with due and proper Process and that publication be made as to the aforesaid heirs living in the state of Virginia and on the final hearing of this cause Your Orator prays that Your Honor may grant a decree for the sale of the aforesaid land for the payment of the aforesaid Debts There being no widow of the said intestate to be endowed. Madison Kincade


Orignial Bill
M Kincade, administrator
The heirs of Geo Fuller dec'd
filed 26th March 1850

35. v. NANCY FULLER, b. 1805, NC.




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