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23. MILDRED "MILLIE"8 WOMACK (DAVID7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) She married DAVID WOMACK 16 March 1827 in Liberty, KS, son of RICHARD WOMACK and DICY HAYESLAIN. He was born 8 May 1800, and died 20 July 1886.

Child is listed above under (21) David Womack.
24. LUCY ALZIRA8 LAWRENCE (JAMES7, LUCY6 WOMACK, HENRY5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born in TN, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860. She married JEREMIAH MATHES DOHERTY 1833 in Cherokee Co. AL, son of GEORGE DOHERTY and MARY MATHES. He was born 1812 in Jefferson Co. TN, and died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Cherokee Co. TX.






25. HENRY M.8 LAWRENCE (JAMES7, LUCY6 WOMACK, HENRY5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 1796 in Jefferson Co. TN, and died 1870 in Polk Co. AR. He married NANCY THARP 21 December 1821 in Jefferson Co. TN. She was born 1803 in NC, and died 1850 in Cherokee Co. AL.


i. DANIEL THARP9 LAWRENCE, b. 1823; d. 1899.

Generation No. 9
26. JOHN CROSSLEY9 WOMACK (DAVID8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 21 December 1827 in MS, and died 4 March 1890 in Cameron, TX. He married SARAH JANE WILLIAMSON.

Occupation: Doctor


37. i. JOHN DAVID10 WOMACK, b. Abt. 1855, AR; d. 16 December 1916, San Antonio, TX.

27. RICHARD MANSEL9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born March 1846 in Simpson Co. MS. He married MARTHA E. HIGGINS 1 May 1871 in Bosque Co. TX. She was born November 1850 in LA.

Series: T623 Roll: 1613 Page: 254

Surname GivenName Age Sex Race Birthplace State County Location Year



38. i. ABBIE ELIZABETH10 WOMACK, b. 2 February 1875, Bosque Co. TX; d. 18 September 1965, Hamilton Co. TX.

39. ii. CORA ELLEN WOMACK, b. 24 April 1873, Bosque Co. TX; d. 9 January 1960.

iii. VIOLA WOMACK, b. 1872, Bosque Co. TX.

iv. TALITHA S. WOMACK, b. 1878, Bosque Co. TX; m. J.T. PINKERTON, 22 April 1894, Bosque Co. TX.

v. ZULA S. WOMACK, b. November 1882, Bosque Co. TX; m. UNKNOWN AUTRY.

vi. JOHN L. WOMACK, b. March 1889, Bosque Co. TX.

28. ELBERT WASHINGTON9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 6 August 1830 in Copiah Co. MS, and died 8 November 1904 in Bosque Co. TX. He married (1) MARY ANN ELIZABETH DAILEY 10 February 1853 in Polk Co. TX. She was born in TX, and died in Polk or Trinity County, Texas. He married (2) SARAH E. LIGON 30 March 1865 in Trinity County, Texas. She was born 10 March 1849 in MS, and died 31 December 1930 in Tarrant Co. TX.


Elbert is listed on the 1856 Trinity County, Texas tax rolls.

The 1860 federal census, Sumpter (Trinity) Texas, pg 332, shows Elbert and family with personal property value of $995 and lists him as a farmer. They are living next door to Evans and Susan Cook, who are the parents of William A. Cook who married Elbert's sister, Phedora. William and Phedora live next door to them.

Elbert enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army and by the end of the war was a 2nd Lieutenant. He was in Co. A, Gould's Battalion, McClay's Brigade, Forney's Division. A cousin, Abner John (Jack) Womack was in the same company. Elbert substantiated rights to a widows pension for Jack's wife. Jack died, 34, on Christmas Day 1869.

He and his family were still living in Trinity County in 1870 according to the census. They had moved to Morgan in Bosque County at least by April 1874 when his first born son, John A., died. Elbert and Sarah never had any children of their own. They raised Susan T. (Sue) Cook, from about 6 weeks of age when her mother died. Sue was the daughter of Elbert's sister, Phedora Womack Cook.

He is listed as a farmer and they also had boarders in their home.

Notes for SARAH E. LIGON:

In her later years, Sarah "Sallie" lived with her foster daughter's family, Sue, Emmett and Luther Strange in Tarrant County, Texas for several years and was still living with them she passed away. Sarah drew a widow's pension for Elbert's service in the Civil War. Elbert applied for a pension for his service in the Civil War but his claim was rejected. Later, Sarah "Sallie" , as a widow, filed for a widows pension for his service in the war and her claim was honored; her pension number #38146.

According to information from Minty Ruth Mooney Johnson, Sarah "Sallie" Ligon Womack was a sister to George Ligon who married Minty Womack, daughter of Abner Carroll Womack, brother to Elbert. Elbert and Sarah were caring and loving people.

Children of ELBERT WOMACK and MARY DAILEY are:

i. JOHN A.10 WOMACK, b. 30 September 1854, Trinity Co. TX; d. 11 April 1874, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX.
Notes for JOHN A. WOMACK:

John died at age 19.

More About JOHN A. WOMACK:

Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX
ii. SIMEON ELBERT WOMACK, b. 20 October 1857, Polk Co. TX; d. 4 September 1935, Brady, McCulloch Co. TX; m. SAMANTHA LEE MYERS, 24 March 1889, Bosque County, TX; b. 21 April 1868, Miller Co. MO; d. 22 April 1957, Brady, McCulloch Co. TX.

29. SAMANTHA JANE9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 1832 in Copiah Co. MS. She married (1) J.H. CHOAT. He was born 1824. She married (2) WILLIAM P. BIRCH 28 March 1850 in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.


Samantha had died by 1880 when her second husband, J.H. Choat and son, John, were shown living in the household of her father.



30. PHEDORA THERESA9 WOMACK (ABNER PRYOR8, RICHARD MANSEL7, DAVID6, RICHARD5, RICHARD4, RICHARD3, WILLIAM2, CHARLES AUGUSTUS1) was born 22 March 1833 in Copiah Co. MS, and died 30 May 1875 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX. She married WILLIAM AUSTIN COOK 12 October 1854 in Polk Co. TX, son of EVANS COOK and SARAH MURPHY. He was born 15 December 1832 in Marion Co. AL, and died 15 May 1889 in Morgan, Bosque Co. TX.


In 1860, Phedora, her husband and children were living in Sumter, Trinity County, Texas near her brother, Elbert and his family and next door to her inlaws, Simeon Evans Cook, wife Susan and their children. Phedora and William were in Bosque County, Texas by 1867 on tax roll.
Phedora died when her youngest child, Susan, was about 6 weeks old. Susan was raised by Phedora's brother, Elbert Washington Womack, and his second wife, Sarah E. (Ligon) Womack. Phedora was 42 years old when she died, probably from complications of childbirth.


Burial: Womack-White Cemetery, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX


He was born in Marion County, Alabama. William, in 1860, lived in Sumpter (Trinity Co) Texas with his wife, Phedora and 2 small daughters next door to his parents. Their personal property value on that 1860 census was $250., and their real estate worth was listed as $720. Phedora's brother, Elbert Womack lived 2 doors away - Elbert who one day would raise the youngest child of William & Phedora when Phedora died in 1875. Also living nearby was Sterling Strange, who in years to come, would be the grandfather of Emmett Strange, who would marry Susan Cook. Phedora's parents, in 1860, were already living in Bosque Co. By 1870 this family of Cooks were living in Bosque County, Texas.
1860, Trinity County tax roll ~ W. A. Cook, nothing else written.

1861, W. A. Cook, 1 poll

No further listing for him in Trinity County.

1867, W. A. Cook, Bosque County, Texas tax roll, 177 acres.
William married the second time, 13 June 1877, Louisa J. Texas Ward, a widow, in Bosque County. Louisa was born in Georgia and moved to Texas with her family after the Civil War. It is said as a child, Louisa heard the battle of guns from Atlanta.
William was part Cherokee Indian on his mother's side. In a 1960 audio taped message of 82 year old Thomas Jefferson Cook, he says that Wm. Austin Cook bought land in Bosque County for a cost of 25 cents an acre. The first time Patsy Seay finds him is on the tax list of Bosque Co. is 1867. He had 177 acres valued at $585., 1 horse worth $30., 30 head of cattle worth $120., He had a state tax of $1.10 with a 20% penalty of 17 cents. His county tax was 93 cents with a 20% penalty of 15 cents. Patsy also has the tax list for 1868 and 1869. T. J. Cook said Wm. Austin was in Bosque Co. when it was organized in 1854 but she can't find evidence of that. The Texas Almanac verifies that Bosque County was organized in 1854. William Austin Cook died at age 56, cause of death unknown.


Burial: Brazos Point Cemetery, near Morgan, Bosque Co. TX

Occupation: Blacksmith


i. MARY A.10 COOK, b. Abt. 1857, Trinity Co. TX; d. Bef. 1870, Trinity Co. TX.
Notes for MARY A. COOK:

Mary had died before the 1870 census.

ii. JOHN EVANS COOK, b. July 1862, Trinity Co. TX; d. 11 January 1941, Eagle Springs, Oregon; m. MARY E. HAMPTON, 1888; b. February 1865, TX; d. 1919, Harbin Community, Erath Co.TX, near Dublin.

iii. WILLIAM ABNER COOK, m. VICIE ELIZABETH ANDREWS, 28 January 1895, Bosque County, Texas.

iv. RICHARD BEN COOK, b. 28 January 1868, Bosque Co. TX; d. 4 July 1953, Tulsa, Oklahoma; m. CARRIE ELIZABETH HOBGOOD; b. 22 September 1885, Ellis Co. TX; d. 26 November 1938, Burrton, KS.

v. SIMEON COOK, b. May 1870, Bosque Co. TX; d. Bosque Co. TX.

vi. ABSOLOM FINIS COOK, b. 1 July 1872, Kimball Community, Bosque Co, Texas; d. 10 June 1949, McGregor, McLennan Co. TX; m. IDA CORA PRINCESS GRAHAM, 26 November 1893, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; b. 17 July 1878, Falls Co. TX; d. 9 April 1952, McGregor, McLennan Co. TX.

The following is the obituary of A .F. Cook, as it was printed the McGregor Mirror:
Mr. A .F. Cook Funeral Held Here Saturday.
Mr. A. F. Cook, 77, died at his home in McGregor at 2 p.m., Friday, June 10. While in failing health for the past several months, he had not been seriously ill but for a few days, and his death was not unexpected.

Mr. Cook was born in Morgan, Texas and came to McGregor in 1900 and was first engaged here as section foreman on the Cotton Belt Railroad. After a term of years in this service, he was employed by the McGregor Water Works, in which capacity he served the city as maintenance man in this important position. Afterward, he went with McGregor Milling and Grain Company as a mill-wright and mechanic and served there until his health forced him to retire from active duties.

Mr. Cook was always efficient and attentive in his work, affable and pleasing in his manner, well liked by all who knew him. He was a charter member of College Avenue Baptist Church in McGregor and for many years had been teacher of the Men's Bible Class in that church, where he was a devoted and active member. His life was a fine example of Christian manhood and he will be sorely missed among the walks of men.

Survivors include his wife, five sons, Bill, Curtis, Stanley, Price, of McGregor; Horace of Dallas and 13 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Also surviving are five brothers, Will Cook of Dublin, Ben of Oklahoma, Tom of Dallas, Charlie of Morgan, N. J. Cook of Athens; and three sisters, Mrs. Lela Spears of Whitney, Mrs. Sue Strange of Beaumont and Mrs. Callie Hackney of Munday.

Funeral services were held at 4 p.m. Saturday, June 11 at the College Avenue Baptist Church being conducted by the Rev. I. J. Lloyd, pastor, and assisted by Rev. E. E. Laux, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Interment was in McGregor Cemetery, under the direction of Amsler's Funeral Service.

Pallbearers were George and Dee Spradley, John Allison, Fred J. Boyd, Clyde Cash and Hervey Meadows. Honorary pallbearers were all members of Mr. Cook's Bible Class at College Avenue Baptist Church.


Burial: McGregor Cemetery, McGregor, McLennan Co. TX

Information from Patsy Seay:
The court documents and letter below is the "ONLY PROOF" we have that Ida was a daughter of Samuel Tillman Graham. I cannot find her parents or her on the 1880 federal census when she would have been 2 years old. I am going to check with the courthouse in Tyler County and see if I can get a copy of her father's will. January 2000, PJS.
The following court document was sent to Ida for her to sign over her rights to a little piece of property to her step mother, Winnie Graham; for Winnie to have during her lifetime. The copy that I have is appears to be a copy of the original document. I think she did this but not for sure.

COUNTY OF TYLER } { KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That we, Finis Cook and wife, Ida Cook, of the County of (not filled in) and the State of Texas, for and in consideration of the sum of One ($1.00) Dollar cash to us in hand paid, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, have granted, sold and conveyed and by these presents do grant, sell and convey unto Mrs. Winnie Graham, wife of S. T. Graham, deceased, all our rights, title, interest claim and estate in and to the following described sixteen acres of land, more or less, a part of the Isaac McMahon Survey, Abstract No. 769, situated in Tyler County, Texas, subject to the hereinafter set out provisions, and which tract is described as follows, towit:
BEGINNING at the SW corner of a fourteen acre tract made for Jesse Spurlock on the E1/2 of 160 acres decreed to A. J. Spurlock et al by District Court of Tyler, County, Texas. THENCE south 190 vrs. to NW corner of a 10 acre tract surveryed for G. D. Spurlock on same E1/2 of the 160 acres above described. THENCE E on G. D. Spurlock's N line 475 vrs. to E line of 160 acre tract. THENCE on said E line 190 vrs. to SE corner of a 14 acre tract for Jesse Spurlock. THENCE W on Jesse Spurlock S line 475 vrs. to beginning, being same tract conveyed to S. T GRAHAM by Mack Baker et us by deed dated March 23, 1925, recorded in Vol. 54, at page 35 at seq of the Deed Records of said County.
Subject, however, to the following provisions, towit: The grant hereinabove made is intended to best in the aid of Mrs. Winnie Graham only a life estate in and to the right, title and interest of grantors as heris of S. T. Graham, deceased, it is specifically provided that the said Mrs. Winnie Graham is hereby granted the right to enter into any oil, gas and mineral lease or leases covering said interest in said land and to receive in her own name and right, all bonuses, rentals and royalties provided for in such lease or leases covering said interest in said land for as long as she shall live; at the death of the said Mrs. Winnie Graham all rights hereunder granted shall cease and the interest herein granted shall revert in full to grantors herein.
If the death of the said Mrs. Winnie Graham shall occur during the primary term of any oil, as and mineral lease then existing covering the said interest in said lands, such oil, gas and mineral lease shall continue in full force and effect according to its terms and conditions, but grantors herein shall then and there, at the time of the death of such Mrs. Winnie Graham, become the lesser in said oil, gas and mineral lease, and become entitled to receive all rentals and/or royalties payable under the terms of such lease, in so far as it shall cover and extend to the interest in said lands hereby granted.
It is further provided that no lease shall be executed by the said Mrs. Winnie Graham without reserving therein a full one-eighth of hte oil, gas and other minerals produced as royalty for the benefit of the lessor.
It is further provided that if the death of the said Mrs. Winnie Graham shall occur during production of oil, gas or minerals under the terms of any lease, then all royalties due or to become due under the terms of such lease shall be pauable to the grantors herein, in so far as such lease shall cover and extend to the interest in said lands hereby granted.
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises, together with all and singular, the rights and appurtenances thereto in anywise belonging, subject to the provisions set out, unto the said Mrs. Winnie Graham, forever, and we do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators to warrant and forever defend, all and singular, the said premises unto the said Mrs. Winnie Graham, during her life, against every person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to the claim the same of any part thereof.
Witness our had this ____day of November, A. D. 1941
* * * * * *
( an accompaning document which I don't know if it belongs to the above document or the one below from the attorney wanting to buy the land. I know she didn't sell that because all of her descendants are heirs.)

COURT OF MC LENNAN } { THEREFORE, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared Finis Cook and wife, Ida Cook, both known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged to me that they each executed the same for the purposes and consideration therein expressed, and the said Ida Cook, wife of Finis Cook, having been examined by me privily and apart from her husband, and having the same fully explained to her, she, the said Ida Cook, acknowledged such instrument to be her act and deed and declared that she had willingly signed the same for the purposes and consideration therein, expressed, and that she did not wish to retract it.

Given under my hand and seal of office, this the ____day of November, A. D. 1941


* * * * * *
(A letter from Mr. J. A. Mooney, the County Attorney for Tyler Co., Texas, wanting to buy Ida's interest in the above mentioned land. I have a copy of the letter. It is written on official county stationary. )
County of Tyler

State of Texas

Woodville, Texas January 9, 1942
Mrs. Ida Cook

McGregor, Texas
Dear Mrs. Cook:

Ed suggested that since you were away from here and would likely never return, you would likely be glad to sell your interest of one and three-fifths acres in the sixteen acres owned by your father, S. T. Graham and his last wife, Mrs. Winnie Graham.

Following that suggestion, I am enclosing a deed to your interest to myself, together with a check for Ten ($10.00) Dollars as purchase price. That is all that I could pay in view of the fact that no taxes have been paid in years and I will have to assume their payment if you sell to me.

If you do not care to sell, please return my check in the envelope I have prepared; if you do, then you and Mr. Cook go before a Notary Public and execute the deed and return it in the envelope. I am making the check for $11.00 to care for the Notary fee.

Your very truly,
(his signature) J. A. Mooney

JAM: 1

Enc: 2
* * * * * *
The obituary of Ida Graham Cook as was printed in the McGregor Mirror:
Mrs. A. F. Cook Services To Be Held This Afternoon; Death Came On Wednesday.
Funeral services for Mrs. A. F. Cook (Granny Cook as she was affectionally called) will be held today, Friday, at 3:30 p.m. at the College Avenue Baptist Church. Burial will be in the City Cemetery by the side of her husband who passed away three years ago. Amsler's in charge of arrangements.

Mrs. Cook, who passed away Wednesday night at 10 o'clock, at her home here, was the devoted mother of five boys, all of whom are left to mourn her going, and who have loved and honored her through the years. She was a consecrated Christian and lived her religion day in and day out, always seeing and believing only the good.

While she is gone from home, her life's example cannot help but live on and be a guiding light and inspiration to her loved ones. Sympathy is extended to the sorrowing sons, who are: W. T. (Bill) Cook, Curtis, Price, and Stanley and Horace Cook, and to the five daughters-in-law who loved her sincerely, also the grandchildren, and her other relatives.
* * * * * *

Burial: McGregor Cemetery

Cause of Death: Kidney failure due to high blood pressure; age 73 yrs.

Have Photo: Yes

Religion: Southern Baptist


Burial: McGregor Cemetery, McGregor, McLennan Co. TX
vii. LAVINIA ELLEN COOK, b. 1 July 1872, Kimball Community, Bosque Co. TX; m. J.L. STONARD.

viii. SUSAN THERESA COOK, b. 6 March 1875, Morgan, Bosque Co. TX; d. 15 December 1967, Clifton, Bosque Co. TX, Lutheran Nursing Home; m. EMMETT D. STRANGE, 15 November 1894, Bosque Co. TX; b. 20 September 1870; d. 29 January 1960.


Susan was raised from about the age of 6 weeks by her Uncle Elbert W. Womack and his wife after the death of her mother. The cause of death of her mother is unknown, probably childbed fever or other complications of childbirth.

According to the Social Security Death Index, Susan applied for a Social Security account in 1965 at the age of 90 years. SS #456-88-5443.

ix. SARAH COOK, b. January 1860, Trinity Co. TX; d. Bef. 1870, Trinity Co. TX.
Notes for SARAH COOK:

Sarah had died before the 1870 census.

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