Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran’s Enterprise Management System

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Department of Veterans Affairs

Veteran’s Enterprise Management System

To-Be’ System Architecture Design Document

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Oct 2013
Version 1.2
Revision History

Note: The revision history cycle begins once changes or enhancements are requested after the Document has been baselined.





Oct 28, 2013


Original Submission

FirstView Federal

Nov 27, 2013


Updated to address Government comments

FirstView Federal

Artifact Rationale

The ‘To-Be’ System Architecture Design Document is a dual-use document that provides the conceptual design of the proposed system. This document will be updated as the product is built to reflect the as-built product.

This solution will be deployed in the field using web-based applications that are hosted in the cloud. All of these features are considered ‘new capability.’


New Capability (1)

Feature Enhancement (2)

Field Deployment (A)



Cloud/Web Deployment (B)



Mobile Application (C)



This Page Left Blank Intentionally Table of Contents

1.1.Purpose of this document 4

1.2.Identification 4

1.3.Scope 4

1.4.Relationship to Other Plans 7

1.5.Methodology, Tools, and Techniques 7

1.6.Constraining Policies, Directives and Procedures 10

1.7.Constraints 15

1.8.Design Trade-offs 16

1.9.User Characteristics 18

1.10.User Problem Statement 18

2.Background 19

2.1.Overview of the System 19

2.2.Overview of the Business Process 25

Application Process 25

Initiation Process 27

Examination Process 28

Evaluation Process 29

Determination Process 31

Risk Process 31

2.3.Assumptions 32

2.4.Legacy System Retirement 32

Transition Engineering 32

Transition Architecture 32

Data Integrity and Cutover Planning 33

3.Conceptual Design 33

3.1.Conceptual Application Design 33

Application Context 33

High-Level Application Design 35

Application Locations 42

Application Users 43

3.2.Conceptual Data Design 46

Project Conceptual Data Model 46

3.4.Conceptual Infrastructure Design 48

System Criticality and High Availability 49

4.System Architecture 50

4.1.Hardware Architecture 50

4.2.Software Architecture 51

Desktop Virtualization 52

4.3.Communications Architecture 52

5.Data Design 53

6.Detailed Design 53

6.1.Software Detailed Design 53

Conceptual Design 53

7.Approval Signatures 66

8.Additional Information 67

8.Additional Information 67

8.1.Acronym List and Glossary 67

8.1.Acronym List and Glossary 67

8.2.Required Technical Documents 68

8.2.Required Technical Documents 68

8.3.List of Tables and Figures 69

8.3.List of Tables and Figures 69


This document outlines the proposed architecture for the new evaluation examination and verification platform referred hereafter as the Veterans Enterprise Management System (VEMS) as designed to accommodate the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). This document is based on the VA-One technical reference standards and the (Document (SDD) template required as a PMAS deliverable for Milestone One of the ProPath project management methodology.

1.1.Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to describe in sufficient detail how the proposed system is to be constructed. This document outlines the technical architecture at a conceptual level for the new Veterans Enterprise Management System, or VEMS. This document identifies the project scope, the high-level system architecture, and the communication and interface components as understood by the design team at this time.
This document will be updated in alignment with the team's progress and in coordination with the Security, Implementation, and Project Management Office (PMO) working groups to which design, technical, and process subject matter experts will contribute.
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