Decline of Feudalism Research Paper

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Decline of Feudalism Research Paper
The Middle Ages in Europe was difficult for many people who lived during the time. In order to provide stability and protection, the system of feudalism was put in place. Soon after feudalism came about, however, it started to break down. Many different situations popped up that threatened the existence of the feudal system, and by the 1500s, feudalism as it was once know was broken beyond repair. Why did this happen? It is up to you to find out. Using your resources, you will come up with three main reasons for the decline of feudalism and write a paper detailing your findings.
Steps for completing your essay:

  1. Use these resources to find information about the decline of Feudalism

  1. Take notes as you go through the resources, separating out 3 main reasons for the decline of feudalism.

  2. Once you have your 3 reasons, write a rough draft of your paper using the guidelines below.

  3. Once you have completed your rough draft, have me look it over.

  4. Once I have looked over your rough draft, create your final copy!

How to write a five paragraph essay on the decline of Feudalism
Paragraph 1 – Introduction

  • Give a background of what the feudal system was to help the reader gain an understanding of life in the Middle Ages.

  • End with a thesis statement that identifies the reasons for the decline.

Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 – Body Paragraphs

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

General Guidelines

  • Each paragraph needs to have at least 5 sentences. The sentences cannot include “the end” or any other redundant summation of what you just wrote. Don’t repeat yourself unnecessarily.

  • Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is a formal writing piece!

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