December 1888 Report-Jack the Ripper

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1st December 1888

Report-Jack the Ripper

Recently Jack the Ripper has committed 5 murders. The victims of these horrific mutilation murders are: Mary Jane Kelly, Catherine Eddows, Elizabeth Stride, Annie Chapman and Mary Ann Nichols. They were all murdered near white chapel and they were all prostitutes. They were murdered around midnight and all were outside apart from Mary Jane Kelly, who was murdered in her rented room.

Police have described the murders as nothing they have seen before. Victims have been cut open and their insides displayed around the site where they were murdered. In some cases they faces have been mutilated. Mary Kelly had her face and body mutilated. Some of the body parts have not been found and the murderer has been suspected for taking them and sending them to the police.

Witnesses have explained that they have seen mysterious figures around the murder site. The figures/figure has been around 5’7’’ and he wears a deer stalking hat. He either has a moustache or he is cleanly shaven. We have linked these to 5 out of the 2000 people we have interviewed: Doctor Thomas cream, Severin Klosowski, Montague John Druitt, Alexander Pedachenko and Prince Albert Victor.

When considering who is actually Jack the Ripper we have seen that Prince Albert Victor has been involve with prostitutes and Mary Jane Kelly. We also very highly suspect Severin Klosowski as he poisoned three of his wives and he lived in Whitechapel at the time of the murders and he is a skilled barber.

We all think in our police department that Severin is the killer. He is a perfect match to Jack the Ripper as he lives where the killings took place (White Chapel) and in the letters Jack has sent to our department the English doesn’t always make sense, Klosowski is a foreign man.

We are going to further investigate the witness statements. We will find out who killed these three women and we will hang the killer.

Thomas Wilkinson, Police constable

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