Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

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Friarage Community Primary School

Monthly Newsletter

March 2016

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

Easter Events

KS2 (Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6) - Easter Egg Competition – all entries should be in on Wednesday 23rd March.

FS and KS1 (Nursery, YR Y1 and Y2) – Easter Bonnet Parade on Thursday 24th March at 1.30pm
Sporting Fixtures and other events/trips

Thursday 3rd March Year 5 / 6 football at Scarborough College. 4.00pm start

Friday 4th March - Y2 Library Visits

Thursday 10th March Year 5 / 6 Gymnastic comp at Scarborough Gymnastic Club. Doors open at 12.30pm competition starts at 1.00pm

Wednesday 16th March Year 5/6 Tag rugby comp at SCRUFC. 4.00pm start.
School Closes on Thursday 24th March and reopens on Tuesday 12th April.

School Dinners

See overleaf for the 2 weekly menu cycle

Week beg 29th February - Week 2

Week beg 7th March– Week 1

Week beg 14th March - Week 2

Week beg 21st March - Week 1

After School Clubs

See overleaf for a full clubs list

Foundation Stage/KS1 Golden Assembly and KS2 Sharing Assembly.

We would like to invite the parents/carers of the children in the following classes to join us for our special assembly at 2.45pm.

Friday11th March – Miss Tindall’s class
Friday 18th March – Mrs Steven’s class
Free Bike Etching

Wednesday 9th March, Bike etching at school. 3.20pm start. Bring your bikes and scooters along.

World Book Day – Thursday 3rd March

Children are invited to come to school dressed as a book character. Please note this is not a casual day and if children do not wish to dress up as a book character, they should come in normal school uniform.

After School Clubs






Y6 SATS Booster Club Mrs Copeland and Mr Seeley

Y3/4 Chatterbooks Club

Miss Rowntree

Y3/4 Art and Craft Club



Y1/2 Art and Craft

Mrs Garrick

Y1 and Y2 Sports Club

Miss Melton and Miss Thorpe

Y5/6 Music Club Mr Coley

Y5/6 Dance n Beatz

Y5/6 Gymnastics Club

Mrs Woodward Hay and Miss Bishop

KS2 Film Club Mrs Booth and Miss Turney

Y3/4 Sports Club

Mr Vipond

Y6 Go fence Lunch Club

Y5/6 Fossil Club

School Dinners Menu

Week One

Week Two


Chicken or Veggie Wrap

Roast potatoes

Veggie Sticks


Fruit and Yoghurt

Cheese and Tomato Pizza


Veggie Sticks


Fruit and Yoghurt


Beef or Veggie Pasta Bake

Grated Carrot

Garlic Bread


Custard Cream Biscuit and Apple

Chicken Pie or Cheese Flan

Mashed Potato

Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower

Crusty Bread


Jam or Lemon Sponge


Sausage or Veggie Sausage

Yorkshire Pudding

Mashed Potato

Carrots and Broccoli


Iced Chocolate Sponge

Pasta or Veggie Pasta Bolognaise


Garlic Bread


Custard Cream Biscuit with Apple


Chicken or Veggie Tikka Masala


Peas and Sweetcorn

Naan Bread


Ice Cream and Peaches

Chicken or Veggie Korma


Peas and Sweetcorn

Pitta Bread


Sponge and Custard


Fish or

Cheesy Wheels


Coleslaw and Cucumber


Flapjack and Raisins

Hot Dog or Veggie Hot Dog


Coleslaw and Tomato Sauce

Chocolate Crunch

Also served everyday are sandwiches and jacket potatoes with various fillings, salad and coleslaw.

Fresh Fruit and Yoghurts

Cheryl Cappleman and Ruth Blamires

Co-Head Teachers

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