Day 1 Welcome/Introductions. Expectations/Classroom Guidelines. "Senior Stuff."

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Day 1____Welcome/Introductions. Expectations/Classroom Guidelines. “Senior Stuff.”

Day 2____Pacing Guide. Notebook Organization. Textbook Issued.
Day 3____Books/Independent Reading. Poetry Assignment. Reader’s Journal Intro. Distribute Gram.


Day 4____Familiarization of the Textbook. First Essay Assignment-“What Major Goals

Have/Will I Set for My Senior Year?” (Focus: Standard/Non-Standard Usage)

Day 5____”Goals” Essay Due. Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Period Intro. Cornell Notes-pp. 4-9.

Day 6____Cornell Notes-pp. 10-14. Vocabulary #1/Lit. Elements-p. 17. Journal Entry #1-“Define

Identity.” Go over page 36 and reading of Anglo-Saxon consonant sounds.
Day 7____Discussion of Identity: How is our personal identity formed? How does society

influence our identity? Discussion of the identity traits that were a part of the Anglo-

Saxon warrior culture. How is the “warrior culture” of today different (in the streets,

on the athletic fields, and in the military)? What are some identity traits to be

proud/not proud of? Each student will be responsible for writing an at-home essay,

written in third person describing his/her identity at age 30. Think about where you

will be at that point in your life, and how others would describe who you are.

Introductory paragraphs will be written in class. (Focus: Voice & Purpose)

Day 8____Intro. of Beowulf-p. 38. Reading and discussion-pp. 41-48. Summary Notes on Reading.

Identity essays due. Hwk: ________________________________________________

Day 9____ Vocab. Quiz #1. Continue reading and discussion of Beowulf-pp. 48-50. Notes on

Reading. Hwk.: Journal Entry #2 “Contrast a modern-day military leader with

Day 10____Vocab. #2 (p. 39) Continue reading, discussion, & notes on Beowulf-pp. 51-55.

Day 11____ Quiz on Background Notes.

Day 12____Introduce Portfolio-Based Assessment of Beowulf.

Regular Portfolio: Handout #30 “Literary Analysis: The Epic”

Handout #31 “Reading Strategy: Paraphrase”

Handout #33 “Grammar & Style: Appositives”

Handout #36 “Enrichment: Film Portrayals of Monsters”

Modern-day Sports Commentation of one battle

Illustration or Collage of one of characters

Honors Portfolio: Do a modern rewrite of a passage from Beowulf using

epic characteristics (Handout #30 as a guideline)

Select 5 difficult passages to paraphrase (Handout #31)

Handout #33 “Grammar & Style: Appositives”

With one or two partners, create a script (Hollywood

Version) for the Beowulf vs. Grendel’s Mother Battle

Illustrate your script showing at least four scenes.

Day 13____Work on Portfolios in class. Return Background Quiz. Hwk: Portfolios.
Day 14____Vocab. Quiz #2. Work on Portfolios in class. Hwk: Portfolios.
Day 15____Vocab. #3. Last day in class to work on Portfolios. Hwk: Complete Portfolios.
Day 16____Sharing and Turning in Portfolios.
Day 17____Chaucer notes-p. 96. (Cornell) Voc.-p. 97. Journal #3-“My Most Memorable Trip”
Day 18____Read lines 1-42 of “Prologue”-p. 99. Reading Notes. Assign characters.

Day 19____Vocab. Quiz #3. Begin Character Readings. Reading Notes: 4 Questions-Profession?

Appearance? Why on trip? Does Chaucer like? Hwk: Handout #76 “Grammar &

Style: Past and Past Perfect Tenses”

Day 20____Vocab. #4. Go over hwk. Assign modern counterpart of Canterbury character. 16-20

line verse in same rhyme scheme. If time, start poem. (Focus: Style and Tone)

Day 21____Continue Character Readings and notes. Distribute rubric for poem.

Hwk: ___________________________________________________________.

Day 22____Continue Character Readings and notes. Work on modern charac. poem.
Day 23____Complete Character Readings and notes. Remind students who wish to purchase own

copy of I Am Mordred that they should order from Barnes and Noble no later than today.

Day 24____Vocab. Quiz #4. Complete character poems in class. Students will be given rubrics to

assess classmates’ poems. Hwk: Journal Entry #4-Reader’s Notebook-p. 39 (Honors-2

& 3-para. form) (Reg.-1 & 4-para. form)
Day 25____Vocab. #5. Begin reading of poems. Collect rubrics for a grade. Hwk: 1-10 p. 119.
Day 26____Collect hwk. Complete reading of poems. Collect rubrics. Introduce the “Travel

Brochure.” Using direct characterization, introduce yourself as the proprietor

of a travel agency specializing in group tours. You will use this as the back

cover of a brochure you will create advertising a group trip to four major

locations in England (map-p. 91.) Handout #78 will provide some guidelines,

but you will need to do some research on the four sites you have chosen. Your

brochure must not only include all the pertinent info. an interested group might

need, but it should also be visibly appealing.

Regular Classes will complete this assignment with a partner.

Honors Classes will complete this assignment individually.

Day 27____Media Center time for Travel Brochure Research.
Day 28____Media Center time for Travel Brochures. Hwk: Complete brochures.
Day 29____Vocab. Quiz #5. Presentation of Travel Brochures. Classmates will assess the “appeal” of

the brochure.

Day 30____Vocab. #6. Introduction of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-p. 160-Cornell notes.

Hwk: Journal Entry #5 “What do you know about knights that is fact? Fiction?”

Day 31____Sir Gawain Vocab. On p. 161, and background info. on p. 162. Take Cornell notes,

Begin Reading, Reviewing (discuss), and Responding (notes) to Sir Gawain.

Day 32____Introduce I Am Mordred.Distribute handouts of characters and terms.

Hwk: Complete the reading of Sir Gawain. Handout #125 “Grammar & Style: Comparative

and Superlative Forms”Complete and go over in class.
Day 33____ Introduce Mini-Family Genealogy Project. Students will write an essay on how their

identities have been shaped by the family, friends, and other people they have been

connected to for the first 17-18 years of their lives. They should also include how

environment has been instrumental in shaping their identities. (Focus: Parallel Structure &

Sentence Variety) The second part of the assignment is for each student to talk with a

family member or family friend over 60, and ask him/her to share a story. The story can be

about this person’s childhood school experience, meeting his/her spouse, or any other story,

suitable for sharing in class. You may record the story on paper or on tape (audio.) The

story should be between approx. 3 min. in length or 2 pages. You will be assigned a date

to share your story. Announce and do a brief review for Sir Gawain quiz on Day 35.

Read “Prologue” of I Am Mordred in class.
Day 34____ Vocab. #6 Quiz. Read and discuss Ch. 1 of Mordred. Hwk: Identity Essays.
Day 35____Sir Gawain Quiz. Vocab. #7. Review use of editing marks.

Hwk: Work on Family Story/Complete first draft of essay.

Day 36____ Students will exchange essays for peer editing. Use editing marks. Read Ch. 2 of Mordred.

Hwk: Work on Family Story & final draft of essay.

Day 37____Turn in final draft of Identity Essay. Intro: “The College Essay/Cover Letter.” Discuss how to

write the essay that will “sell” you!! Read and discuss Ch. 3 of Mordred. Hwk: Journal Entry

#6 “Who/What Has Shaped My Identity the Most?”
Day 38____”Barbara Allan”-p. 199. Read and discuss identities of two characters. Critical Reading

Questions on p. 200. Work on Cover Letter/College Essay. Hwk: Work on Cover

Letter/College Essay.

Day 39____Vocab. #7 Quiz. Sharing of Family Stories. Who had best/funniest/most unusual story?

Day 40____ Vocab. #8. Sharing of Family Stories. Who had best/funniest/most unusual story?


Day 41____ Sharing of Stories. Who had best/funniest/most unusual story? Read Ch. 4 of Mordred.

Day 42____Last day of sharing stories. Who had best/funniest/ most unusual story? Read and

Discuss Ch. 5 of Mordred. Turn in Cover Letter/College Essay. Announce Quarter Test.

Day 43____ Read Ch. 6 & 7 of Mordred. Hwk: Journal #7-Question #2 on p. 207. .
Day 44____Collect notebooks for check of notes & journals. Read Ch. 8 & 9 of Mordred.
Day 45____Read Ch. 10 & 11 of Mordred. Begin Review for Quarter Test. Return Notebooks.
Day 46____Read Ch. 12 & 13 of Mordred. Continue Review for Quarter Test.
Day 47____Read Ch. 14 & 15 of Mordred. Final Review for Quarter Test. Hwk: STUDY!!!
Day 48____Quarter Test!!

For Extra Credit: Watch any film on Beowulf and/or Grendel. Write a Critical Review of the film.

Betrayal and Jealousy

Day 49____Introduction and Notes on the Renaissance Period-pp. 223-235.

Students will create a “Betrayal/Jealousy Portfolio.” For the first portfolio entry,

students will be assigned either Henry VIII, Elizabeth, or Mary for additional

research. This will be shared in class. Keep the themes of betrayal

and jealousy in mind as you do your research.

Day 50____Connection Piece: Zora Neale Hurston’s “Sweat.” Read in class and

discuss elements of betrayal and jealousy. Also, discuss the “plight” of

women in “bad relationships” and how it is different in different societies, different

cultures/races/religions/economic backgrounds, and how it has changed

throughout the generations.
Day 51____ Students should create a Graphic Organizer for the betrayal and jealousy in three

(Regular)/Four (Honors) pieces of literature: “Sweat,” Macbeth, Othello (Honors) ,

and “Lord Randall.” The Graphic Organizer should be creative and should include

examples of betrayal and/or jealousy. These examples must be a combination of

paraphrased excerpts and direct quotes. This Graphic Organizer will be the second

entry for the portfolio. All students may choose to work with one partner or alone.

(“Lord Randall”-p.195 & Macbeth-p. 306.)
Day 52____Notes on Shakespearean Theater and William Shakespeare pp. 292-304.

Honors: “Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays?” There are researched claims

stating that Shakespeare wrote his own plays and other claims that seem

to have proof that he did not. What do you think? Write a one and a half

to two page opinion-based essay stating your belief with support from

published research you have read. The essay will be the third portfolio entry for Honors

students and the character notes will be the third entry for Regular classes.

Create list of major characters with notes to be added as we read. Assign parts for Act I

of Macbeth.
Day 53____Vocab. #9 (p. 305 plus tragedy, tragic hero, tragic flaw.) Read, review, and respond to Act I.

Hwk: Journal Entry #6-“What characteristics of the tragic hero do you already see present in

Macbeth, if any?”
Day 54____Complete Act I. Questions from Act I. Answer together in class. Grammar and Style:

Action Verbs and Linking Verbs (Handout #101.) Assign parts for Act II.

Day 55____ Act I Quote Quiz. Add Vocab. from p. 326 to list. Read, review, and respond to Act II.
Day 56____Complete Act II. Review of poetry meter and terms from Page 87 in Reader’s

Notebook. Complete Review/Discussion Questions from Act II.

Hwk: Finish questions not completed in class.
Day 57____Vocab. #9 Quiz. Act II Quote Quiz. Collect hwk. questions.
Day 58____Vocab. #10 (p. 342) Fourth Portfolio Entry: Handout #103. Assign parts for Act III. Assign

memory lines & dates (different choices for Regular/Honors.) Hints for the actual recitation

of your lines-p. 89 in Reader’s Notebook (Reading Strategy.)

Day 59____Act III-Read, review, and respond. Hwk: Journal Entry #7-“How has Macbeth changed,

and what outside influences have been instrumental in that change? How does he feel about

himself?” Work on memory lines.

Day 60____Read Thomas Hardy’s “Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave?” p. 973. Be prepared

to discuss elements of betrayal in the poem. Reader’s Notebook-pp. 94 & 95

(Honors: p. 94 and #’s 3,4, & 5 on p. 95/Regular: p. 94 and #’s 1 & 2 on p. 95.)

This will be your fifth portfolio entry.

Day 62____Go over and/or collect Reader’s Notebook assignment. Act III Quote

Quiz. Discuss handout on conflict (#139) as a class. Assign parts for Act IV.

Hwk: Work on memory lines.
Day 63____Vocab. Quiz #10. Internal or external conflict? Which is worse? State your opinion with

support in a one-page response for your sixth portfolio entry. No hwk.!! (Unless you want

to work on learning your memory lines)
Day 64____ Vocab. #11 (p. 360 plus “internal” and “external conflict.”) Do the Grammar and Style:

Subject-Verb Agreement handout (#142.) Read, review, and respond to Act IV.

Day 65____Complete Act IV. Have students begin forming groups of 4/5.
Day 66____Act IV Quote Quiz..Put students in groups of 4/5 to begin work on a set design (see

handout #160.) Some materials will be provided. The actual model and presentation of the

set design will count as a project grade.

Day 67____Complete questions from Act IV. Journal Entry #8-What passage/lines

that you have read so far had the most vivid imagery. Why? Use handout #155

to guide you. (Focus: Word Choice) Assign Act V reading parts.

Day 68____Groups will prepare a materials list for their set design. Groups will sketch their set

design. The sketch and materials list will be your seventh portfolio entry.

Day 69____ Vocab. #11 Quiz. Read, review, and respond to Act V. If time in class, do

Grammar and Style: Pronouns and Antecedents-Handout #174. Remind students

to work on memory lines and set “creation.”
Day 70____Vocab. #12 (p. 380.). Act V Quote Quiz. Eighth portfolio entry will be to write

an essay-“The Recurring Theme of Betrayal and Jealousy: Connecting the Past

to the Present.” Using any/all of the 3 pieces of lit. we have read in this unit, explain how

the jealousy and/or betrayal of today compares. Review for short answer Macbeth test.

Day 71____Final Test for Macbeth. Test will be ninth portfolio entry and a theme-based cover will be

your tenth portfolio entry.

Day 72____Recitations-Group #1. For Honors: Introduce Independent reading of Othello.

Class will be divided into Study Groups. Talk about role of Study Group. Groups will

all read the same Act, but will be assigned different elements to discuss in class the next

day. Elements are: characterization, setting, theme, internal conflict, external conflict,

plot, and mood & tone.

For Regular: Students will be grouped and asked to think about a “real-life” situation

when someone in a “high place” (politician, professional athlete, musician, actor, etc.)

suffered or caused suffering because of betrayal or jealousy. The group must research

the person’s biographical info., the details about the event that involved betrayal or

jealousy, what the results of that act were, and who was affected by the act. The group

members must then reach a consensus as to how they felt about the person before/after

the act of betrayal/jealousy. (A handout describing the format of the project will be

distributed.) Hwk: Honors-Read Act I. Regular-No Homework!!

Day 73____Recitations-Group #2. Portfolios Due!! Honors groups will present elements of Act I

of Othello. Class will take notes. Hwk: Honors-Read Act II. Regular groups will have Media

Center research time (30 min.) Hwk: Regular-Work on project.
Day 74____Vocab. #12 Quiz. Recitations-Group #3. Hwk: Honors-Read Act III. Regular: Work

on project.

Day 75____Vocab. #13. Honors-Act II of Othello-presenting and notetaking.

Reg.-Last day in Media Center (full period.)

Day 76____Honors: Presenting and notetaking-Act III of Othello. Hwk: Read Act IV.

Regular: Work on Project in class. Hwk: Work on projects.

Day 77____Honors: Presenting and notetaking-Act IV of Othello. Hwk: Read Act V.

Regular: Last day to work on projects in class. Hwk: Complete project.

Day 78____Honors: Presenting and notetaking-Act V of Othello. No homework!!

Regular: Presentation from Group 1. Class will assess using provided rubric.

Day 79____Vocab. #13 Quiz. Honors: The Critical Review will be introduced. Students will

work on a sample using a recent movie they have seen. Hwk: Watch Othello. Version

with Lawrence Fishburne is best. (Watch with your study groups-bring snacks.)

Regular: Group 2 Presentation. Class will assess.

Day 80____ Honors: Work on first draft of Critical Review of Othello in class.

Regular: Group 3 Presentation. Class will assess.

Hwk: Journal Entry #9-What is the most important lesson you have learned

about betrayal/jealousy?

Day 81____Honors: Complete first draft of Critical Review.

Regular: Group 4 Presentation. Class will assess.

Hwk: Journal Entry #10 “With half of your Senior year over, how have you prepared

yourself for what you will do following graduation?”

Day 82____Honors: Peer editing (using correct editing marks) of 1st draft. Begin rewrite.

Regular: Group 5 Presentation. Class will assess. Honors Hwk: Complete

Critical Review.
Day 83____Honors: Turn in Critical Review. “Grammar Day!”

Regular: “Grammar Day!”

(Parts of Speech, Active & Passive Voice, Subject/Verb Agreement, Troublesome Verbs)
Day 84____Poetry Projects due. “Set” Presentations! olidayH
Day 85____Exam Review. Day 86____EXAMS
Day 87____EXAMS Day 88____EXAMS
Day 89____EXAMS Day 90____EXAM Makeup Day

For Extra Credit: Watch any movie version of Macbeth and write a Critical Review of the film.

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