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From: Mark Zimmer


Subject: Univ. of Iowa Packet
Elvis 1998

Iowa Toss-Ups

1. It was primarily commanded by the Duke of Medina-Sidonia & carried troops

under Alessandro Farnese. Anchored off Calais, this fleet was attacked by

English forces & eventually defeated in 1588. FTP, name this

fleet launched by Philip II against Elizabeth I.

Answer: the Spanish ARMADA
2. She is suspected of being responsible for Skipper's death according to

May and Gooper. Perhaps she did, to keep Skipper away from her husband

Brick. Her feigned pregnancy helps her get into Big Daddy Pollitt's good

graces. FTP, name this Tennessee Williams character.

Answer: MAGGIE 'the Cat' Pollitt (prompt on _Cat on a Hot Tin Roof_)
3. These enzymes cleave peptide bonds, leading to the activation of a

formerly inactive protein or they degrade proteins into their constituent

amino acids. Also known as peptidases, inhibiting their efficacy may slow

down retroviruses like HIV. FTP, name this enzyme class.

Answer: PROTEASE(acc: peptidase on buzz before that term)
4. Its name can mean either world or peace. Its main module went up in 1986,

with additions made in 1987, 1989, & in 1995-6. In 1994, the US started

sending astronauts to help man it, while the Russian cosmonauts remained.

FTP, name this Russian space station.

Answer: MIR
5. Its name means 'the trembling path,' & it is composed of precious stones

of myriad colors. It was expected to collapse under the weight of the

onrushing sons of Muspelheim. FTP, name Heimdall's charge, the rainbow bridge.

Answer: BIFROST (prompt on Rainbow Bridge)

6. This city is the home of Scanderburg Square, which features an 18th

century mosque. It lies on the Ishum River near the Adriatic & is the

largest city in Albania. FTP, name this capital of Albania.


7. One is actually named Charlie, a creation to scare DeeDee, according to

_Dexter's Laboratory_. On _The X-Files_, it was a fungal-activating enzyme

that gave one power. In Puerto Rican myth, it may even be an alien. FTP,

name this 'goat-sucker'.

Answer: CHUPACABRAS or CHUPACABRA (prompt for more information on _goat-sucker_)
8. In 1778, he inspected Capt. Cook's vessels in order to try to build ones

like them for his fleet. He oversaw the adoption of the national flag (which

still is used) in 1816. He won the war called Hapuu & the battle of Mokuhai,

which nigh unified his sovereignty over all Hawai'i. FTP name this king.

9. He leads a life of vice with Lord Henry Wotton. He is undone by the

murder of Basil Hallward, who had painted his portrait, which showed his

true self, as his physical body had remained pristine. FTP, name this Oscar

Wilde character.

Answer: Dorian GRAY
10. President Clinton had rejected a plan to build more of them, saying

that they were too costly (nearly $50 million each) despite their successes

in the Gulf War. To make matters worse, on Sept. 14 at the Chesapeake Air

Show, one fell apart & crashed. FTP, name this problem-plagued fighter jet

designed to elude radar.

Answer: STEALTH Fighter or _ F-117A_

11. She is making a "House Arrest" in Washington DC, but she's not a special

prosecutor. Instead, this noted performer is premiering her new production

at Washington's Arena Stage in Dec. 1997. FTP, name this African-American

actress & playwright noted for her one woman shows.

Answer:_ A_nna Deveare SMITH (prompt if only Smith is answered)
12. His _Economic Consequences of the Peace_ (1919) shows the economic

realities of the Versailles Peace conference, in which he took part. His

economic theories were further set forth in The General Theory of

Employment, Interest, and Money, which showed his advocacy for governmental

interventions in a capitalist economy. FTP, name this British economist.

Answer: John Maynard KEYNES

13. Among his paintings are The Marriage License & Breaking Home Ties, both

of which are somewhat melancholy. He is better known for the homespun

quality of such works as Shuffleton's Barbershop and The Dugout which graced

the covers of the Saturday Evening Post. FTP, name this American

illustrator & painter.

Answer: Norman ROCKWELL

14. This group included the journalists F.P. Blair & Amos Kendall. They met

informally with Martin van Buren & Andrew Jackson in order to come up with

new ideas for Jackson's administration. FTP, give the usual colloquial name

for this informal group of advisors.

15. After singing 'I'm a Lonesome Cowgirl' on The Rosie O'Donnell show, she

was offered the part of Rizzo in Grease on Broadway. This New Zealander is

able to disguise her accent, as viewers can see her do weekly as Xena:

Warrior Princess. FTP, name this actress.

Answer: Lucy LAWLESS
16. In information theory, it represents 'noise.' In the 2nd law of

thermodynamics, it should be zero or positive during a process. It is a

quantity specifying the amount of disorder, randomness, or chaos. FTP, what

is this term?

17. A new model called Neko Unjatta recently debuted and it can breed. The

Neko is the latest in a line of objects that have become a craze among the

youth of the world, which has kids neglect their cats & dogs to coddle these

personal digital critters. FTP, what is this toy?

Answer: TAMAGOTCHI (acc: cyberpet or virtual pet or gigapet)
18. She won a silver medal in 1976 for basketball. In 1984, she coached the

victorious women's basketball team at the Los Angeles Olympics. Last year,

as often, she coached her Lady Vols to the NCAA championship. FTP, name


19. Its busiest year was 1929 when it provided 229 million rides & cost just

a nickel to ride. Now the cost is $1.50, & you can ride 7 separate lines

over 224 miles of track in this public transportation system. FTP, identify

this raised people mover in Chicago.

Answer: The _EL_ Train (accept _Elevated_)
20.He was born in 1787 and in the early 1800's he defeated the enemies of

his people, especially the Mtetwas before he was proclaimed king, as he

began to conquer an empire. In 1828, he was assassinated by his brother

Dingaan, who wanted to rule the Zulu empire. FTP, name this general and king.

Answer: CHAKA or SHAKA
21. In the novel Wide Sargasso Sea, this character is shown to be a jocular

Englishman who woos his Caribbean wife Bertha before starting to act like a

colonizer. When they return home, his cold, colonial power drives her mad,

which we learn about when, in a different novel, he appears ominous to the

governess he eventually marries - Jane Eyre. FTP, name this character.
Answer: Edward ROCHESTER
22. It lies about 2,000 parsecs from Earth. It spans about 2.2 parsecs in

diameter. The neutron star at its center was the first so-called pulsar to

be discovered. It is the remnant of a July 1054 supernova. FTP, name this

celestial object.

23. He was Nixon's 'favorite mayor' in the late '60's. During the Reagan

years, he backed sanctions against South Africa & criticized Marcos in the

Philippines. Now heading the Senate Agriculture Committee, he has threatened

to use his powers to look at the tobacco programs. FTP, name this Indiana


Answer: Richard LUGAR

24. Homer describes them merely as 'snatchers,' but in _Theogony_ they are

the children of Thaumus & the Oceanid Electra. Vergil describes them as

having metallic feathers impervious to the Trojans' swords. FTP, name these

birdlike monsters who tortured Phineas.

25. In the middle of this 1960 film, the lead character is suddenly

dispensed with and the original story about an embezzlement abruptly

changes. The rest of the film becomes for the characters of Sam & Lila a

search for Lila's sister Marion Crane, whose disappearance at the Bates

Motel drives the film to the end. FTP, name this Hitchcock film.

Answer: PSYCHO

26. He lettered in four sports at UCLA & was signed to play second base for

the Montreal farm team of the Dodgers in 1946. After leading the minor

leagues in batting, he was called up to the major leagues in 1947, where he

became rookie of the year. FTP, name this Brooklyn Dodger & breaker of the

color barrier.

Answer:Jack Roosevelt 'Jackie' ROBINSON


ELVIS 1998

1. 2 years ago this organization posed a simple but explosive question: what

happened to the millions deposited in Swiss Banks on the eve of WWII by

Jewish people? FTP per answer:

A. Identify the organization that sparked an international campaign to

secure reparations for survivors & families of Holocaust victims.


B. The WJC's efforts led to an inquiry & audit by a committee led by a

former chair of the Federal Reserve Board. Name him.

Answer: Paul VOLCKER

C. In 1997, the first $10 million of $200 million was finally secured for

Reve Sefere who had survived in the Riga Ghetto in this country.

Answer: LATVIA

2. Name the French artists of these paintings about boats FTP each.

A. Bark of Dante Answer: Eugene DELACROIX

B. The Raft of the Medusa Answer: Theodore GERICAULT

C. The Embarkation for Cythera Answer: Jean-Antione WATTEAU

3. Identify these doomed children of King David FTP each.

A. This beautiful daughter is raped by her eldest brother & then murdered.

Answer: TAMAR

B. This son was set to become king, until he raped Tamar.

Answer: AMNON

C. This son rebels against his father, but is caught when his hair becomes

tangled in tree branches.


4. Given a famous political event, name the losing Presidential candidate

with whom it is associated 5-10-15.

A. The Cross of Gold Speech

Answer: William Jennings BRYAN

B. The phrase 'Rum, Romanism, & Rebellion'

Answer: James G. BLAINE

C. The campaign slogan "Washington wouldn't, Grant couldn't, Roosevelt


Answer: Wendell WILLKIE
5. Identify these things from _Le Morte d'Arthur_ FTP each.

A. Much in Shakespearean style, the ghost of this man visits Arthur in a

dream soon after he dies & is interred by Arthur in Dover Castle's chapel.

Answer: Sir GAWAIN

B. After Gawain's ghostly visit, Mordred & Arthur agree to meet with 14 men

each. Both tell their troops to attack if any sword be drawn. One knight

draws his sword to kill what animal that has bitten his foot?

Answer: ADDER (prompt on snake or serpent)

C. After Arthur is mortally wounded in the battle, he leaves this knight the

task of returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.

Answer: Sir BEDIVERE
6. Answer these questions about acids & bases FTP each.

a. This lichen-based indicator is probably the most famous test for

determining the acidity of a substance.

Answer: LITMUS

b. Bases are generally determined by the amount of the hydroxide ion. What

more formal name denotes the hydrogen ion seen in acids?


7. The first season of the Women's NBA seemed to be successful. We'll see

how successful you are in answering these questions FTP each.

a. Which team won the first WNBA Championship?

Answer: Houston Comets (accept either city or team name)

b. Which member of the Houston Comets won both the regular season & playoff

MVP Awards?

Answer: Cynthia COOPER

c. Which team led by Rebecca Lobo finished as runners-up?

Answer: New York Liberty (accept team or city name)

8. Answer these questions about a particular US military sex scandal for the

stated number of points.

A. One scandal involved the first female B-52 pilot. F5P name her.

Answer: Kelly FLINN

B. F5P each, name the city & state in which Flinn's Air Base is located.


C. For 15, name the female Secretary of the Air Force who approved the

dismissal of Lt. Flinn.

Answer: Sheila WIDNALL
9. Identify the authors of the 20th century theological works FTP each.

A. The Phenomenon of Man Answer: Pierre TEILHARD DE CHARDIN

B. I & Thou Answer: Martin BUBER

C. Moral Man & Immoral Society Answer: Reinhold NIEBUHR

10. Given a critically-acclaimed concept album released in 1997, name the

artist or group that recorded each FTP each.

a. OK Computer Answer: RADIOHEAD

b. The Carnival Answer: WYCLEF JEAN

c. Drag Answer: k.d. LANG
11. Given the last line from a Robert Frost poem, identify the poem, 5-10-15.

A. And miles to go before I sleep.


B. And that has made all the difference.


C. But finding nothing, sullenly withdrew.

12. Identify these Presidents of Mexico FTP each.

A. He is currently the President.

Answer: Ernesto ZEDILLO

B. In 1929, he founded the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which

has dominated Mexican politics.

Answer: Plutarco CALLES

C. He was President from 1853-55, after he had returned from exile. He first

became president in 1833.

Answer: Antonio Lopez de SANTA ANNA
13. Given a principle, name the physicist who postulated each FTP each.

A. His complementarity principle states that a given system cannot exhibit

both wave & particle-like behavior simultaneously.

Answer: Niels BOHR

B. A white dwarf can be no more than 1.2 solar masses as its limit.

Answer: Subrahmahyan _CHANDRASEKAR_

C. Waves emitted by a moving observer will be compressed if approaching &

elongated if receding.

Answer: Christian DOPPLER
14. Given a state, name the capital FTP each.

A. Queensland, Australia Answer: BRISBANE

B. Jalisco, Mexico Answer: GUADALAJARA

C. Amazonas, Brazil Answer: MANAUS

15. Identify these people involved in the transfer of Hong Kong back to

China, 5-10-15.

A. He is Hong Kong's new Beijing-appointed Chief Executive.

Answer TUNG Chee-hua

B. He was the last British governor of Hong Kong.

Answer: Chris PATTEN

C. He is the head of the Hong Kong civil service & the new Chief Secretary

of Hong Kong.

Answer: CHAN Anson
16. Identify these patrons of Michelangelo FTP each.

A. He created the tomb for this pope with such great sculptures as _Moses_.


B. His architectural designs were for the library of this Medici.

Answer: LORENZO de Medici

C. Although not contracted by this man, Michelangelo was swept by his fervor

when painting the Sibyls in the Sistine Chapel & The Last Judgment. FTP,

name this Florentine preacher burned at the stake.

17. Answer these questions about the Rosetta stone FTP each.

A. It was found in Rosetta in what year?

Answer: 1799

B. What Frenchman is credited with using the stone to decipher hieroglyphics?

Answer: Jean Francois CHAMPOLLION

C. Priests of this ruler of Macedonia from 205-180 BC supposedly inscribed

it. FTP, name this ruler.

Answer: PTOLEMY V (prompt on Ptolemy)

18. For some reason, the name Roderick appears in titles of several

English-language works. Identify the authors of these, 5-10-15.

A. Roderick Hudson Answer: HENRY JAMES

B. The Adventures of Roderick Random Answer: Tobias SMOLLETT

C. Roderick, the Last of the Goths Answer: Robert SOUTHEY
19. The Earth has always been trembling, but some humans have been the

movers & shakers in the field of seismology to help predict & record

earthquake phenomena. Identify the following FTP each.

A. In the year 132, this Chinese astronomer & geophysicist invented the

first known earthquake seismograph.

Answer: ZHANG Heng

B. This British geophysicist & astronomer worked out the earthquake travel

time tables with K.E. Bullen, & they are still in standard use today.

Answer: Sir Harold JEFFREYS

C. Also in the 1930's, this US seismologist developed the scale of

earthquake strength which still bears his name.

Answer: Charles RICHTER

20. Answer these questions about the legendary Lady Godiva FTP each.

a. Lady Godiva was said to be from what English city?


b. Lady Godiva rode through the town to keep the townspeople from having to

suffer from what?

Answer: a heavy TAX (accept equivalents)

c. The townspeople refused to look at her for doing them such a favor, but

one man did look & was struck blind. FTP, name him.

21. Answer these questions about 4's. For 4 points - no, wait, 5 points!

Rowan Atkinson made splashes as a bumbling priest in this Hugh Grant-Andie

McDowell film.


B. FTP, this Saturday Night Live Sketch with Molly Shannon & Chris Kattan

once welcomed Rob Lowe as The Beholder, who had made the film _Four Funerals

& a Funeral_.


C. For 14, I mean 15 points, this play from 1599-1600 could be called '4

Weddings - no Funeral' for 4 couples wed at the play's close. One of the

four couples who wed is Silvius & Phebe.


22. Answer these questions about Madeleine Albright FTP each.

A. Name the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which approved

her nomination.

Answer: Jesse HELMS

B. Name the country in which she was born.


C. Albright was a professor at this university before becoming UN Ambassador.


23. Given a non-fiction best-seller, name the author F5P each.

A. Angela's Ashes Answer: Frank MCCOURT

B. Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil Answer: John BERENDT

C. Dirty Jokes & Beer Answer: Drew CAREY

D. Into Thin Air Answer: Jon KRAKAUER

E. The Dark Side of Camelot Answer: Seymour HERSH

F. The Man Who Listens to Horses Answer: Monty ROBERTS
24.. Name the authors of these works French poetry FTP each.

A. La cimietere marin Answer: Paul VALERY

B. Les Fleurs du Mal Answer: Charles BAUDELAIRE

C. Poemes Saturnines Answer: Paul VERLAINE

25. Name these vision problems FTP each.

a. This is the technical term for farsightedness.


b. In the most common forms of color blindness, these 2 colors are nearly

indistinguishable and appear yellow. (5 pts per color)

Answer: GREEN and RED

c. This is a build up of pressure from an excess of fluid in the eyeball.


26. F5P each, tell me what kind of currency you would get if you had money

from the following European nations.

a. Switzerland Answer: Swiss FRANC

b. Spain Answer: PESETA

c. Italy Answer: LIRA

d. Portugal Answer: ESCUDO

e. Russia Answer: RUBLE

f. Greece Answer: DRACHMA

27. Name the directors of these films FTP each.

A. Morocco Answer: Josef von STERNBERG

B. The African Queen Answer: John HUSTON

C. Out of Africa Answer: Sydney POLLACK

28. Given a major league category, name the all-time leader FTP each.

A. shutouts Answer: Walter JOHNSON

B. RBI's Answer: Hank AARON

C. Runs Answer: Ty COBB

Mark Zimmer

"Life is too short to learn German"

---Thomas Love Peacock

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