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12 Days Jewish Highlights Itinerary



Overnight/ Comments

Day 1

  • Arrival in Israel at, Ben Gurion International airport here you will be met by your driver and transfer to your hotel for check in and much needed rest.

Tel Aviv

Day 2

  • After breakfast begin your day with a Bread Tour of Jaffa. This will give a fun and different view of this ancient port city.

  • Continue with a walking tour through the World Heritage Site of the White City of Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv was founded in 1909 and developed as a metropolitan city under the British Mandate in Palestine. The White City was constructed from the early 1930s until the 1950s, based on the urban plan by Sir Patrick Geddes, reflecting modern organic planning principles. The buildings were designed by architects who were trained in Europe where they practiced their profession before immigrating. They created an outstanding architectural ensemble of the Modern Movement in a new cultural context. The new town of Tel Aviv is an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century, adapted to the requirements of a particular cultural and geographic context.

  • Drive to Independence Hall the location where David Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence in 1948.

  • End the day with the magnificent "Palmach Museum" where through a modern multi-media presentation; we can watch the history of the Palmach from 1941 to the War of Independence and the establishment of the State of Israel. Follow the lives and experiences of the young men and women who founded Israel’s Defense Forces.

  • Return to your Hotel

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Day 3

  • After breakfast we head south to the Machon Ayalon Museum where we will see a replica of a weapons factory from the War of Independence.

  • We continue to the nearby Weizman Institute an international center of scientific research and graduate study center located in Rehovot, Israel.

  • After a short drive we reach the Latrun Tank Base and see Israeli tanks from the previous wars.

  • End the day at Ne’ot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve.

  • Return to your Hotel

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Day 4

  • After breakfast check out of your hotel and head north to Caesarea built by Herod the Great and once the seat of Roman rule. View the excavated Roman Theater, with its acoustic and theatrical sound, which was used for many performances throughout the centuries. A new audio-visual presentation brings to life the times of the Romans who controlled these shores 2,000 years ago. Today, it draws major venue attractions, for concerts and festivals. We will walk through the excavated fortress and view the aqueduct, once used for conveying water.

  • Continue to Beit Jan for Druze hospitality.

  • End the day with the mystical city of Safed one of the Four Holy Cities according to tradition and its Kabalistic studies (the birthplace of Kabbalah). We will stroll through the narrow, winding alleyways and visit some of the beautiful synagogues, browse through the artist’s workshops and galleries found in the flourishing artists’ quarters.

  • Check in to your hotel



Day 5

  • Afterwards we will visit Oz 77 and will see a dramatic film about the 1973 Yom Kippur War. This is the site of the main Syrian attack and where only a few Israeli tanks held off the massive armored assault against the IDF. We’ll pay tribute to those that fell defending the Jewish state at the most important memorial on the Golan Heights

  • Ascend Mt. Benthal for a stunning panoramic view of the Golan Heights and learn about the Geopolitics of the region. You can also enjoy a quick drink on your own at the restaurant Coffee Anan (“Coffee in the Clouds”).

  • Enter the Talmudic Village of Qatzrin where you will see a replica of an ancient village and learn more about how people lived at that time.

  • We continue to another staple in Israeli culture the Olive Oil Press where you will see the process required to make olive oil and sample some of the world’s tastiest olive oil. It is currently sold in the Whole Foods chain. We will also meet Avner Talmon the owner of the mill.

  • As the day draws to an end we will visit a Golan winery for tasting. We will also meet the vintner and see the wine making process.

  • Return to your hotel for overnight.


Golan Heights

Day 6

  • After breakfast check out and drive through the Jordan Valley and stop at the ancient Israelite city of Beit She’an. It is here where the Philistines hung Saul and his sons after their defeat at the battle on Mount Gilboa. During the time of Jesus, this area became one of the ten cities of the Roman Decapolis, and there is an archeological site to view. You will be able to view the Mountains of Ammon and of Moab in Jordan.

  • Drive south past the ancient site of Baptism in Qasr El Yahud, the area is of importance in the Christian traditions and hailed as the first baptism site on Jordan River. We also drive past Qumran; The Hidden Scrolls found in the caves in 1947 exposed the secret life of the Essenes, a small ultra religious sect, who hid there from the Roman enemy and the finding place of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Enjoy some free time at the dead sea hotel for rest and relaxation.

  • Check in to your hotel for overnight

Dead Sea

Day 7

  • After breakfast check out of your hotel and begin the day at Ein Gedi See the waterfalls at this oasis in the desert, which is mentioned several times in the Book of Psalms, the place where King David hid from King Saul.

  • Continue to Massada; 500 meters high above the Dead Sea, the fortress of Massada is set on a giant cliff, 600 m. length, 300m. width and 2000 years old - the greatest castle in history build by King Herods. A cable car takes the visitors up to the cliff, to an unforgettable tour of the palaces, the warehouses and resident areas, the water complex, the impressive fortified system and to the most fascinating views of the Judean Desert.

  • Arrive at the hotel in the afternoon for some rest and relaxation.

  • Check in to your Hotel for overnight.

Ramon Crater


Day 8

  • After breakfast check out of your hotel and begin the day with a walk along the Ramon Crater followed buy a Jeep Tour.

  • Head north to Sde Boker the realization of the dream envisioned by David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister and defense minister, who loved the Negev and its expanses and wanted to settle the desert and make it bloom.

  • Check in to your hotel.


Day 9

  • After breakfast ascend Mt. of Olives for an inspiring view of the walled Old City where you look down on the densely packed old Jerusalem with the Temple Mount in the distance before you.

  • Drive down to the City of David see for yourself one of world most exciting archeological finds.

  • Emerge at the Davidson Center and view the Virtual Presentation before visiting the Western Wall.

  • Enjoy a 4 Quarter walking Tour of the Old City and end with a Ramparts Walk.


Day 10

  • After breakfast ascend Temple Mount: The Dome of the Rock and El Akza Mosques - the holiest place for both Jews and Muslims.

  • Enter the Western Wall Tunnels which emerge along the famous Via Dolorosa: ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulture.

  • Enjoy a tour Mount Zion and see traditional tomb of David. The location of this "tomb" outside of the City of David precludes its authenticity but some suggest that evidence in the "tomb" indicates an early Jewish-Christian presence (or synagogue).

  • Travel to Mt. Herodion built by King Herod the Great between 23 and 15 BCE, as a combined palace and powerful fortress.

  • Return to your hotel.


Day 11

  • After breakfast begin the day with Archaeological sifting just outside the old city.

  • Visit Yad Vashem; the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

  • Proceed to Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book and the Model of Jerusalem for the 2nd Temple period.

  • Stimulate you senses with the aromas, flavors, and sounds of the Jerusalem Market (Machane Yehuda (souk). Enjoy walking through the Shuk and stopping at leisure among the many vendors.

  • Return to your hotel for overnight.


Yad Vashem

Day 12

  • Departure

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