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Darius H. Cornejo World History: Module Four, Lesson One

04.01 Travel Journal
Answer the questions with notes from your reading as you complete the lesson.

  1. How does the spreading of a computer virus compare to the spreading of human viruses?

Both human viruses and computer viruses can spread in a rapid disease. They also get spread by contact with other humans. The difference is that human viruses are more serious, as they can even kill humans. Unlike computer viruses which make technicians richer, human viruses are a bad impact on the economy because it will make less people got to the place that it has started in or has had most impact in.

  1. How did the Black Plague spread so rapidly?

Well, the Black Plague started with plague-infested fleas which got on black rats near farms. The fleas would drink the blood of the rat, and the rat would die. The fleas got onto other rats and even humans! Anyone who had this infection would die. Unfortunately, the rats did not stay on Asian farms, they would go on trade routes in ships and almost every ship had rats and would go to the different places in Europe. By the third year, almost everyone in Europe was infected.

  1. What impact did the plague have upon the 14thcentury economic system in Europe?

Because of the Black Plague, economy went down. People that got sick could not work and people didn’t go to businesses and businesses even shut down.

  1. While famine hits parts of the world, other areas continue to flourish. What accounts for this trend?

The other parts flourished because they were more advanced with knowledge of nature and also it got hotter in their area, not rainy.

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