Da Vinci Boosters and Emerson pta: Frequently Asked Questions What is the Da Vinci Booster Club?

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Da Vinci Boosters and Emerson PTA: Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Da Vinci Booster Club?

The Booster Club is a parent-teacher organization that connects families with Da Vinci. Boosters serve all of Da Vinci Charter Academy, grades 7-12. We are a non-profit parent-teacher group, but as a booster organization, we are not affiliated with the state or national PTA.

What does the Da Vinci Booster Club do?

The Booster Club brings together parents/guardians, students, faculty, and staff to support Da Vinci and promote a school culture consistent with core DV values of mutual support, trusting relationships, and collaboration. Some activities include:

Social events: Boosters organize social functions to create a community spirit. Stay tuned for information about ways that you can connect with DV families and get to know your teachers! Connecting families to DV is one of our top priorities for 2015-16, and many new events  are on the horizon.

Parent Education Nights: The DV Parent Support Network is a new opportunity for parents to hear guest speakers and meet other parents of adolescents in a small-group setting to discuss developmentally relevant parenting topics.

Educational Enrichment: Boosters provide grants to teachers and students for projects that bring the curriculum to life. At the junior high, this includes activities from the Julia Robinson Math Festival to Dinner with a Scientist.

Classroom Support: Parents volunteer to serve on panels for student presentations throughout the year or come to share their expertise with classes.

Fundraising: The Booster budget supports student activities such as field trips and clubs. In recent years, we raised money for new laptops, cameras, and interactive whiteboards, as well as teacher professional development. Some funding benefits Emerson-only students, too, through things like clubs or electives.

School Site Support: Boosters support faculty and staff by helping at events like 9th grade celebration and registration. We celebrate our teachers by collaborating with the Emerson PTA for teacher appreciation lunches.
What does Emerson PTA do?

Da Vinci students are incorporated into many aspects of life on the Emerson campus. They attend classes at Emerson and are integrated into the sports teams and other student activities. Emerson PTA serves DV students, too!

PTA provides financial support for teachers, enabling them to meet their teaching goals and provide opportunities beyond what the DJUSD funds, and provides enriching experiences campus-wide. PTA offers classroom grants, teacher appreciation events, 8th grade yearbook & graduation parties, school supplies/necessities for students in need, support for the spelling bee, volunteers and more. We also work on campus improvements, such as computer upgrades, technology replacement, and campus facilities improvements.
Should I join the Emerson PTA or Da Vinci Boosters?

Bottom line: If you are a DVJHS parent, you should join both.

Both organizations support your student because of overlapping electives and events open to all students, and your DV student is part of the Emerson and DV communities.

Da Vinci Boosters: $15 per family, per year

Emerson PTA: $10 per person, per year

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