Día de los Muertos span III Bradford

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Día de los Muertos

SPAN iii

Proyecto de Ofrendas/

Altares para el día de los muertos

Opt. A:

-Each student should select a person, or group of people, who inspires

him or her and/or whom he/she knew who has died. Ofrendas can be dedicated to one person (family member, friend, or someone famous who has died), or to a group of people (police officers, teachers, soldiers, etc.).
Opt. B:

-Each student should select something of the past that has died or is not around anymore. This does not have to be a person. Such things might include: a theme in history (Ex. The roaring twenties), a fad or trend that has passed (Ex. Bellbottom pants, or Justin Beiber’s music (just kidding 4th period :)), or an item that is extremely outdated. Have fun with it and be CREATIVE!!

***For your project you need to create a homemade altar, also known as an ofrenda.

  1. Research how and why altars are made for El Día de los Muertos in Mexico and Central America.

  2. Create your own altar using your own person, theme, or idea. Some websites about how to make your own altar/ofrenda are listed below, or, of course, you can do your own research. You may use a shoebox, crate, boxes, tissue paper, etc.

  3. SPAN 3 students will also be giving presentations to present their altars

  4. AP SPAN student’s will have to write an Artists’ Statement

***Your altars/ofrendas will need to be authentic. This means besides just researching how to make an altar, you will have to do some research on El Día de los Muertos, and the symbolism and significance of the altars and the objects placed on them (i.e. foods, colors, candles, flowers, etc.)
Website examples:
(example of a shoe box alter)


Student’s in SPANISH III will present their altars/ofrendas to the class. Presentations should be between 3-5minutes and in Spanish. See presentation rubric for more details.

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