D-day, Invasion of Normandy

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D-Day, Invasion of Normandy

    1. Operation Overlord— involved most experienced allied officers in Euro; goal= get Germ out of France, destroy Germ regime

      1. General Dwight D Eisenhower—supreme commander

      2. General Bernard Montgomery (Brit)—commander of ground forces

      3. General Omar Bradley—led US first Army

    2. Planned invasion landing 21 Am divisions + 26 Brit, Canadian, and Polish divisions in Normandy

      1. Fleet= > 4,400 ships and landing crafts

      2. 5 beaches in Normandy: code named—Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sward

    3. Allies created fictional army—General Patton, Set up fake headquarters in southeast E- across E. Channel from Calais—equipped w/ wood & cardboard tanks, useless ships, & radio traffic.

      1. Hoped to trick Germs—convince them that attack would come at Calais, not Normandy.

        • WORKED! Hitler ordered troops to Calais

    4. Piccadilly Circus= code name for the Allies’ D-Day invasion fleet’s assembly location in the English Channel

    5. June 6, 1944—known as D-Day—Allies hit Germ

      1. More than 11,000 planes attempted to destroy Germ communication and transportation networks

      2. Troops landed at 6:30am after crossing English Channel

      3. 4 beaches: landings only lightly opposed by Germs, casualties relatively low

      4. Omaha (one of the 2 beaches assigned to Ams): Germs offered stiff opposition

        • Cliffs overlooking beach—Germs dug trenches and built small concrete structures, heavy artillery could be fired

        • Had a wide range of deadly guns, heavily mined the beaches

        • Many Am soldiers attacked when set foot on beach

        • Some crafts dumped their occupants too far from the beach—soldiers drowned

    6. D-Day= “the longest day”—unknown # of casualties

    7. Allies gained hold in F—within a month, more than one million allied troops landed.

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