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OCCUPATION AND ADDRESS: Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Holton Hall, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201. Home: 5715 N. Dexter Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53209 (Home address preferred)

PHONE: (414) 837-6566
BORN: New Olreans, LA. Raised, Thibodaux, Baton Rouge, New Roads.

Home town: New Roads, LA (second grade through college)

Assistant Professor of History:
University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1973-1975.

Williams College, 1975-1978.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1978-1980.
Associate Professor of History:
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1981-1987.

University of Michigan (Visiting), 1985.

Professor of History:
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1988-present.

Poydras High School, New Roads, La., 1964 (GPA 3.97).

B.A., History, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1968 (GPA 3.97).

M.A., History, Florida State University, 1969 (GPA 4.0).

Ph.D., History, Florida State University, 1973 (GPA 3.95).

(Dissertation: “Leander H. Perez, 1896-1969").

Fields of Specialization: 20th Century American history (major); 19th Century American history; 18th Century American history; 20th Century European history; 19th Century European history.
Reading knowledge of French and German

Valedictorian, Poydras High School, 1964; first place, national political essay contest, 1964 (“Should Presidential Elections be Federally Financed?”); first place, Louisiana Bar Association Essay Contest, 1964 (“What is the Source of Our Freedoms?”); third place, American History, State Literary Rally, 1964; second place, American History, District Literary Rally, 1964; Page, Louisiana State Legislature, 1963.
Salutatorian, University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1968; Academic Scholarship, 1964-1968; Treasurer, Men’s Student Government Association; President, Men’s Student Government Association; Representative, Student Council; campus newspaper reporter, Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship Finalist.
Summer Intern, United States Senator Allen Ellender of Louisiana, 1965.
NDEA Fellow, Florida State University, 1968-1971; Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow, 1972 (for dissertation on Leander H. Perez). Allan Nevins Dissertation Prize Finalist.
Phi Alpha Theta Award for Best Graduate Paper: “Southern Baptist Attitudes Toward Slavery,” 1970.


Presidential Scholars Award, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, 2003.

Elected a Fellow of the Louisiana Historical Association for Lifetime Contributions to Louisiana History, 2001.
William C. Rivers Award for Career Accomplishments in Louisiana History, 2000.
Alumni AssociationTeaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), 1992
Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2006.
Career Research Award, UWM, 1990.
Wisconsin Council for Writers Award for Best Academic Book, 1988, for Gerald L. K. Smith: Minister of Hate.
Gustavus Myers Award for research contributing to the study of bigotry, 1988 for Gerald L. K. Smith.
Gerald L. K. Smith nominated for Pulitzer Prize, 1988.
Women of the Far Right nominated for Herbert Hoover Prize in American history, 1996.

BOOKS: (beginning with most recent):
Elvis Presely: Reluctant Rebel (ABC/CLIO-Praeger, 2011), with Dave Luhrssen and Dan Sokolovic.
Changing Times: The Life of Barack Obama (MavenMark Books, 2009)

A Time of Paradox: America Since 1890 (Rowman and Littlefield, March 2006).
America From Awakening to Superpower 1890-1945 (Rowman and Littlefield, 2007).
America From the Cold War to the Third Millennium, 1945-Present (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006).
Women of the Far Right: The MothersMovement and World War II (University of Chicago Press, 1996; paper, 1997).
Transformation and Reaction: America, 1921-1945 (HarperCollins, 1994) (Longman, 1995); (Waveland Press, 2004).
Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression (HarperCollins, 1993); (Longman, 1995).
Gerald L. K. Smith: Minister of Hate (Yale University Press, 1988; paper, Louisiana State University Press, 1997).
Leander Perez: Boss of the Delta (Louisiana State University Press, 1977, 1982; paper, Center for Louisiana Studies, 1995; University of Mississippi Press, 2007.
Race, Religion, and Politics: The Louisiana Gubernatorial Elections of 1959-1960 (Center for Louisiana Studies,1977).


Fighting Quaker: The Presidency of Herbert Hoover (Palgrave MacMillan). Manuscript due in 2012.


Essays on Huey P. Long (Louisiana Tech University, 1995).
A Guide to the History of Louisiana, with Light T. Cummins (Greenwood Press, 1982).

“Day of Infamy,” Pearl Harbor,” with David Luhrssen, History Today (forthcoming).

“The Legacy of Huey P. Long,” Cultural Vistas (Winter 2011).

“The Sunshine Governor: The Music and Politics of Jimmie Davis,” with David Luhrssen, Cultural Vistas (Fall, 2010), pp. 44-63.
“Hank at the Hayride,” (Hank Williams), with David Luhrssen, Cultural Vistas (Summer, 2009), pp. 8-18.
“Herbert Hoover: Meetinghouse to White House,” Iowa Heritage Illustrated (Fall 2009), pp. 100-109.
“Obama the Reconciler,” with David Lurhssen, Clio’s Psyche, (March 2008), pp.127-148.
“A Life Shaped by Dsylexia (General George C. Patton), with Frank C. Haney and David Luhrssen, World War II History (January, 2008), pp. 28; 30-35.
“Between Heaven and Earth: Lindbergh: Technology and Environmentalism,” with David Luhrssen, History Today (January 2008).
“Herbert Hoover’s Boy Biographer,” Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration (Fall, 2007), pp. 6-14.
“Elvis, Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Reluctant Rebel” With David Luhrssen, History Today (August, 2007), pp. 30-37.
“Reagan and the West: How Jeffersonian Ideals Reached the 40th President,”

With David Luhrssen, Historically Speaking, pp. 34-36.

“Historians Change at a Slower Pace than History,” American Historical Association Perspectives (April, 2006), pp. 27-28.

“The 1980s and the Age of Reagan,” History Today (August 2004), pp. 38-39.

“Minister of Hate: Gerald L. K. Smith, Orator of the Far Right,” with David Luhrssen, History Today (December 2001), pp. 40-43.

“You Can Write a Book or You Can Roast One,” (satire) Chronicle of Higher Education , July 21, 2000.
“Frustrations of a Resident of the Ivory Tower,” (satire), Wisconsin Writers’ Journal (Spring 2008), p. 39.

“The Right-Wing Mothers of Wartime America,” History Today (December 1999), pp. 31-37.

“Jeannette Rankin: The Lone Dissenting Vote,” American History (April 1999), pp. 46-50; 52-54.
“The Royal Family From the Sticks: The Longs of Louisiana,” The Double Dealer Redux (Centennial 1997), pp. 53-57.
“The Third Front: Americans on the Home Front During World War II,” History Today (May 1995), pp. 20-26.
“Casting a Long Shadow: A Centennial Reconsideration of Huey P. Long,” Cultural Vistas (Spring 1993), pp. 21-30.

“The Short, Intense Life of Huey Long,” Acadiana Profile (Fall 1993), pp. 28-37.

“Huey P. Long at 100”, 3-part serial published in the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate (August 1993).
“A Coward’s Way Out?” Organization of American Historians’ Newsletter (February 1991).
“Teaching a Course in Writing Biography,” American Historical Association Perspectives (January 1988), pp. 13-15.
“New Roads” [Louisiana], Present Tense (March-April 1988).
“The Evolution of Politics in Louisiana,” Acadiana Profile (October 1975).


‘’General Douglas MacArthur,” and “The John Birch Society,” entries in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Political and Legal History, with David Luhrssen (forthcoming)

“The Priest and the President: Father Coughlin and Franklin D. Roosevelt (Midwest Quarterly (Fortcoming Summer 2012).
“The Mothers’ Movement,” “Elizabeth Dilling,” and Cathrine Curtis,” with David Lurhssen, in Encyclopedia of Women and War (2006).
“Huey P. Long,” pp. 588-590; and Gerald L. K. Smith,” p. 892, in Robert S. McElvaine, editor, Encyclopedia of the Great Depression (McMillan Reference, 2004).

“Gerald L. K. Smith: From Wisconsin Roots to National Notoriety,” Wisconsin Magazine of History (February, 2003), pp. 18-29.

“An Evaluation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” in William D. Pederson and Frank Williams, editors, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln: Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidents (Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 2003), pp. 171-180.
“Franklin D. Roosevelt, Huey P. Long, and Political Leadership: Room for Just One at the Top,” in William D. Pederson and Frank Williams, editors, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln: Competing Perspectives on Two Great Presidents (Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 2003), pp. 181-184.
“Elizabeth Eloise Kirkpatrick Dilling,” in Rima Lunin Schultz and Adele Hast, Women Building Chicago, 1790-1990: A Biographical Dictionary (University of Indiana Press, 2001), pp. 222-224.
“Arkansas’s Minister of Hate: A Research Odyssey,” Arkansas Historical Quarterly (Fall 2000), pp. 429-435.
“Elizabeth Dilling,” in Angela H. Zophy, editor, Handbook of American Women’s History (Garland, second ed., 2000), pp. 152-153.
“William Ivy Hair,” in Glenn R. Conrad, editor, Dictionary of Louisiana Biography (Center for Louisiana Studies, 1999).
“An Anti-War Movement that was Not a Peace Movement,” Peace and Change (Spring 1999), pp. 29-47.

“Elizabeth Dilling,” in Gregory Wolfe, editor, Encyclopedia of the American Right (Garland).
“Huey P. Long, Gerald L.K. Smith, and Leander H. Perez as Charismatic Leaders,” Louisiana History (Fall 1995), pp. 5-21.
“Gerald L. K. Smith,” in Dictionary of American Biography (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1994), pp. 744-746.
“Huey P. Long Reevaluated,” The History Teacher. (February 1994), pp. 119-131.
“Huey P. Long and Racism,” Louisiana History (Summer 1992), pp. 265-282.
“What If There Had Been No Slavery?” in Herbert M. Levine, editor, What If the American Political System Were Different? (M. E. Sharpe, 1992), pp. 165-189.
“George Bush: From Wimp to President,” with Paul Elovitz, in Joan Offerman-Zuckerberg, editor, Politics and Psychology (Plenum Press, 1991), pp. 99-116.
“Personality, Biography, and Psychobiography,” Biography (Summer 1991), pp. 243-255.
“Furies: Women Isolationists in the Era of FDR,” Journal of History and Politics (Winter 1990), pp. 67-96.
“Gerald L. K. Smith’s Shattered Alliances,” Journal of History and Politics (Winter 1990), pp. 41-65.
“Huey P. Long: A Political Contradiction,” Louisiana History (Winter 1990), pp. 373-385.
“The Apotheosis of Huey Long,” Biography (Fall 1989), pp. 283-301.
“Longism: Mainstream Politics or Aberration?” Louisiana Before and After Huey P. Long, Mid-America (April-July 1989), pp. 89-100.
“Leander H. Perez, Gerald L. K. Smith, and William H. Rainach,” Glenn R. Conrad, editor, Dictionary of Louisiana Biography (Center for Louisiana Studies, 1988).

“Religious History and the Press: The Treatment of Gerald L. K. Smith,” Benjamin Hubbard, editor, Religion and the Media (Polebridge Press, 1988), pp. 177-191.
“Sam Houston Jones,” Joseph G. Dawson, III, editor, The Louisiana Governors: From Iberville to Edwards (Louisiana State University Press, 1988), pp. 255-258.
“Goldbugs, Silverites and Satirists: Caricature and Humor in the Presidential Election of 1896,” Journal of American Culture (Summer 1988), 1-8.
“Combating Anti-Semitism: The Case of Gerald L. K. Smith,” in David A. Gerber, editor, Anti-Semitism in American History (University of Illinois Press, 1987), pp. 152-166.
“Oral History, Biography, and Political Demagoguery: The Case of Gerald L. K. Smith,” Louisiana History (Winter 1983), pp. 87-102.
“Partisan Parson: An Oral History Account of the Louisiana Years of Gerald L. K. Smith,” Louisiana History (Spring 1982), pp. 148-158.
“Utopia Comes to the Masses: Huey P. Long’s Share Our Wealth Society,” Ralph M. Aderman, editor, The Quest for Social Justice (University of Wisconsin Press, 1982), pp. 279-296.
“Caricature and Satire in the Presidential Election of 1884,” Journal of American Culture (Fall 1980), pp. 238-244.
“What is the Legacy of the Longs? A Historiographical Overview” Louisiana Review (Fall 1980), pp. 141-149.
“Challenge to the New Deal: Huey P. Long and the Redistribution of the National Wealth,” Louisiana History (Fall 1980), pp. 331-339.
“Preacher, Populist, Propagandist: The Early Career of Gerald L. K. Smith,” Biography (Fall 1979), pp. 303-327.
“Sam Houston Jones and the Revolution of 1940,” Red River Valley Historical Review (Summer 1979), pp. 73-87.
“Gerald L. K. Smith and the Share Our Wealth Movement,” Red River Valley Historical Review (Summer 1978), pp. 52-65.
“Leander Perez: Racist or Social Reformer?” Louisiana Studies (Winter 1976), pp. 315-323. Reprinted in 1977 Public Affairs Research Conference: Ethics in Government (April 1977).

“The Automobile and American Morality,” Journal of Popular Culture (Summer 1974), pp. 125-131.
“DeLesseps Morrison: Why He Couldn’t Become Governor of Louisiana,” Louisiana History (Summer 1973), pp. 255-269.
“Southern Baptist Attitudes Toward Slavery, 1845-1861,” Georgia Historical Quarterly (Winter 1971), pp. 510-522. (Winner of Florida State University Phi Alpha Theta paper award in 1971).
“Racism and Longism in Louisiana: The 1959-60 Gubernatorial Elections,” Louisiana History (Summer 1970), pp. 259-270. Reprinted in Glenn R. Conrad, editor, Readings in Louisiana History (Center for Louisiana Studies, 1978).
Editor, with Light T. Cummins, of the series Reference Guides to State and Local History for Greenwood Press.
Editor of the monograph series The Right in America for M. E. Sharpe, Inc., 1990-present.
Associate Editor of Louisiana History, the journal of the Louisiana Historical Association, 1973-75.
Editorial Board, Clio’s Psyche, 1989-present.

I have published more than 170 reviews and essay-reviews for scholarly and popular journals and newspapers, one short story, six poems, and satirical essays in the Chronicle of Higher Education the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and other newspapers and magazines.

Danger on the Doorstep: Anti-Catholicism and American Print Culture in the Progressive Era. By Justin Nordstrom (Fall, 2007), Indiana Magazine of History.
Massive Resistance: The White Response to the Civil Rights Movement, by George Lewis, for Louisiana History. (2007)
Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long, by Richard D. White, Jr.,With David Luhrssen, for History Today. (Oct. 2007)
“Eugene J. McCarthy: Muses and Mementos,” Produced by Mick Caouette (film review). With David Luhrssen, for Journal of American History. (December 2007).
Feingold: A New Democratic Party, by Sanford D. Horwitt. With David Luhrssen, for Annals of Iowa (Summer/Fall 2007).
Obama: From Promise to Power, by David Mendell. With David Lurhssen. Annals of Iowa (Summer/Fall 2007).
FDR, by Jean Edward Smith, for Journal of American History (June 2008).
We Are All Americans, Pure and Simple, Theodore Roosevelt aand the Myth of Americanism, by Leroy G. Dorsey. With David Luhrssen, for American History (August 2008).
New Deal/New South: An Anthony J. Badger Reader, by Anthony J. Badger (Journal of Southern History (Summer 2009).
William E. Leuchtenburg, Herbert Hoover, Annals of Iowa (Summer 2009).


In the past 15 years I have evaluated about 50 manuscripts and book proposals for publishers including HarperCollins, Houghton-Mifflin, Prentice-Hall, D. C. Heath, Harcourt Brace, M. E. Sharpe, the Yale University Press, the Louisiana State University Press, the University of North Carolina Press, the University of Kentucky Press, the University of Northern Illinois Press, Scholarly Resources, Inc., and the Center for Louisiana Studies.
I have reviewed article manuscripts for the Journal of American History, the Journal of Southern History, Louisiana History, the Florida Historical Quarterly, Biography, Religion and American Culture,the Indiana Magazine of History and the Journal of the American Medical Association.
In 2007-2009 I refereed tenure and promotion cases at the University of Alabama, Illinois State University, and the University of South Florida
I have served as a consultant in American history for film documentaries and for daily newspapers and popular magazines, chiefly dealing with twentieth-century American politics. I have worked as a commentator for public and commercial television and radio. WPVL, Platteville, WI, is broadcasting some of my satirical essays. On National Public Radio I have been interviewed by “Fresh Air” and “Morning Editon.” I am frequently interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio and Milwaukee Public Radio. In 2007 I was interviewed twice for one-hour segments on Iowa Public Radio. In 2010 I was interviewed twice by WUWM on Barack Obama, on WHAD on George W. Bush, and by two commercial radio stations comparing the Great Recession and the Great Recession. In 2008 I was interviewed for a front-page article on Herbert Hoover by the Wall St. Journal.
In 2009 I served as a consultant for “Landslide,” a PBS documentary about Herbert Hoover.
In 2009-2010 I was interviewed for “61 Bullets,” a PBS documentary about the assassination of Huey P. Long, and served as a Senior Consultant.
In the fall of 2007 I was interviewed for a documentary on anti-Semitism in small Wisconsin communities which will include a segment on Gerald L. K. Smith by the UWM film department.
Interviewed for “A History of Louisiana “ by Louisiana Public Television, 2002. Most of my two-hour interview dealt with the Huey Long period (1893-1935). Portions of my interview were shown in the part on “The Era of the Longs” on Public Television in September 2003.
Interviewed for a documentary about Movie Palaces of the 1920s by Rockford College, Rockford, Illinois, 2002. Shown in 2003.
Interviewed for a 50-minute video on Huey Long for the Biography Series, Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Television Network, 1995. The documentary was based in part on my biography, Messiah of the Masses: Huey P. Long and the Great Depression.
Interviewed for a 50-minute video on Hmong settlement in Wisconsin, PBS (Channel 10, Milwaukee), 1995.
Participated in two films on Leander Perez, “Papa Perez,” Crecopia Films, Atlanta, produced by Kathleen Dowdy, 1978; and “The Ends of the Earth: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana,” New American Media Center, New Orleans, produced by Andy Kolker and Louis Alvarez, 1980. The latter was shown on PBS in Louisiana. Both were based chiefly on my book, Leander Perez: Boss of the Delta.


At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I have taught primarily 20th century American history, including courses from the freshman through graduate levels. These include U.S., 1921-45; U.S., 1945-present; U.S., 1877-present, an undergraduate seminar in racism and anti-Semitism, and an undergraduate course about the Holocaust in Germany and American anti-Semitism in the 1930s and 1940s. I have taught practically all periods of the twentieth century, and, in addition, such topics as the Presidency, Writing Biography, and Issues Debated in Twentieth-Century American History.I have taught an Elder Hostel course on twentieth century America. I am also prepared to teach Gilded Age history (U.S., 1877-1900). About half of my teaching has been at the graduate level. I have developed six graduate courses at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
At Williams College I taught chiefly 20th century American history, usually in a discussion format.Williams had some of the finest undergraduate students in the United States.
At the University of Louisiana-Lafayette I taught U.S. history, 1865-present; and Louisiana history. I was assistant director of the Center for Louisiana Studies. ULL had a Ph.D. program while I taught there. I taught the Louisiana History survey each semester. I also designed the first purely graduate-level courses in Louisiana history and taught them each semester. I was associate editor of the state journal, Louisiana History, and served a co-program chairman with Matthew J. Schott at the Louisiana Historical Association convention during my last year there. Outreach activities to the community were an important part of my job as assistant director of the Center.
As a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, I taught U. S. history, 1865-present, and a seminar on the political right in America.
At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette I served as major professor for about 70 graduate students including 8 in 2002-2003, 13 in 2003-2004, and 10 in 2004-2005. My former students have tenure in American history at the University of Alabama, Notre Dame University, Wisconsin Lutheran University, the University of London and Milwaukee Area Technical College.
Graduate courses at UWM include Issues in U. S. History Debated, 1890-1945; Issues in U. S. History Debated, 1945-Present; Research Topics in 20th Century U. S. History; Reading Topics in 20th Century U. S. History; Racism, Anti-Semitism and Prejudice in 20th Century America; The Presidency and Moral Issues; Writing Biography; and The Right in America. My courses especially emphasize the period from the 1920s through World War II with an emphasis on political and cultural history..
Grants and Fellowships in Reverse chronological order:

(Numbers in parenthesis indicate more than one grant from the same organization)

Earhart Foundation Grant, ($25,000), for 2006-2007

Helen Bader Foundation ($4,000)

Herbert Hoover Library Association summer grant ($1,500)

Earhart Foundation summer grant for work in progress on Herbert Hoover ($13,000)

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ($150,000)

American Council of Learned Societies ($10,000)

American Historical Association Beveridge Grants (2) ($1,000)

American Philosophical Society (3)

National Endowment for the Humanities, Travel to Collections (2)

UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity (2) ($4,000 each)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate School Research Summer Research Stipend ($8,000)

Wisconsin Humanities Committee (3) ($1,000 each)

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Fromkin Lecture Award, UW-Milwaukee ($8,000)

Williams College Research Grant ($3,000)

Earhart Foundation (1985 for work on Gerald L. K. Smith; published as book in 1988).


UWM Travel grants for Professional Development (2; $500 each)

“Why Huey Long Still Matters,” talk on the Observance of the 75th anniversary of the Assassination of Huey P. Long, Baton Rouge, LA., (Aug. 28, 2010), sponsored by the State of Louisiana.
Delivered a paper, “What Kind of Conservative Was Herbert Hoover?” at the 2010 annual convention of the Organization of American Historians, Washington, D.C. (April).
Delivered a Talk at Carroll College on Barack Obama, September, 2009.
Presented a talk, “Herbert Hoover and the Role of Voluntarism in Fighting the Great Depression,” at the Wisconsin Academy for the Study of American History Conference, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (July 2009).
Chaired Panel Discussion on “New Perspectives on Herbert Hoover” at the Mid-America History Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma, September, 2007.
“Comments on the paradoxes of 20th-century America, “Iowa Public Radio, two hour-long statewide interviews, 2007.
“America in the Time of Paradox,” delivered to six audiences in 2006, and 2007.
“Could Franklin D. Roosevelt Have Been Elected President in the Twenty-First Century?” Delivered to four audiences in Wisconsin under the auspices of the Wisconsin Humanities Committee in 2004 and 2005.
“Ronald Reagan and the Time of Paradox.” Delivered to three audiences in Wisconsin under the auspices of the Wisconsin Humanities Committee in 2004 and 2005.
Leander Perez: King of the Marshmen,” St. Bernard parish government Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Celebration, Chalmette, LA, Sept. 2003.
“The Enigma of Huey P. Long,” Nunez Junior College, Chalmette, LA, Sept. 2003. The talks on Long and Perez were broadcast on television and the speech on Perez was covered the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune.
“Was Ronald Reagan a Jeffersonian?” conference on Thomas Jefferson, October 17, 2003.
“The Presidential Election of 2000,” Rotary Club of Milwaukee, February 6, 2001.
Discussant on panel following performance of “A Gentleman from Mississippi,” based on the life of Senator John Stennis, performed at Brumder Mansion Theater, March 22, 2001.
Keynote speaker, Conference on turn of the century and the Millennium at Louisiana State University—Shreveport. Talk entitled, “The Busy Century, “ November, 2000).

“The Huey Long Assassination,” Conference on Huey Long, Louisiana College, Pineville, La., November 20, 1999.
“Jeannette Rankin’s Crusades for Peace,” Women’s History Conference, Platteville, Wisconsin, October 31, 1999.
“The Long Family,” Conference on Earl Long, Louisiana College, Pineville, La., May 1998.
“The Longs of Louisiana,” Eighth Annual Natchez Literary Celebration, May 30, 1997.
Keynote speaker, “FDR After 50 Years,” Louisiana State University-Shreveport, September 14, 1995.
“Elizabeth Dilling and the Enigma of Far Right Women,” American Historical Association convention, Chicago, January 6, 1995.
“Jeannette Rankin: Pioneer Politician and Peacemaker,” Women’s History: Digging, Doing, Disseminating, a Women’s History Outreach Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, June 3, 1994.
“Huey P. Long and the Historians,” Organization of American Historians convention, Anaheim, California (Spring 1993).
“Gerald L. K. Smith and the Politics of Hate,” Phi Alpha Theta, Ramapo College, New Jersey (March 1993).
“Huey P. Long and the Great Depression,” Ramapo College, New Jersey (March 1993).
“The Role of Political Dissent In Teaching the History of the 1930s,” Organization of American Historians, March 1992.
“Writing Biography,” Illinois State University, February 1992.
“Huey P. Long and Racism,” Southern Historical Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 1990.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt in Perspective,” International Psychohistory Association, New York City, July 1990.
“Women Anti-Communists of the Era of FDR,” Organization of American Historians, Washington, D.C., March 1990.
“Women of Fury: Anti-Semitic Leaders of the Far Right,” University of Wisconsin Institute on Race and Ethnicity, March 1990.
“Teaching the History of the Vietnam War,” Wisconsin Association of Teachers of College History, October 21, 1989.
“Reflections on Biography and Psychobiography,” Keynote address, International Psychohistorical Association, Washington, D. C., June 11, 1988.
“How Bush Overcame the Wimp Issue and Became President,” International Psychohistorical Association, New York, June 15, 1989, and “Gerald L. K. Smith and the Psychology of Prejudice,” June 16, 1989.
“Huey P. Long and His Place in Southern History,” Southwestern Social Sciences Association, Houston, Texas, March 25, 1988.
“Teaching the History of the 1920s in America,” Wisconsin Association for Teachers of College History, Madison, Wisconsin, October 31, 1987.
“Teaching the History of the 1960s in High School and College American History Courses,” Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, March 27, 1987.
“Louisiana Politics Before and After Huey Long,” Louisiana Historical Association convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 13, 1987.
“Teaching a Course in Writing Biography,” Northern Great Plains History Conference, September 26, 1986.
“Teaching the Decade of the 1950s in High School and College American History Courses,” Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, April 11, 1986.
“The Shreveport Years of Gerald L. K. Smith,” Shreveport Sesquicentennial History Symposium, September 21 1985.

“A Critique of Huey Long,” conference on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Huey P. Long, Southeastern Louisiana University, September 14, 1985.
“The Metamorphosis of Gerald L. K. Smith: From Southern Democrat to Midwestern Demagogue,” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 11, 1985.
“Huey P. Long After Fifty Years, 1935-1985,” Louisiana Historical Association, March 30, 1985.
“Huey P. Long: Robin Hood or Dictator?” Louisiana Tech University, Phi Alpha Theta, March 27, 1985.
“Gerald L. K. Smith,” History Faculty Colloquium, University of Michigan, March 26, 1986.
“The Apotheosis of Huey Long,” Southern Historical Association, Charleston, South Carolina (November, 1983).
“Gerald L. K. Smith and His Adversaries: Militant Opposition versus the Silent Treatment,” Organization of American Historians, Cincinnati, Ohio (April 1983).
“From Horseless Carriage to Gas Guzzler: The Automobile and the changing American Dream,” Detroit Historical Society Conference, The Automobile and American Culture, Detroit, Michigan (October 1, 1982).
“Challenge to the New Deal: Huey P. Long and the Redistribution of National Wealth,” Organization of American Historians, San Francisco, California (April, 1980).
“What is the Legacy of the Longs?” Southwestern Social Sciences Association, Houston, Texas (April, 1980).
“The Problems and Potential of Oral History: Gerald L. K. Smith as a Case Study,”Louisiana Historical Association Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana (March, 1980).
“Utopia Comes to the Masses: Huey P. Long’s Share our Wealth Society,” (Tenth Annual Morris Fromkin Memorial Lecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (November, 1979).
“Huey Long: A Post Revisionist View,” Citadel Conference on the South, Charleston, South Carolina (April, 1979).
“Gerald L. K. Smith: The Making of an American Demagogue,” Southern Historical Association, New Orleans, Louisiana (November, 1979).

“Political Corruption: A Louisiana Tradition?” Public Affairs Research Council, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (April, 1977).
“Gerald L. K. Smith and the Share Our Wealth Movement,” Southwestern Social Sciences Association, Dallas, Texas (April, 1977).
“Sam Houston Jones and the Revolution of 1940,” Louisiana Historical Association, Biloxi, Mississippi (March, 1977).
“Leander Perez: Racist or Social Reformer?” Louisiana Historical Association, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (March, 1975).
“Caricature and Satire in the Presidential Election of 1896,” Regional Phi Alpha Theta Convention, Gainesville, Florida (Spring, 1970).
Chair, University Archives Committee (twice)
Chair, University Lectures Committee
Library Committee (6 years)
Nominating Committee (6 years)
Honorary Degrees Committee (2 years)
Tuition Exemption Committee (2 years)
University Relations Committee (3 years)

Nominating Committee, College of Letters and Science (3 years)

Chair, Library Committee (5 years)
Chair, Awards Committee (5 years)
Chair—Lectures Committee (2 years)
Graduate Committee (3 years)
Undergraduate Committee (3 years)
Organizer, History Department Career Day
I am frequently called upon by the local and national media to comment on subjects relating to my historical expertise, including Public Radio, Public Television, Commercial Radio and Television, and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal , Business Weekly, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I wrote an editorial in 2010 for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel assessing the first two years of the Obama administration. In 2009 and 2010 I spoke to the Smith-Barney annual dinner and the United Bank of Switzerland about the recession that began in 2008 and its historical context. I serve the College of Letters of Science by helping in the recruitment of promising students. I speak periodically at churches, tabernacles, and before student, civic, and business organizations.

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