Current Issues Final Portfolio 6 Degrees of Separation in Current Issues

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Current Issues Final Portfolio
6 Degrees of Separation in Current Issues
This portfolio will be used as your final exam, thus, the portfolio is worth 15% of your final grade. The portfolio is broken down into three parts, each part is described below. All parts must be handed in completed at the same time in order to receive full credit.
Throughout the semester we have discussed various topics pertaining to the United States and the rest of the world. The focus of your portfolio is to show how all of these topics relate to one another when you analyze one current issue:

Example: War in Iraq: effects U.S. foreign policy-- foreign policy effects defense--defense effects technology-- technology effects economy-- economy effects environment-- environment affects the citizens (social impact).


Current Issues Journal:

A. All assigned articles and writing assignments that have been assigned thorough out the semester must be numbered and included in your journal.

Part II:

Week in Review:

A. All Week in Review articles of your choosing must be included in your portfolio. The articles must have their summaries attached and each article numbered. You should have 18 articles and summaries at the end of the semester.

Part III:

Notes & Vocabulary Notebook:

A. All notes and vocabulary from the semester must be included in your portfolio in complete form.

Part IV:

Essay: (Due Date TBA)

A. Choose one current issue that we have discussed this semester that interested you; it would also be good if you have a strong opinion on the issue. Once you have picked your issue you will write a position or persuasion essay.

Questions you must address in the essay:

1. What is your current issue and why did you choose this particular issue?

2. How does your issue impact or influence the United States?

3. Does one degree impact the other, if so explain how.

B. Your essay MUST also include all 6 Degrees:

6 Degrees:

1. Technology

2. Economy

3. Environment

4. Defense

5. Social Impact

6. Foreign Policy

D. ARTICLES = ****You may use your Current Issues Journal articles as a resource.

Minimum of 3 articles or Maximum of 6.

Example= 1 article can cover 2 degrees (3 articles total) or 1 article for each degree (6 articles total)

****When choosing your articles make sure that they will help to substantiate your argument in your position paper.

E. All articles must be cited within your essay.

C. Minimum of 1,000 words typed, double spaced, 12 point font.
Part V:

Government Powers: (Due Date TBA)

  1. In this section you will create a photo flow chart of the 1) major players in the three different branches of the government that are at the center of the issue you have chosen. Once you have identified the people involved and the branch of government they are in you will then 2) list the powers that each person has according to the U.S. Constitution. 3) If the issue is an international issue, for example, U.S. & Iraq, you must include the leaders of the other country and the powers that they have as well.


To receive full credit for the completion of your portfolio all articles, notes and vocabulary must be complete and from the appropriate time period.

Complete Articles, Notes & Vocabulary


Possible 50 + points


The following rubric will be used to grade the content of your portfolio. Please read each category carefully – to receive full credit all areas must be met accurately.




Assigned Journal Articles

(All articles numbered & writing assignments)

20 + points

Week in Review

(18 numbered articles, summaries, and correct citations)

20 + points


All notes correctly numbered

All vocabulary defined

20 + points


Required Length


All 3 questions answered thoroughly

All 6 degrees covered


Correct use of supporting articles

120 + points

Government Chart

Photos used


Powers listed from Constitution

3 Branches represented

Foreign leaders names

Powers of Foreign leaders

Source of Foreign leaders power

120+ points

Total Possible Points: 350 + points

(Actual point value will be determined by 15% of points given through out the semester)

CONTENT GRADE: ________________________________________

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