Cultural Artifact Speech Purpose

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Cultural Artifact Speech

The purpose of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to participate in the process of public speaking. One of the first problems beginning speakers face is deciding what to talk about. Because culture plays an important role in the way people live their lives, I would like students to discuss culture in this presentation. Culture relates to language, values, traditions, dress, and music. Therefore, culture is not restricted to ethnicity. The San Joaquin valley has numerous cultures.
Through this activity you will learn about other cultures and increase your understanding of public speaking.
Bring to class an artifact or object that symbolizes your cultural identity and explain it to the class.

  1. Develop one theme that is symbolized in the cultural artifact you bring to class.

  1. Use an introduction that captures the attention of the audience and introduces the artifact.

  1. Use an extemporaneous speaking style.

  1. A note card is required the day of your presentation and at the beginning of class.

  1. This presentation is to be 3-5 min in length.

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