Cuban Revolution Articles/Teaching Resources

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Cuban Revolution

Cuban Revolution



  • Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know by Julia Sweig (this was a good book on an overview of Cuba)

  • Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution (good book for teacher on Cuban history)

  • Pre-Castro Cuba

  • United Nations: Cuban Missile Crisis Debate

  • Curricular Materials for Cuba (from NYU)

  • One Day in December: Celia Sanchez



  • Timeline (PBS)

Personal Stories

  • Stories by Cuban Exiles

  • Interview with Castro in 1959


  • Cuba Newsreels

  • Cuba and Black History (PBS – not just on Cuban Revolution) (Interview with Catherine Murphy)

  • Castro Interview one week after the Revolution

  • Platt Amendment with Professor Philip Brenner


  • Castro’s speeches (on right side of article)


  • Cuba at 50

  • Cuba in Revolution: Photography Exhibit (of Camilo Cienfuegos)

  • Che Guevara

  • Castro and Others in Jungle

  • Alberto Korda – famous photographer

  • Soviet Propaganda Poster of Cuba


and Song

  • Castro’s Speech: On the Export of Revolution

  • “En Eso Llego Fidel” (“And then Fidel Arrived) by Carlos Puebla (recording on left hand side)

  • Jose Maria Heredia’s poem: “Una Tempestad.” Was 19th century poet, but the poem inspired the revolutionaries.

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