Crosslands residents association board meeting tuesday, September 8, 2015

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Board Members Present: Char Gosselink, Julia Kennedy, Molly Kline, Juliet Lane, Bonnie Marcus, Maggie McCaskey, Dot Mullestein, Betty Nathan, Dee Nelson, Elizabeth Rhoads, Mary Lou Schack, Randy Schofield, Thomas Swain, Dick Voldstad, Phyllis Wenner, Jack Yeatman
Also present: Trudy Reed, Stephen Green, Jerry Daghir, M.D. Schreyer, Nancy Crowe, Isabel Olmsted, Julie Noonan, Andre Kaim, Lydia Kaim, Dave Heckman, Bernie Comber, Ruth Anderson, Dick Scheldt, Ric Morris, Akito Craven, Jean Worley, Barb Pusey, Hollis Scarborough, Vergie Spiker, Helen Rowland, Jean Barker, June Wescott, Dick Kline, Connie Hill, M.L. Thomas, Dave Peacefull, J. Allcock, L. Tracy, B. Cohen, David Rhoads, Jane Krick, Cynthia LaPara, Charles Metz, Peg Parker, Betsy Walker, Wendall Lofland, Les Small, Betty Gordon, Fanny Cracknell, Anne Curtin, Dick Baxter, Adah Davis, Don Stryker, Andy Palmer, Peter Lane, Harriet Selfridge, Elva Pepper, Marge Moretzsohn, Jane Murray, B. Alexander.
Welcome Char Gosselink

President Char Gosselink opened the meeting by stressing the values and guidelines of the Association. The first was to enhance the value of life and foster a sense of respect. Secondly the Board is to help organize the activities and carry them out.

Char reported the passing of seven residents: Martel Montgomery, Jesse Green, Edith Ilick, Ruth Spencer, Jack Styer, Jack Rudden, Bill Bryan. There was a moment of silence in their memory.
Char welcomed 19 new residents.
It was recommended to the Board that Jack Yeatman replace Jack Rudden on the Board with his term ending in June 2016. This appointment was approved.
CRA Board Minutes of June 1, 2015 Molly Kline
The minutes were approved as written.
CRA Special Meeting of June 15, 2015 Molly Kline
The minutes were approved as written.
First Vice President Elizabeth Rhoads
The schedule for the Board members running the Concern Sessions will be posted. The location for the sessions has been changed to the music room for the third Tuesday of each month.
The schedule for the Board member representative to attend the Kendal Resident Association Meeting the second Monday of the month will be passed out.
Dot Mullestein reported that the issue in her concern session in June was about the AFSC sale and whether the CRA should receive some of the funds. This committee is not a CRA committee, but a committee specifically set up to benefit the residents trying to downsize and were happy to have the AFSC be the financial beneficiary.
Second Vice-President Maggie McCaskey
Anne Curtin has agreed to serve as the editor and chair person of the Chronicle and Elizabeth Rhoads has agreed to serve as interim managing editor for 1 year and will help to teach a new volunteer to use the Publisher Program.
The Energy Conservation Committee has requested that its name be changed to “The Energy Committee” which more properly describes the scope of the work.
The Board approved these items.
The Transportation Committee needs a new chair person. This is a shared committee with Kendal. Kendal is the chair for 2015 and then Crosslands needs a chair for 2016.
Tuesday Edition needs a volunteer to chair the committee. Carol Bossert needs to retire. She will continue with her final program in October. She is willing to help the new volunteer.
The Flower Committee needs new volunteers.
There will be an informational meeting to try to get the short trips going again.
The CRA constitution states that the chair person of a standing committee serve in that position for no more than 3 years, but they can continue on the committee.
The resident initiated committees recommend a 2 to 3 year term as chair person. It is important to recruit new people to join committees and look for new chairs. Being on a committee you get to know other residents. Getting involved can be fun and work.
Treasurer’s Report Bonnie Marcus
The audit of the Board’s finances was done by Ed Moll and Gerard Smith and we passed with ease.
Kendal-Crosslands Board Meeting
Elizabeth Rhoads attended the meeting in August in Char’s place. There was no report.
President’s Report Char Gosselink

The Executive Committee recommended that at each Board Meeting we have a member of the staff invited to give a 5 minute “hello” and “happy to be here” report. The Board approved this. Heather Willey will be coming in October.

On October 19 we will have a lunch meeting of the Board to set goals for the year. Come at 11:45 to get your meal and go into the alcove for the meeting.
The CCRC Council will meet on September 30 at Waverly Heights. We need three volunteers. Betty Nathan, Thomas Swain, and Char Gosselink volunteered to represent Crosslands.
Betty Nathan reported that there was a wonderful dog show in the health center this month for entertainment.
There will be a picture taken of the new Board after this meeting.

Administration Report Phil DeBaun

Phil reported on the subject of Admissions and Marketing that this was the best spring and summer of admissions for a while. The occupancy climbed 3% so we are ahead of budget. We are continuing our consultation with Love and Co. and we are looking for gradual but steady improvement. There is a pattern of twice annual sales incentives for the apartments with the lowest occupancy.

Love and Co. has looked into strategic Dining services to help John Platt build a vision of where we are heading in the future and change our pattern to be more efficient.
In the area of Property and Stewardship, Love and Co. is doing an assessment of the competition as relates to our current apartment set up. What is the optimal mix of apartment sizes and plans today?
The Finance Committee is working on the pricing situations that are appropriate for a balanced population. The Committee will set up goals to get to over a long period of time and then plan the procedures.

The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors is working on a new plan of projects on a continuing quest to improve our situation and how to finance this in a stable way. We have received some extremely generous bequests in the past few years.

Charles Mack has been named the new Director of Facilities to replace Tom Kopach.
Questions and Comments from the audience
Ben Cohen is concerned that the receptionist does not have a good view of the entrance to the center.

Isabel Olmsted asked whether there would be a September and October issue of the Chronicle. Elizabeth Rhoads was not sure whether she would finish editing in time for the September issue – she hoped she would.

Mary Lee Barker was concerned about the speed bump in the road by the center, which has created safety problem for the path beside it.

Brigitte Alexander questioned how far ahead we were planning for the apartments, etc. – 5 years or 30 years. What should the final plan look like? It might be different in 2020.

Dave Peacefull noted that the putting green was not being used. Should we make some other use of that area? Phil responded that we would save that decision until the auditorium renovations are made for we may want that space.

Hollis Scarborough noted that in designing the diningroom spaces we be sure to include thoughts about someone with mobility problems who needs space to get around.

David Rhoads inquired about the cost of the center renovations to date. Phil responded that it was between $1,000,000 and $1,100,000. The occupancy ask of August 31st was 85% with 40 vacancies. Crosslands has about 360 residents, Kendal has about 350 residents and Cartmel and Coniston have about 120 residents.
There being no further business, Char adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Molly Kline,


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