Critique on Che Guevara Poster Chloe Troulan

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Critique on Che Guevara Poster
Chloe Troulan

On this poster we see Che Guevara surrounded by a red background a famous quote of his. I find that the red that surrounds the poster reminds me communism like China’s flag is mainly red and they are a communist country but it also makes me think of the blood of all the people he killed along with black being a morbid colour. Che killed many people, and in his first few months in command in La Cabana he signed over 400 death warrents. Whoever made this poster wanted to give off a feeling of hate towards Che Guevara because of what he did in his life and also try to make others feel against Che as well. There are people who call him a terrorist, a murderer and I find that in this picture it gives off a feeling of him being a terrorist because of the dark colours.

Another reason I feel that this poster is against him is because of the face of Che Guevara, he is not smiling nor is he frowning, to me he is smirking. I think that the feeling he gives off from this picture is a person who is proud of what he has done and feels as though he has a lot of power because he stands strong. In the picture Che is wearing his hat that he always wear with the star directly on the front of the hat, the star is in red and it contrasts with his face because he face is all white and his hair and hat are black. This attracts attention to the star making me believe that the star has something to do with him killing all those people. The red star on his hat actually represents his support for communism, he was an atheist and did not support God. This shows me that because he did not believe in God he believe what he thought was right, so when some of us follow the commandment ‘Thou shall not kill’ he does not follow these commandments meaning that he will do what he wants.

The quote on the side of the picture of Che Guevara’s face is “If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.” This quote basically states that if you as a person tremble with any anger aroused by something unjust or unworthy then he claims you are a companion of his. Che Guevara contradicts himself when he says this because he is saying that he dislikes things when they are injust but yet it is injust that he killed so many people.

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