Crash Course World History: Decolonization & Nationalism Triumphant

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Crash Course World History: Decolonization & Nationalism Triumphant

  1. What was different about previous instances of empires’ ends from the decolonization after WWII?

  2. How did WWII challenge imperialism and inhibit Great Britain & France from maintaining their colonies?

  3. What new nations emerged in Southeast Asia?

  4. How did the Cold War shape the future of new countries?

  5. When did the decolonization story begin in India?

  6. Describe Gandhi.

  7. What tactics did Gandhi use to promote change?

  8. Who led the Muslim League? What made his view for Indian independence different from Gandhi or Nehru?

  9. What nations formed in 1947 when the British exited India?

  10. Who assassinated Gandhi?

  11. What factors fostered Indonesian nationalism?

  12. Who became Indonesia’s first prime minister?

  13. What regime massacred 20% of Cambodia’s population in the mid-1900s?

  14. Who led Viet Minh forces for independence from France and later against the United States and South Vietnamese troops?

  15. What Egyptian leader played the superpowers off each other?

  16. What group did Nasser ban, which reemerged in violence recently?

  17. Why did newly independent nations struggle so much without colonial masters?

  18. What style government was prominent in sub-Saharan Africa after decolonization?

  19. What facts show some African states are increasingly successful?

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