Cowboy webquest Go to my website and click on the links to answer the questions

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Cowboy webquest

Go to my website and click on the links to answer the questions.

1.Your story will be about a cowboy and will start during a cattle drive. Read about cattle drives, taking notes as you read. What was life like for your cowboy on a cattle drive? What kinds of things did he do? Who did he talk to? What dangers did he face?

Cattle Drives

2. Your story will be more interesting if you include specific details about little things like how your cowboy dressed. Read about cowboy gear, taking note especially of how the clothing helped the cowboy do his job and how much each piece of clothing would have cost him.

Cowboy Gear

3. Of course no cowboy story would be complete without the cowboy's gun. Read about the gun that won the West. Even if you don't understand a lot about guns, at least find out what kind of gun cowboys carried and how much it would have cost.

The Gun That Won The West – write 10 facts

4. Your story will end up in Dodge City, Kansas. What was Dodge City like during the late 1800's? What kinds of things happened there? Who might your cowboy have met up with while in Dodge City?

Dodge City – Answer the questions and write 10 facts

5. Now you are ready to use your notes to plan your story. The main character and plot of your story are up to you. Just remember: the story starts on a cattle drive, ends in Dodge City, and needs to use 10 historical details.

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