Covenant Lesson 9 Kay Arthur Does God love the whole world? Then why is salvation of the Jews? Review

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Lesson 9

Kay Arthur
Does God love the whole world? Then why is salvation of the Jews?

Abraham – Isaac – Jacob – 12 Tribes(sons) – Saul- David - Solomon

(Israel) ↓ ↓

Theocracy Monarchy

Old Covenant

(The Law)

Israel changed from a theocracy to a monarchy.

King Saul

King David

King Solomon (unfaithful so God tore the kingdom from Solomon’s son)

10 Tribes = Northern Kingdom

2 Tribes – Southern Kingdom (Benjamin and Judah) Jeremiah – New Covenant Inaugurated under Jesus Christ.

Northern Kingdom

-722 BC-

Assyrian Captivity

Southern Kingdom

- 586 BC –

Babylonian Captivity of 70 years and returned to the land

Second Dispersion came after 70 A.D. and Israel was scattered over the whole world and they were despised by every nation they entered. God not only judged the people but the land as well. There was no rain on the land. Then when the Jews began to come back the rains began again.

Israel became a nation again in 1948.

(“Golda” is about the heart of the Jews)


  1. A Nation

  2. All Nations Blessed (Gentiles)

  3. A Land Forever

  4. Bless those that bless him, curse those who curse him.

  5. A Seed – Christ Galatians 3:16

II Samuel 7:8-15 Solomon built the permanent temple.

II Samuel 7:16 Davidic Covenant

I Chronicles 17:7-14

II Chronicles 7:17-20 Covenant IS mentioned here. God is threatening a dispersion, but not a rescinding of His Covenant.

God promises a throne forever and David’s seed will sit on that throne.

I Kings 11:1-2 Solomon broke God’s commandments.

I Kings 11:3-4 His wives turned his heart away

I Kings 11:9-11 Solomon had seen God twice!!! He did not observe what the Lord had commanded. He broke Covenant.

God tore the kingdom from Solomon, gave it to his servant and the kingdom was split.

I Kings 11:12-13

II Kings 19:34 I will defend this city and save it, for My sake and for the sake of David My servant.

Jeremiah 30:3, 7-8 No longer will foreigners enslave them

Jeremiah 30:9
Jacob’s Distress

Jacob’s Trouble

The Tribulation

Jeremiah 31:35-37 Israel will never cease to be God’s people.

Romans 11:1-16 God has not rejected His people, has He?

What was the early church made up of? JEWS!!!

Romans 11:17-18 Some of the Jews did not believe; the ones who did not enter into the New Covenant, were broken off.

Don’t get snotty and arrogant toward the Jews. The gospel came to them first!

God grafts the Gentile believers into the root, the Jews.

Romans 11:19-21 They were broken off for their unbelief, YOU stand because of your belief.

How do you know you are saved? You will always keep on believing.

Romans 11:22-24 They also, the Jews, if they don’t continue in their unbelief, will be grafted in again.

The Gentiles were from a wild olive tree and God grafts them into a cultivated tree.

Romans 11:24-25 The mystery is that the New Covenant, which was for the house of Israel and the house of Judah, will someday be believed by them.

Israel was partially hardened so we Gentiles could be saved.

Romans 11:26 “All Israel will be saved” means all Israel living at the time of Jesus’ second coming who believe in Messiah.

During the Tribulation, all of Israel will go through the fire, but only 1/3 will come through that fire purified and believe in the Messiah.

Romans 11:26-29 Ungodliness will be removed from Israel.

The gifts and the callings are irrevocable because God is faithful to Covenant.

Jeremiah 31:31-32 He says, “With Judah and with Israel” because the nation is split.

Jeremiah 31:33-34 I will put My law within them, not on stone. Sins remembered no more.

Jeremiah 32:37-40 One heart and one way. Everlasting Covenant with them. The Law was NEVER called an Everlasting Covenant.

Ezekiel 36:24-27 I will bring you into your own land.

Because Israel is dispersed in 70 AD, God is speaking of the remnant which will become the church, not the nation of Israel.

Ezekiel 36:28, 35 God has begun, in the church period, bringing the people back to Israel since 1948 getting the land ready for the Messiah.

Hebrews 10:14-17 The Old Covenant could not make you perfect, so I prepared a body for My Son Jesus. His blood that was shed makes you perfect.

New Covenant began with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and goes all the way to the saving of the nation of Israel. They will believe at the beginning of the Millennium, at the end of the Tribulation.

Israel’s rejection has resulted in our salvation!

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