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General Education Assessment Report – American History

Course: _________________________________ Calendar Year: _____________________

Knowledge and Skills

Areas / Competencies

Learning Outcome



Date of Assessment Semester/Year2



Exceeding Standards


Meeting Standards

Approaching Standards

Not Meeting














Knowledge of a basic narrative of American history: political, economic, social, and cultural, including knowledge of unity and

diversity in American society

Knowledge of common institutions in American society and how

they have affected different groups

Understanding of America’s evolving relationship with rest of world

1 Each student should be counted only once and the four percentages should total 100%. If assessments have taken place across different courses/course sections, data should be aggregated for the purpose of this report.

2 Enter the actual date(s) the assessment took place.

3 Number should represent percentage of the total students enrolled in courses approved as addressing this learning outcome area.

Assessment tool and measure used. Did you use the type of tool (exam questions, assignments, essays, etc.) and measure (quantitative or qualitative) identified in your assessment plan update? If not, please indicate both what you used instead and the rationale for doing so. If more space is needed, you may attach an extra sheet.

Major findings of this assessment:

Action to be taken in addressing these assessment findings:

What has been learned that could be helpful to others as they conduct assessment of General Education:

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