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The following table illustrates course and module outlines for all three courses, to be refined in Year I. Although tentative course titles have been identified as examples, actual instructional content will be determined by the writing teams and developed according to the Wiggins and McTighe Understanding by Design methodology.

Table 2. Draft ATEP Course Topical Outlines (to be refined by development teams)

HS modules can be used as replacement curriculum in science, engineering and technology education, and CTE


Materials and Manufacturing

Information and Communication (ICT)

Module A – The World of Biotechnology

Biotechnological Change

Applying Biotechnology

Core Skills for Biotechnology

Raw Materials for Biotechnology:

DNA and Proteins

Biotechnology as Engineering Science

Product Development


Agricultural Biotechnology

Medicine and Biotechnology

Electronics and Biotechnology

The Future of Biotechnology

Careers in Related Fields

Module B – Chemical Technology

Defining Chemical Technology

Commodities, Polymers, and Feedstock Chemicals

Specialty, Fine Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

Current and Future Chemical Energy Sources

Careers in Related Fields

Module C – Agricultural Technology

From the Green Revolution to the Gene Revolution

Agricultural Engineering Problems and Solutions

Food Processing and Preservation

Careers in Related Fields
Module D – Medical Technology

History of Medical Technology

Diagnosis, Therapeutics, Rehabilitation

Scientific and Technological Medical Research

Technological Advances Applied to Medical Technology

Careers in Related Fields

Module A – Properties and Processing Materials

Types of Materials

Properties of Materials

Strength of Materials

Materials Science and Engineering

Processing Materials

Factors in Selecting Materials

Careers in Related Fields

Module B – Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing as a System

Custom and Mass Production

Quality and Quality Systems

Automated Manufacturing

Nanotechnology Manufacturing – Top Down, Bottom Up

Safety and Ergonomics

Careers in Related Fields

Module C – Automation and Control Systems

Human-Machine Interfaces


Robotics and CIM Systems

Solid Modeling

Statistical Process Control

Next Generation Manufacturing

Careers in Related Fields

Module D – Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Sustainability

Changes in Manufacturing Methods and Processes

Supervisory and Managerial Procedures Used in Industry

Manufacturing A Global Enterprise

Disposability, Environmental Impact

Careers in Related Fields

Module A – Electronic and Computer-Based Communication

Understanding Communication and Computer Systems

Digital Logic, Memory, Architecture

Digital Game Technology

Cellular Technology/Telecom

Satellite Communication and GPS

Society and ICT

Careers in Related Fields

Module B – Data Networking and Communication

Networking Technologies and Cloud Computing

LANs, WANs, Networking Devices

IP Addressing

P to P and Client/Server Networking

Network Operating System Software

File Sharing

Copyright Law

Careers in Related Fields
Module C – System Connectivity


OSI Model

Address Resolution Protocol

Server Performance Considerations

Network Architecture and Topology

Careers in Related Fields
Module D – Behind the Internet Connection

User Needs, Requirements, Expectations

Wireless Technologies

Mobile Computing Devices

Social Networking Tools and Networks

VoIP (video and image) as “game changers”


Securing the Network

Emerging Technologies in ICT

Careers in Related Fields

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