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These figures are compiled quarterly by the Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation for the quarterly cost of living survey. At the beginning of each quarter local retailers, realtors, construction companies, and gas, electric and telephone companies are contacted to determine their prices. The Development Corporation keeps statistical information such as ACCRA on hand for potential prospects and people in the community.


General Index Housing

New York, NY 214.7 391.4

San Fransisco, CA 162.9 271.1

Stamford, CT 143.1 209.2

Boston, MA 130.6 146.7

Seattle, WA 121.7 147.4

Baltimore, MD 120.9 158.1

Flagstaff, AZ 113.3 154.2

St. Paul, MN 107.1 109.2

W. Palm Beach, FL 104.6 113.2

Denver, CO 104.3 106.6

Cheyenne, WY 100.2 109.4

US Average 100.0 100.0

Manhattan, KS 95.7 99.8

Hutchinson, KS 94.4 98.4

Topeka, KS 91.7 80.2

Lawrence, KS 91.4 88.8

Wichita, KS 90.8 83.6

Hays, KS 89.8 82.1

Dodge City, KS 89.6 84.6

Salina, KS 89.2 79.1

Garden City, KS 86.9 76.8


This market basket was specifically designed by ACCRA to measure the retail costs of a fixed quantity of food. During the third quarter of 2009, the following market basket cost $62.62 in Dodge City, compared to an average cost of $66.42, for the over 300 cities surveyed throughout the United States.

1 lb. T-bone steak 1 lb. ground beef

1 lb. pork sausage 1 lb. frying chicken

6 oz. can tuna 1/2 gallon milk

1 doz. Gr. A eggs 1 lb. margarine

1 lb. bananas 1 lb. lettuce

16 oz. loaf bread 12 oz. bag chips

11 oz. coffee 4 lbs. gran sugar

18 oz. box cornflakes 17 oz. can peas

14.5 oz. can tomaatoes 29 oz. can peaches

175 ct. facial tissues 75 oz. dish powder

3 lb. veg. shortening 64 oz. fresh OJ

10 oz. bag froz corn 2 ltr. bottle cola

10 lb. bag potatoes 8 oz. frozen meal

8 oz. parmesan cheese


The average charge for an optometrist in the Dodge City area is $83.00

The average cost for an office visit at a Dodge City area physician is $67.50.
The average cost for an office visit to a dentist in the Dodge City area, including teeth cleaning and inspection is $64.25.


The sales tax rate for the State of Kansas

is 5.3%. In addition, Dodge City levy’s a

1% and Ford County levy’s a 1.65%

sales tax. The combined total sales tax

rate for the City is 7.95%.

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