Corrections Management (Code Black Death) Procedure 2014 (No 1) Notifiable instrument ni2014–528

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Australian Capital Territory

Corrections Management (Code Black - Death) Procedure 2014 (No 1)

Notifiable instrument NI2014–528

made under the

Corrections Management Act 2007, section 14(1) (Corrections policies and operating procedures) and section 15(1) (Exclusion from notified corrections policies and operating procedures)

1 Name of instrument

This instrument is the Corrections Management (Code Black - Death) Procedure 2014 (No 1).

2 Commencement

This instrument commences on the day after it is notified.

3 Operating procedure

I make the

Code Black - Death Procedure

to facilitate the effective and efficient management of correctional services.

Note: The matter contained in this operating procedure has been excluded by the Director-General under section 15(1) of the Corrections Management Act 2007 as the Director-General believes, on reasonable grounds, that the material would be likely to disclose information that may endanger public safety or undermine justice, security or good order at a correctional centre.

4 Revocation

This instrument revokes notifiable instrument NI2007-489.

Bernadette Mitcherson
Executive Director
ACT Corrective Services
21 October 2014

Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel’s Office

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