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1. What is the Eureka Stockade?
2. When the Eureka Stockade take place?
3. History around Eureka Stockade
4. How many people were killed in Eureka Stockade?
5. What were the outcomes of the Eureka Stockade?

What is Eureka Stockade?

The Eureka Stockade was built on the gold field where men and women went to find gold. They paid the police 3 shillings a day and had to show the police their licences 2 times a day to stay on the field to look for gold. Until they got sick of paying and protested and the worst happened.

When did Eureka Stockade take place?

The Eureka Stockade took place in the early 1850s in Ballarat.
History around eureka stockade?

The Eureka stockade was very violent because of the laws set on the gold field. It was declared in August 1851 that there was going to be a new licence system introduced. Police strictly made miners pay for a licence to stay on the field. The miners had to pay a very expensive cost for a gold mining licence. Then in December the government doubled the fee. The reason for this was that the Government was in some financial difficulty. The diggers were so angry that the new fee went up and off the fields it was so overwhelming that the Government had to back down. Many of the miners found it hard to pay the licensing fee as their finds were often not much. A

Number of police were cracking down on a particular area of the gold fields they would arrest any miner who could not immediately display a license. Miners who had left their license in their tent, because the often wet and filthy conditions in the mines could also be arrested. Those found without a license were fined, or even locked up in jail.Many of the gold fields’ police were ex-convicts from Tasmania, who were often inclined to violence in their treatment of the miners.

How many people were killed in Eureka Stockade?

In early October 1854 a Ballarat publican, James Bentley, was charged with the murder of a miner, James Scobie. It was decided that James Bentley was guilty. A meeting of around 5000 miners bitterly attacked the on the decision and the frustrated diggers then had revenge by burning Bentley's hotel to the ground. After this incident, three men were put in jail as they were the leaders of the riot. It was believed that 34 miners and 6 polices were killed in the battle between each other.

The Bentley hotel burning down.

What were the outcomes of the Eureka Stockade?

In 1855, the diggers' demands were now allowed. A law was passed to allow any digger who had a licence to vote. The licence costs one pound a year, instead of 8 pounds a year. The powerful position of Gold was replaced by a system of police. The Ballarat miners had eight representatives in the Victorian Government. Today there is a suburb in Melbourne named after a digger called Peter Lalor.

~By Izzy Winter~

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