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Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming Deputy Head Teacher at our school. I hope this information pack will help you with your decision to apply.
We are all very proud of our school. Everyone works as part of a team and are supportive of each other. We are totally committed to the children’s education and well being.
We pride ourselves on the achievements we have made in all areas of the school. As a staff we are forward thinking, open to new ideas and take a measured approach in our desire to develop the school further in terms of the curriculum, pastorally and the facilities.
Enclosed with this pack is our last Ofsted Report, January 2007, so there is either an Ofsted looming this term or it will be in the first term the successful candidate is with us. Please do not let this news discourage you. As a school we have addressed the issues they raised and are confident that this hard work will be recognised.
Our children are articulate, enthusiastic and have a desire to learn. They respond well to new challenges, ideas and activities, which makes developing a more creative curriculum so rewarding.
The successful applicant will be class based and for the first two terms taking the January Reception class. We are not necessarily looking for someone who is an Early Years Specialist, but they must have knowledge of the developments in this area and have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching the younger children. As part of our ongoing commitment to CPD, support/training would be given if teaching in Reception is new to you.
Our Governing Body is very supportive of the school and has a genuine commitment to the well being of the staff in both their personal and professional lives.
We are committed to working closely with parents as we believe this is the best way to achieve a child’s full potential. Parents are supportive and help in many ways. We have an excellent parent association called the Friends of St. George’s, who raise much needed money for the extras that just cannot come from the main budget. They also support events that the school is running .
The working relationship of the Head Teacher and Deputy Head is of paramount importance to the running of the school; so if you would like an informal discussion about the role before making a visit, I would be more than pleased to talk to you. Visits to the school are considered essential for any application. . Appointments can be made through the school office.
Yours sincerely,
Valerie Carrier

Head Teacher

Introduction to this appointment

  1. This appointment is due to the retirement of a long serving deputy head who retired in March of this year.

  2. You are invited to submit an application using the enclosed form, together with a letter supporting your application. In your supporting statement you should identify how your experience and personal qualities meet our requirements as set out in the job description and the Person Specification.

Please note we will not accept curriculum vitae. Only the application form and the supporting letter will be considered.

  1. Key Dates

    • Closing date for applications Monday 5th October

    • Short listing of applicants Wednesday 7th October

    • Lesson Observation TBA week of 1/10/09

    • Interviews PM Monday 19th October

Those candidates selected for the short list will be contacted as soon as possible by telephone and then formally in writing.

  1. Completed application forms should be returned to the head Teacher at the school:-

` St. George’s C.E. Primary School

Tylney Road,



5) Please contact the school office on 0208460-4266 to make an appointment too view the school or to discuss the position

About Our school

Our School

Our school was first opened on this site in 1869, but the old buildings were almost completely destroyed during World War 11. Our present buildings consist of the main Key Stage 2 block, which was opened in 1955 and anew Key Stage 1 block, which was built during 1991.

We have playgrounds at the rear, and access toot he The Widmore Centre field for sports activities.

St. George’s is a Church School and we value our links with St. George’s Church. Although we are a church school children we welcome children from other denominational backgrounds.

Ethos Statement

Recognising its historic foundation, this Church of England Controlled Primary School will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England, as reflected in the tradition of the local parish and in partnership with the Church at deanery and diocesan level.

Aims of the School

As an essential part of the Christian ethos of our school, we aim for the highest academic standards and to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of each child.

We ensure as far as possible, that each child should achieve fully his or her potential at each stage of development.

Our school focuses first on literacy and Numeracy skills, as these are fundamental to the self esteem of the child and to the future of all learning in every respect of the curriculum.

As a primary school it is part of our task to prepared children for secondary education, and the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Our distinctly Christian ethos does not make us exclusive, but we do seek to apply the commandment “Love your neighbour as yourself” to school life. We would wish to affirm and value the traditions of those who are not Christian. We see the collective act of worship and the termly School Eucharist as important aspects of our School life.

We believe our aims can be achieved by:-

-Being a community of learners.

-Using a cohesive approach to learning.

-Promoting traditional values alongside new idea.

-Having informed, realistic expectations of children

-Using all available resources effectively

-Regular communication with parents and members of the wider community.

We are a one and a half form entry school, taking in 45 children in Reception, through two intakes – September and January. At KS1, class sizes do not exceed 30 children. In both key stages we have straight and mixed classes between two year groups. All classes are based on age not ability.

We organise our schemes of work on a two year cycle to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum.

Reception has been a child centred curriculum and we implement transition from Reception to Yr. 1. During the summer holiday of 2009, the Reception outdoor area was improved, the continuation of these improvements is a priority for us this year.

The School Day

The gates open at 8.30am and there is supervision from this time

School starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3.25pm

The morning session for Reception and K.S1 is 8.55am to 11.55am and for K.S2 8.55am to 12.15pm

Afternoon Session

1.20pm to 3.25pm


We have 260 children on roll as of October 2009

We have children from 22 ethnic backgrounds, with the majority being represented by one child. Polish & Turkish children are the largest groups with 3 and 4 children respectively. We have 43 bi-lingual children, the majority being fluent in both languages.

We have 32 children on the SEN register.

Enclosed is information on Foundation stage, K.S.1 and K.S. 2 results.

Philosophy & Teaching

Our aim is to encourage children to develop independence and their natural abilities in all areas of school life and take a pride in their achievements. We emphasise trying to do our best, being kind and tolerant of others and their views. We have a positive behaviour policy and children are encouraged to follow The Golden Rules which are displayed in the corridor.

We are developing the curriculum to be more creative and to include using the outdoors more. We have always placed an importance on first hand experience and incorporate trips and visitors to the school to enrich the curriculum

St. George’s values The Arts. We have an Arts Day every term when the whole school works on a theme which has an emphasis on art, or drama or music or a combination. Sometimes this day is supported by an outside visitor, at other times it is purely school led. We currently have three choirs – an infant choir, a junior choir and a Chamber Choir. We actively look for events for the choirs to sing at, these maybe in school, at outside concerts or at special services at St. George’s Church. At Christmas we have two musical productions and every other year 5/6 put on a production at the end of the year.

We value Sport and have various after school and before school clubs including football, basketball, judo, gymnastics, multi skills, cross country etc.

We also have a variety of other out of school clubs, including cookery, environmental, gardening, philosophy etc.

Our chosen modern foreign language is Spanish. This has been taught in Yrs. 5& 6 for three years and has been extended throughout the school from September. We have links with Spanish schools in Spain; we have had visits from Spanish teachers in June and some teachers have visited Spain and worked in a school for a week. I have also been to Spain to see how they approach the teaching of English
School Improvement Priorities for 2009-2010

  • To continue to raise standards in Maths and Science

  • To further develop APP in Maths – AT1 & number in Autumn Term and Reading in the Spring Term.

  • To develop provision for the more able children.

  • To develop the Reception outside learning area.


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