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Cezary Kukło, On Andrzej Wyrobisz - historian and teacher 5


Aleh Dziarnovich„ Two Queens and a "black legend" of Italians

(The problem of cross-cultural contacts in the Renaissance) 9

Nina Zielińska, Volhynia during the Polish-Bolshevik war - people 's attitudes

and reactions 19

Małgorzata Dajnowicz, Lithuanian affair in Polish and International opinion

as presented in "Yilnius Newspaper" in 1920 31

Grzegorz Zackiewicz, The Vilnius events from November 1931

in the commentaries of the-then Polish press 41

Yitalija Stravinskiene, Polish population of the East and South-east Lithuania

as seen by the Soviet security services in 1944-1953 57

Aleh Hardziyenka, Belarusian emigration's church split in the second half

ofthe 1940s 73

Anna Pyżewska, The Social-Cultural Society ofJews in Białystok (1950-1970) .. 83 Joanna Sadowska, Chernobyl — various aspects of the memory of the greatfear 95

Tatiana Badiukowa, Anna Ustiugowa, The main directions of the historical
studies in the scientific Journal "Yestnik of the Yanka Kupala State
University of Grodno (2007-2011)"


Dzianis Liseichykau, Everyday life of Uniate parish priest on Belarusian-

Lithuanian lands (1720-1839) 135

Critical essays, reviews and notes 145

Scientific Chronicie 197

In memoriam 231

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