Constitution (revised 12. 10. 2006)

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Constitution (revised 12.10.2006)

Constitution of the Association of European Athletics Meetings Organizers

The European Meeting Directors who were present at the meeting in Vienna on February 25th, 1979, have decided to form an association under the name EUROMEETINGS and to adopt the following rules:

  1. Objectives

The purposes of the Association shall be:

    • To promote co-operation and exchange of views in the field of organizing international athletics meetings.

    • To co-operate with the international federations, i.e. the European Athletic Association (EAA) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) on the preparation of rules, regulations and guidelines which could affect the athletics meetings in Europe.

  1. Membership

Eligible for membership in EUROMEETINGS are all organisers of European athletic meetings which have been on international level for at least three years. Applications for membership shall be forwarded to the Board of EUROMEETINGS no later than 1 month before the General assembly, which will submit these applications to the members. The admission of a new member requires the simple majority of the members and the payment of an annual membership fee.
Membership ends:

  • by notice (which must be given in writing by the end of a year);

  • by exclusion. Reasons for exclusion are:

  1. Bodies

3.1 General assembly of the members

3.2 Board

All positions and functions of officers are honorary. However, expenses incurred in the interest of EUROMEETINGS may be compensated.
The term of office of the Board shall be four years ending with new elections.
Minutes shall be kept of all meetings and all decisions shall be entered in the minutes. All decisions of bodies shall be confidential if not explicitly meant for publication.
The general assembly shall preferably be held during international meetings, championships, Olympic Games or congresses of the international federations.
The board of EUROMEETINGS is authorized to negotiate with the IAAF, the EAA and all managers’ groups or any other bodies or groups involved in sport of athletics and to take decisions or to make commitments on behalf of the members. Wording to be clarified (2 votes against this sentence)
.Each member shall have one vote. Non-members may on the proposal of the Board, be invited to attend the meetings without being eligible to vote.
3.1 General assembly

The general assembly shall be held every year and will be organised by the Board. Invitations shall be extended to the members at least 1 month before. The language will be English.

The following points should always be on the agenda:

3.2 Board

The Board shall consist of

The office of the vice-president may be combined with any other office.

If a vacancy arises during a term of office, the Board shall have the power to appoint a substitute for the rest of the term. The confirmation for this appointment shall be given during the next general assembly.


All elections for the Board shall take place at the general assembly by simple majority.

Re-election is permitted.

In principle EUROMEETINGS shall be represented by the president.

In the absence of the president, the vice-president shall represent EUROMEETINGS.

In administrative matters the honorary secretary shall have the power to sign.

The address of EUROMEETINGS shall be that of the honorary secretary.

  1. Membership Fees

The general assembly shall fix the annual membership fee to be paid by each member.

Only one fee will be demanded for those members organizing more than one meeting. The fees shall be collected by the office.

All members shall bear all expenses themselves when attending meetings of EUROMEETINGS. The Board may waive the payment of a fee due by a member.

  1. Statement of Accounts

The Board shall give a statement of accounts at each general assembly.

  1. Alteration of Constitution

Decisions to alter the Constitution require a 2/3 majority of the members present at the general assembly or any meeting decided by the members.

  1. Liquidation

The liquidation of EUROMEETINGS requires a 2/3 majority of all its members present at the general assembly. The assets of EUROMEETINGS in this case shall be given to the European Athletic Association (EAA) to support youth athletics in Europe.

  1. Coming into Force

Effective day of this agreement shall be March 1st, 1979 and renewed on (date to be confirmed once new constitution accepted)

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