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Constitution – Radiology Interest Group
Article I, Section 1 – Name: Radiology Interest Group at the Ohio State University

Section 2 – Purpose: To provide Medical Students at the Ohio State University

with a forum to learn about and discuss Radiology as a career and a

medical discipline.

Section 3 – This organization and its members shall not discriminate against any

individual(s) for reasons of age, color, disability, gender identity or

expression, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or

veteran status.

Article II – Membership – Voting membership is limited to Ohio State Students.
Article III – Leadership - the student leadership of the club is limited to the President

(who oversees the club activities and primarily communicates

with the faculty advisor), the Vice-President (who assists the

President) and the Treasurer (who oversees financial issues,

such as setting up the Group bank account and applying for


These leaders will be chosen as follows:

1. Treasurer is elected by the club members in the fall, ideally

from amongst the incoming first year medical students.

2. In the late spring the current President and Vice-President will decide if the current treasurer should take the President

position for the next year. If this is decided to be the case and

the current treasurer accepts, then he or she will becomet the

President for the next year. If either the current

President/Vice-President do not agree to this transition, or if

the current Treasurer declines, then a new President will be

elected ideally from the first year medical students by the

group membership.

3. The Vice-President will be elected (again, ideally from the first

year medical students) by the voting members of the club in

the late spring when the new President is chosen.

4. All terms last 1 year.
Article V – Standing Committees – the three student leaders make up the Executive

Committee and thus make all group decisions and event

Article VI - Advisors – Advisors must be full-time faculty at Ohio State University.

Ideally they will be practicing Radiologists who can serve as a

contact point for the Department of Radiology as well as provide

lectures at some of our meetings. The Executive Committee will

meet with the advisor every few months for guidance.
Article VII – Meetings – This group shall meet 4 times a year. 3 of the meetings will be

lunchtime meetings in which club business will be conducted and

lectures on Radiology delivered. A fourth meeting will be an

annual dinner held for students and interested Radiology Faculty.

This will serve as an informal way to learn about the field and

make contacts.

Article VIII- Amendments – should it be necessary to amend this constitution one of the student leaders will propose the amendment (in writing) at a group

meeting and ¾ of those voting members present (at least 12 must be

present to vote) must agree to it in order for it to pass.
Article IX – Dissolution – This organization shall dissolve only if there is not sufficient

student and faculty leadership (3 student leaders and 1 faculty advisor) due

to lack of interest. If this occurs any funds remaining shall be returned to

the Ohio State University. It is the intent of this organization to never

function indebt. If debts should become a problem at time of dissolution,

the student leadership will need to find a way to raise the necessary funds,

as per the guidelines given by the Ohio State University. Once financial

matters have been arranged the Group bank account shall be closed and the

University notified of our intent to dissolve.

Article I – Parliamentary Authority – The President shall preside over the Group and

Committee Meetings (or the Vice-President in the Presidents absence).

Robert’s Rules of Order will be used. The rules therein shall govern the

organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not

inconsistent with the other by-laws herein contained.

Article II – Membership – to become a voting member of the Group, an Ohio State Student must simply express their interest to join to one of the student leaders.

They shall remain members until they leave the University, express interest to a

leader to withdraw or if they miss more than 2 consecutive group meetings.

There is no due or fee.

Article III – Elections – as outlined in Article III of the Constitution. A student interested

in becoming a leader must appear during the fall (Treasurer) or Spring

(President/Vice-President) meeting and be nominated by a fellow member. If

that nomination is seconded, the student will give a 1-2 minute explanation of

their desire for office. When all the candidates have had their say, all voting

group members will put their heads down with eyed closed and indicate their

preferences as instructed by the current President (who may add his/her vote

to the totals) who will preside over the election. The Faculty advisor will also

verify totals. The elected will be he/she that received the most votes for the

given office. If the current Treasurer is to take the office of the President as

outlined in Article III of the Constitution, that exchange will take place at the

close of the spring meeting after the new elections are completed.

Article IV -Advisor – the advisor will meet with the Executive Committee every few

months and help plan the meetings. The advisor will be a contact point for

the Radiology Department and will help arrange speakers. The advisor

should be at each of the 4 group meetings, but will not be expected to

perform financial tasks or other logistics such as reserving a room, etc. If

the advisor would like to assist with those things, it shall be granted.

Article V – Meeting Requirements – any meeting at which voting will take place needs a

minimum of 12 students present. If the required number is not present, voting will be postponed until a later meeting. Non-voting meetings have no minimal attendance.

Article VI – Amending bylaws – if the above, or the methods exemplified in Robert’s

Rules of order are deemed incompatible with the Group’s needs, the

President may initiate (alone or by encouragement of the club members) a

vote to amend the by-laws. A simple majority of those present must agree

to pass.

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