Connecticut 1692. Bridgeport M&MC

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1692. Bridgeport M&MC. Inc. in WA. Cert #209, issued to George W. Hall for 500 shares in 1892. Signed by pres. Frank L. Rogers and sec. E.E. Wheeler. Datelined Bridgeport. Bridgeport, Connecticut in embossed seal. Vignette at left of miners working underground, with one miner calling up to top of shaft for ore bucket to be drawn up. Striking certificate with green border and light red safety/underprint and fancy masthead. Printer – Homer Lee Bank Note. Uncancelled. 12 x 8 1/2. XF. We could not find reference to this company in our library. It could possibly be a Bridgeport stone mine. Est. $50-100

1693. Hartford. Bristol. Bristol Copper Mine Report, 1855 by Professors B. Silliman and John D. Whitney. The original cover is gone and the book has been rebound in a marbleized cardboard. A quick read of the report suggests that this was written as a promotional tool to sell shares in the Bristol Mining Co. At the end of the report is included the By-Laws of the Company which was formed in 1849. Within, the report, it is shown that from 1847-1855, nearly $500,000 was spent on the mine with only a $200,000 return. The geologists writing this report, after completing their investigation, suggest that there is nearly $1 million worth of ore left in the ground. The assays indicate as much as 20% Copper. Impressive, even compared to the immense modern day copper deposits of South America where high grade is 6%. The mine property was located just four miles from Bristol. Professor Silliman was a well respected “Mine Expert” of the East. John Whitney went on to become the Chief Geologist in California authoring many papers on the geology of the State. Very fine. Est. $250-500

1694. Hartford. Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad Co., 1853. Incorporated in Connecticut. $1000 Mortgage and Convertible Bond, cert #1052. Signed by James W. Bunce president and E. M. Gorwich secretary. Small vignette at top center of the Connecticut State Seal(?). Full length vignette at left edge of an early steam train pulling two passenger cars and a luggage car. Black border and print with green seal. Cancelled by purple rubber stamp of “City of Hartford, 1878, Paid and Satisfied by the New York & New England Railroad Co.” Only three coupons remain of the original 32. Reverse has two rubber stamps indicated interest dividends for 1865, 1866. Printer - Press of Case, Tiffany & Co, Hartford, Conn. There is no listing for this lot within Whaco. Very fine. Est. $1000-Up

1695. Real photo post card of hydraulic gun in an open pit along the Connecticut river. Xf. Dated 1907. Sharp view, fold at upper right, no real harm. Est $25-50


1696. General. Standard Mines &MC. Inc. in SD, 1902. Cert #2648, issued to Clarence Glanding for 500 shares in 1903. Signed by pres. John W. Cosloy and sec. Geo. D. Robertson. Vignette at top of mill site at river’s edge; two small circular vignettes at left and right of underground scenes. Green border, seal and underprint. Datelined New York City. Printer – William R. Ficke (Goes style certificate). Two folds, tears to tops and bottoms of folds, uncancelled. Very fine. Unable to find reference to this company in our library. Est. $25-50

1697. Lawrence. Black Hills. Great Eastern GMC of NY. Inc. in NY. Cert #4295, issued to W.B. Warren for 100 shares in 1880. Signed by pres. E.A. Farmington and sec. Silas C. Hay. Great vignette at center of hoisting works with several miners working nearby and mine buildings in background. Small vignette at bottom of a woman wearing a plumed helmet. Black border and print. Datelined New York. “Property Located at Black Hills, Lawrence County, South Dakota” printed on certificate. Printer – ABN. 11 1/2 x 8. Uncancelled. Several creases and wrinkles. Very fine. Lawrence County was touted by Burchard, 1883 (p434) as “possessing the most important mines in the Black Hills.” Est. $150-3001698. Lawrence. Branch Mint M&MC. Incorporated in South Dakota, issued Philadelphia, 1903. $500 first mortgage gold bond. 10 x 14. Printed in blue ink. Uncancelled, though no coupons remain. Underground mining vignette in blue at top center. Signed by J. D. Hardin as president and E. M. Taylor as secretary. Extremely fine. The mine is in the Deadwood area in Bear Butte Canyon. Other nearby mines include the Red Cloud, Richmond-Sitting Bull and Florence. The ore trends northeast and dips steeply to the north. Silver was the chief product, carried in the galena, but gold occurs as a byproduct, chiefly from the pyrite. Horn silver was reported. It is unknown if J. Hardin was one of the sons of John Wesley Hardin, famous western outlaw. Hardin was the mine manager and/or owner of at least five different mining companies at the same time. Four of them bore his name. Most were in Two Bit, a mining camp in Lawrence County. Many of the Dakota mines had names playing off the gold coin theme, such as Branch Mint (here), Gold Coin, Gold Dollar, Golden Harvest, Gold Dust, Legal Tender, and so on. Very attractive. (Ref: Poole, Connolly & O’Harra, Allsman) Est. $35-50

1699. Lawrence. Deadwood. Two Deadwood postcards. 2 post card views of this gold mining camp that today is a gaming area. One shows the Deadbroke Mining Co. site, the other is of a downtown scene of Deadwood. Circa 1908-1930. Est $20-40

1700. Lawrence. Lead. Circa 1908 Postcards of Lead, SD or mining activities there. Lot of 4: 1.) colorized, scenes of the town with mill in background; 2.) colorized, placer mining; 3.) colorized, tier of railroads; 4.) b&w, Ellison Hoist. F-VF. Est $35-75

1701. Lawrence. Lead. Double Standard Mining Co. Incorporated in Dakota, 1887. Issued to M. Chapman for 5110 shares, cert #137, in 1888. Signed by G. G. Bennett president and H. E. May secretary. No vignette. Pink border with blue and pink print. Cancelled by rubber stamp of same across certificate. Printer not noted. 5 x 9. Extremely fine. Est. $50-100

1702. Lawrence. Lead. Homestake Mine, five post card views of underground operations. All by W.B. Perkins. All Flash Light photographs of underground workings: 1.) men operating drill; 2.) train loading from chute; 3.) pumping machinery; 4.) old way of drilling and new; 5.) Star station and motor. Fine –vf. Circa 1908. Est $50-75

1703. Lawrence. Lead. Homestake Mine, lot of 9 post card views, c1907-1920 of mining activity at the Homestake mine. Two are underground views, 2 mill scenes, and the rest are various shots of surface workings. F-vf. Est $75-150

1704. Lawrence. Lead. Hose Company No 1, Lead, South Dakota, Exempt Membership Certificate, 1903. This certificate was issued to Charles N. Varney in 1903 commemorating his 7th year of service in the Hose Company. This honor comes with the special privilege of exemption from serving in the military or jury duty except in time of rebellion, insurrection or invasion. Vignette at top center of two fire hydrants with hose attached and the words “Ever Ready”. Vignette at top left of an old style hydrant. Vignette at bottom center of a fireman blowing a bugle. Gilt seal with blue ribbon at lower left. 16 x 20. No fold creases. Staining along upper left edge of what appears to be glue marks. Extremely fine. Est. $100-200

1705. Lawrence. Lead. Real photo card of the workings of the Homestake. Circa 1920, xf. Good clarity. Est $25-50

1706. Lawrence. Lead. Real photo post card of underground miners at Lead, possibly at the Homestake mine, circa 1920. Vf. Est $25-50

1707. Lawrence. Lead. Views of the Homestake mine, lot of 13 postcards. Wide variety of postcard dates, c 1907-1930. All but one are scenes of the associated buildings. One shot of twin drifts, dated 1912. All vf. Est $75-1501708. Lawrence. Lead City. Oro Hondo MC. Inc. in SD, 1902. Cert #684, issued to G.H. Rebenold for 50 shares in 1902. Signed by pres. James B. Orman and sec. Geo. D. Begole. Spread-winged bald eagle vignette at top left with “Oro Hondo” at top of it. Fancy brown border, black print and gilt seal and safety print. “Mines at Lead City, South Dakota” printed on certificate. Datelined Denver. Printer – C.F. Hoeckel, Denver. 12 x 8 1/2. Folds. Uncancelled. XF . Located in the same district as the famous Homestake mine. Est. $50-100

1709. Lawrence. Ruby Basin. Ruby Bell G&SMC. Incorporated in Dakota. Issued to D. La Chapelle for 500 shares, cert #292, in 1888. Signed by Seth Bullock president and secretary. Vignette of a miner set in light blue print in underprint. Brown and blue border with blue underprint. Cancelled by red pen of same. Printer- Times Steam Printing House, Deadwood. Place of Business, Deadwood, Dak. printed on certificate. Location of Mines: Ruby Basin, Dakota printed on certificate. Seth Bullock (1847-1919) was first sheriff of Deadwood, having been appointed by the governor. When he ceased being sheriff in 1878, he became involved in mining ventures. In 1884, when President Roosevelt visited the Dakotas, Bullock established a life-long friendship with him (Thrapp, 1988). Extremely fine. $200-400

1710. Lawrence. Ruby Basin. Ruby Bell G&SMC. Incorporated in Dakota. Issued to John Gray for 2500 shares, cert #189, in 1888. Signed by Seth Bullock president and M. O. Shields secretary. Vignette in blue underprint of a miner with a pickaxe. Blue and brown border with blue underprint. Location of mines: Ruby Basin, Dakota. Place of Business, Deadwood, Dakota. Cancelled by red pen of same written over signatures. Printer - Times Steam Printing House, Deadwood. 6 x 9. Trimmed tight at left edge. Fold creases. Very fine. Est. $200-400

1711. Lawrence. Two Bit. Hercules Gold Mining Co. Cert.#1192. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1897. Issued to J. A. Pritchett for 400 shares in 1898. Signed by president John Walker and secretary W. B. Jackson. Vignette of underground mining scene at left. Six small vignettes throughout black border. Gilt seal. Printer may be under two 4 cent document stamps. 8” x 10”. Xf. Hercules MC listed in Poole, 1898, in Two Bit, Lawrence County, South Dakota. This company employed 12 men and produced gold. (Ref; Poole, 1898, p736.) Est. $25-75

1712. Lawrence. Whitehead. Homestake Mining Co Annual Report, 1976. This special edition marking the 100th year of operation has a gold front cover with a picture of Deadwood in 1876. There several photographs of the early days of the Homestake Mine. Commemorative and collectable. Extremely fine. Est. $25-75

1713. Lawrence. Whitewood. Homestake MC. Second issue style certificate. Cert.# 2661. Incorporated in California in 1877. Issued W. Brenton Welling, Trustee for 15 shares in 1881. Cancelled by rubber stamp marks. Signed by president J.B. Haggin. Vignette of two Indians on hill, overlooking civilization. Black border. Printed by the American Bank Note Co. In 1877, George Hearst, along with J.B. Haggin and Lloyd Tevis (President of Wells Fargo & Co.) bought a group of mines at Lead, SD, which became the Homestake Mine. The Hearst group rapidly built the Homestake empire by buying claims including and surrounding the Manuel Mining Claim. For more a more detailed history of the Homestake, see the Alexandra Tilson Filer, Auction III catalog. 7” x 10 1/2”. Vf. Est. $75-150

1714. Lawrence. Whitewood. Homestake Mining Co. Third issue. Cert.#4513. Incorporated in California in 1877. Issued to Henry Dayton, Administrator for 10 shares in 1885. Cancelled by rubber stamp marks. Signed by president J. B. Haggin. Vignette of two Indians on hill, overlooking civilization. Black border and blue and black underprint. Printed by the American Bank Note Co. In 1877, George Hearst, along with J.B. Haggin and Lloyd Tevis (President of Wells Fargo & Co.) bought a group of mines at Lead, SD, which became the Homestake Mine. The Hearst group rapidly built the Homestake empire by buying claims including and surrounding the Manuel Mining Claim. For a more detailed history of the Homestake, see the Alexandra Tilson Filer, Auction III catalog. 7” x 10 1/2”. Vf. Est. $75-150.

1715. Minnehaha. Sioux Falls & Onio. Covers and Letters Collection, 1911-1930. Lot of 73 pcs. All are addressed to Della Green in either Sioux Falls, SD or Onio, ND. Fine to Very fine. Est. $200-400OACAMA
1716. Oacoma. General Manganese Corp. Cert.#3495. Incorporated in Delaware in 1928. Issued to Frederick W. Franchere for 20 shares in 1931. Signed by Leite and secretary Miller. Vignette of spread-winged bald eagle atop globe. Brown border. Printed by Goes. 8 1/4” x 10 3/4”. Xf. Reports on the district indicated a manganiferous content of 25 to 40 lb per cu. Yd. Of shale at February 1930 prices of 60¢ to 90¢. Because of the cost of chemical recovery of the manganese, it was not certain as to the profit at prevailing prices of manganese. (Ref: Rand Sturgis, 1924, pp.1770-71). Est. $25-50

1717. Pennington(?). Black Hills. Cheyenne Consolidated Mining Co. Incorporated in New York, 1880. Issued to F. V. Welling for 100 shares, cert #294, in 1881. Signed by G. M. Jetten president and R. M. Wright secretary. Vignette of two men operating a hand crank hoist over a shaft. Black border. Uncancelled. Printer - John S. Hudin, NY. 7 x 11. Two pin holes near left edge. Very fine. Est. $100-200

1718. Pennington. Keystone. Tykoon MC of Keystone, South Dakota. Cert.#526. Incorporated in South Dakota. Issued to Miss Lucia Holuces for 325 shares in 1902. Signed by president E.J. Bealer. Vignette of Abraham Lincoln in masthead. Green border and underprint. This company was so obscure that it is not listed in any of our classic references. The Keystone district is on Battle Creek, 23 miles southwest of Rapid City. In more modern times it has been the site of fantastic mineral collecting in the pegmatites. The district was discovered in 1875, around the time of the Homestake. Gold and tin were mined there through the 1880’s, however, the Tykoon was most active around the turn of the century. In 1902, Sanford stated “The Tykoon mine is rapidly being developed under wise management.” It had a ten stamp mill that was “soon to be greatly enlarged.” The mine may have been purchased by the Homestake. (Ref: Sanford, Connolly & O’Harra). Xf, folds. Est. $250-350.


1719. Florida Souvenir Pieces. Lot of 10. 4 Fold-out souvenir postcards from Florida (3-Miami, 1-St. Augustine); 5 postcards from St. Augustine, and Daytona; Florida Tourist Book. All are relatively fine. Tourist book has large rip in cover, fold-outs are very nice. Est. $50-100


1720. Australia. Melbourne. Broken Hill South LTD Document Archive, 200+ pages, 1904-1949. Most of these documents are from the 1920’s and deal with stock transfers and general mining business with other related items. Too many papers to list. Fine to very fine. Est. $75-200

1721. Brazil. Brazilian Diamond, Gold & Developing Co. of the US. Cert.#1253. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1903. Signed by president Nicoloy A. Greostad and secretary O.E. Ray. Vignette of spread-winged bald eagle atop globe. Black border. Printed by Goes. Vf, some foxing along bottom edge, folds. Datelined Chicago, IL. 9” x 11 1/4”. We could not find reference to this company in our library, but most likely this company exploited diamond mines in Brazil. Est. $25-75

1722. British Columbia. British Columbia Mining Stock Collection, 1910-1941. Lot of 6 pcs. All are issued and uncancelled. Quesnelle Hydraulic Gold Mining Co, issued 1910 with a vignette of two nozzles washing a hillside, green border and underprint. Quesnelle Hydraulic Co, 1911 Bond, green border and safety print, no vignette. Caribou Cobalt Mines Co, issued 1913, vignette at bottom center of a caribou head, green border. Nechako River Mines, Inc, issued 1918, no vignette, green border and seal with blue reverse, two identical certificates, both have adhesive revenue stamps. Keewatin Exploration Ltd, issued 1941, no vignette, orange border and safety print. Very fine. Est. $75-1501723. British Columbia. Cariboo. Grubstake Agreement, 1862. John J. Reily agrees to grubstake Thos. J. Smallfield by paying half of all of Smallfield’s expenses from the moment he left Victoria “in the prospecting for such gold claim or claims,” in the Cariboo district. Cariboo was discovered in the 1850’s roughly concurrently with the Fraser River gold rush. Black ink manuscript on blue paper. 7.5 x 10. Several spots affect paper. The spotting resembles bleach on dark colored clothes. Fine to very fine. Est. $100-200

1724. British Columbia. Cariboo. Moorehead Mines Inc, Reports, 1933. There is a three page description of the properties owned by the company. These include the Moorehead mine located in the Quesnel Mining Division within the Cariboo Mining district. The second property is the Golden Leaf mine located in Tuolumne County, CA. The lot includes a letter to the stockholders 1933 and a geologic report on the Moorehead Mine by Erle Annes, 1933. The company’s lifespan falls within the gaps of our library. Very fine. Est. $50-100

1725. British Columbia. Phoenix. Dominion Copper Co, Limited. Incorporated in British Columbia, 1899. Issued to Arthur Walker Reid for 5 shares, cert #E1335, in 1906. Signed by Warner Miller president and L. Herrmann secretary. Vignette of four miners working at the surface. Orange border and underprint. Uncancelled. Printer - American Bank Note. 8 x 12. Includes a 5/10 fractional scrip certificate issued and signed by same above. The Scrip has no vignette with brown border. Printer - Broun-Green Co, NY. Uncancelled. 6 x 10. Small pin holes at upper right corner on both pieces. The company was reorganized in 1906 with a new stock issuance. The company owned a 75% interest in the Montreal & Boston Cons. Mining & Smelting Co, Ltd. Property included the Phoenix, Deadwood, Wellington and Summit camps. At the end of 1907, there were nearly 8,200 feet of new openings with production of 2.9 million pounds of copper, 42,000 ounces of silver and 10,000 ounces of gold realizing in excess of $820,000. The profit for that year was only $80,000 though. In the Copper Handbook (1908, p. 634) Weed suggests from his own calculations that the cost per pound of copper produced was 13.5 cents and not the reported 8 cents, drastically changing the true profit. In June, 1908, the company failed to make an interest payment of $24,000 and was covered by the wealthier stockholders. By October, the company was placed into receivership. “…reorganization seems obligatory.” By 1910, the company was dead in bankruptcy. Extremely fine. Est. $75-150

1726. British Columbia. Slocum. Standard Silver-Lead Mining Co. Incorporated in Washington 1910. Issued to Miss Rosalie Samson for 300 shares, cert #A10558, in 1949. Rubber stamp signatures. Vignette of a mountainous scene with primitive roads and a stream. Light green border and underprint. Uncancelled. 9 x 12. This company initially owned property near Slocum Lake in British Columbia which offered rich silver ore. In 1912, the company posited a $500,000 profit which was paid out in dividends. By 1949, the company controlled the Slocum Mining Co. Also, the Standard Silver Lead MC only owned property in Montana. (Mines Handbook, 1918, 1523-24; Mines Register, 1949). Minor staining (foxing) along edges. Fold creases. Very fine. Est. $20-40

1727. British Columbia. Tacoma Co. Inc. in WA. Cert #1816, issued to J.H. King for 100 shares in 1902. Signed by pres. Henry Huntt Jr. and asst. sec. W.R. Andrews. Very attractive certificate. Vignette at top left of six miners underground, which is incorporated into a fancy masthead. In each corner is a small vignette of an arm and hammer, and at each side is a small vignette of miner wielding a pick. Green paper with darker green border, black print, gold underprint and safety print and gold seal. At the bottom of the seal is: “Tacoma, Wash.” Datelined Tacoma, Wash. Printer – not noted. Uncancelled. 11 x 8 1/2. The mine office was located at Van Anda, Texada Island, B.C. The lands included 640 acres, “crown-granted”, carrying gold and iron ore, located on Texada Island. They also owned the Marble Bay mine on Texada Island which consisted of 4,000 acres of coking-coal lands in Washington, 208 acres of iron ore lands on Redondo Island, B.C., a gold-copper mine at Darrington, Snohomish County, Washington and 7,000 acres of Washington timber lands. The principal property is the Marble Bay mine, about a quarter mile from the Van Anda. The $200,000 price of the mine was said to be paid from ore extracted in 1902-1904. Ore shipments were 6,370 tons in 1902 and about 15,000 tons in 1903. Ore was originally shipped to various points, but later went to Tacoma solely. The Marble Bay mine had a 600’ shaft with values holding, if not increasing, at depth. Ores were slightly auriferous and argentiferous bornite and chalcopyrite, averaging perhaps 5% to 6% copper, 2 oz. Silver and $1 gold per ton. Had steam power and a 150-ton concentrator, with shipping wharves and ore bunkers on Sturt Bay connected with the mine by an aerial tram. It appears that the company became the Tacoma Steel Co. by 1912-13. (Ref: Copper Hdbk, 1905, pp746-747; 1912-13, p855.) Est. $75-150
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