Conflicts and Peace – Ireland and Northern Ireland

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Conflicts and Peace – Ireland and Northern Ireland

Chapter 5 p. 104 – 129

Film ” The Boxer”
Duration: week 9 –?
Competance aims:

The aims are that the pupil shall be able to:

What’s to be learned:

  • The background to the conflict in Northern Ireland – what is it about?

  • How the conflict has influenced the lives in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

  • Violation of human rights in Northern Ireland

  • The situation today – have they solved the conflict and put an end to the terrorist attacks?

Things to do:

  • Table for key words

  • Read, talk and discuss

  • Timeline

  • PowerPoint presentation

  • Watch “ The Boxer”

Homework will be given on your ”ukeplan”!

New words:

  • Sinn Fein

  • IRA

  • Republic of Ireland

  • Northern Ireland

  • Catholic

  • Protestant

  • Nationalist/Republican

  • Unionist/Loyalist

  • Easter Rising (1916)

  • War of Independence (1919– 21)

  • Civil War (1922-23)

  • Partition

  • The Troubles (1969-98)

  • Power-sharing government

  • Good Friday Agreement

  • Decommissioning

Oral evaluation:

Conversation with the teacher and class about the film “The Boxer”

We are going to talk about:

  • The setting/growing up in a conflict area

  • The main characters

  • The role of the IRA

  • Solving the conflict; what can we learn from the movie? Why is making peace much harder than making war?

  • My opinion

Making peace, I have found, is much harder than making war.” Gerry Adams

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