Concentrated power hidden behind filigree lightness for modern glass facades geze slimdrive sl nt – the new sliding door drive of the "seven-centimetre-class"

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Leonberg, 15th September 2009

Concentrated power hidden behind filigree lightness for modern glass facades

GEZE Slimdrive SL NT – the new sliding door drive of the "seven-centimetre-class"

Post-rail constructions determine the architecture of many modern and filigree glass facades. These can be made to appear even lighter and more transparent if the post/rail elements are inserted discretely into the facade. The new automatic sliding door system Slimdrive SL NT from GEZE is, with a construction height of just seven centimetres, ideally suited for glass facades in which large and heavy door leaves are moved with force and all of the construction elements need to appear slim and subtle. Slimdrive SL NT is particularly well suited for sliding door systems in the glass facades of modern hotels, office and event complexes, museums, airports or in the construction of elegant shops. The basic principle of the Slimdrive SL NT is formed by the tried and tested Slimdrive SL drive which GEZE has made even better and even more innovative and which offers users a welcome range of benefits.

Light, transparency and design
The unequalled low "7 cm drive" can be almost invisibly integrated into the facade and takes an optical backseat in favour of light, transparency and design. With Slimdrive SL NT, single and double-leaf linear sliding doors can act as standard and escape route doors. Versions made in the all glass optic form are architectural highlights.
Design freedom, easy of operation and pleasant silence
The slim Slimdrive SL NT drive now offers an increased range of applications as it is capable of moving door leaves of up to 125 kg and thus can handle larger door dimensions. Design freedom is ensured by the individual colouring of the side panels. The Slimdrive SL NT is made even more flexible and easier to adapt to constructional constraints as the electrical connection and cable inputs can be made on both sides of the drive. The new runner with the high-quality design, for example, in black anodisation can be affixed directly to the wall, facade or cantilever.
Slimdrive SL NT also provides increased user comfort. The drive can be operated using all of the control elements, for example, remote control, non-contact operation via the GEZE AIR 12 Cleanscan active infrared sensor or an elbow switch to open the door earlier. This version is particularly suited for use in care homes, clinics, doctors’ surgeries, sports halls and swimming baths, restaurants or in barrier-free constructions. So, anywhere where there is a need to making opening doors easier for the people who use the building and where hygiene plays a particular role, in order to minimise the risk of infection, which is of particular relevance in this day and age.
The new self-cleaning roller carriages ensure peace and quiet. The large rollers enable constant silent operation and increase the lifetime of the roller carriage with next to no maintenance. Additional safety is ensured by an integrated support roller that prevents the door leaf from tipping.
"Added value" thanks to the simple assembly and maintenance
Time is money. As a result, assembly and maintenance advantages took a primary role in the further development of the Slimdrive drive. The new roller carriages have an optimised leaf adjustment. This improves handling for the installation expert since the height adjustment in the door shoes of the ISO fitting is not needed. Ease of assembly is also ensured by the convenient linking between the roller carriages which can now be accessed from the front. The larger vertical adjustment section on the roller carriage is also now easier to access. The robust side panels can now be assembled very quickly. These ensure a stable fixture and permanent fixing of the hood which is also secured in the hung state. All of these features mean time savings of up to 45 minutes on installation and thus considerable added value for the processor. The module carrier concept has also been optimised. All drive components are now mounted on just two module carrier pieces. These can be pre-fabricated in the workshop or on-site and installed very quickly. This saves even more time.
Bluetooth service convenience
New and impressive is the Bluetooth technology that simplifies maintenance, service and monitoring of the sliding door. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, drive parameters, maintenance and diagnostics can be conveniently carried out using a laptop. Passwords securing against unauthorised modification of the door data and the convenient documentation for initial installation or maintenance protocols are also possible. The GEZEconnects software module ensures wireless data exchange between the door control unit of the Slimdrive SL NT and a service laptop or PC.

Tested safety

Slimdrive SL NT means tested safety. The new drive is sample tested according to DIN 18650, EN954-1 (class 2) and DIN EN ISO 13849-1 (Performance Level D) and AutSchR. The tried and tested GEZE DCU technology has all connection options and a wide range of interfaces for peripheral building technology and the most modern of sensors.

The Slimdrive SL NT sliding door drive is also available in a kit version. On request, GEZE are happy to implement object-specific, individual solutions.

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Installation situation showing the new GEZE Slimdrive SL NT sliding door drive at the company headquarters of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG in Neckarsulm

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