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HOMEWORK- find information about a third party of your choice. The third party can be defunct (no longer exists) or a current third party. Complete the chart below - see “Progressive Party” example.

Complete the chart. (This does not have to be done in complete sentences.) (10 points)

Party Name

When did it exist?

Who joined it?

Why did it exist? Was it to draw attention to an issue or because of a certain political personality? Name the issue or person.

What impact did (does) it have on American politics?

Progressive Party

or Bull Moose Party


Unhappy Republicans and supporters of Teddy Roosevelt joined the Progressive Party

The Progressive Party or Bull Moose Party formed around a political personality – Teddy Roosevelt

In the 1912 presidential election, the Progressive Party took so many votes away from the Republican candidate, that the Democratic candidate won the election
*Teddy Roosevelt did not win the 1912 presidential election

Now that you have selected your third party, create a political campaign advertisement “poster” for your party. Highlight the party’s idea and/or issue (purpose) and candidate, if known, in your poster (5 points). Include the party’s symbol/mascot and slogan (5 points). Be creative and colorful (5 points). Remember you are trying to sell an idea or a person. The party needs your best effort because a third party candidate has never won the presidency (5 points). One (1) piece of construction paper will be provided. (20 points)

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