Comparing life on a Medieval Manor and your modern day "Manor"

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Comparing life on a Medieval Manor and your modern day "Manor"

Due Date: May 6th

Supplies you will need for the project:

Colored pencils



Black or blue pen


Background: During our unit on Feudalism we learned about life within a Medieval Manor as well as life in the city. We learned who lived on the manor, where they lived, what they ate, their jobs, and how each person depended on one another to survive. We also learned about city life, Guilds, the class structure, and the economy.
Directions: It will be your job to re-create the Medieval Manor with your own pictures, colors, writing, and to compare the Medieval Manor to your “modern day manor”. Listed below in the bullet points are the directions for this project.
You must complete a rough draft of the project on the paper provided. Remember, this is only a rough draft and doesn’t need to be as detailed as your final draft. The rough draft should be comprised of the following:

      • A rough sketch of both the Medieval Manor and your manor. Your manor would be where you currently live. This would include your house, garden, garage, and anywhere where activities at your house similar to the Medieval Manor take place.

      • The jobs performed by the people who lived on both manors.

        • Write down the jobs performed on your manor and the medieval manor.

      • A picture of where people grew food and what was grown on the medieval manor along with where your family shops and what they shop for at the store. This would not only mean possibly a garden but where your family travels to get food. This could mean a local farm, the farmers’ market, grocery store, etc.

      • What your family and the Medieval Manor family do for leisure time. This could take place at the home or outside of the home.

      • The jobs performed by the people on each manor. What do your parents and siblings do to provide for your family on your manor?

      • Your rough draft does not need any color.

      • Your rough draft MUST be completed before starting the summative.

Final Draft:

Unless incorporated into your poster, there can't be ANY white space ANYWHERE on your poster.

Medieval Manor Drawing portion of the project:

  • You must draw the medieval manor as it was depicted and described in the readings, videos, and pictures during our unit. You may use the internet to look for pictures. The pictures MUST be all your own original work.

  • There must be a drawing of the homes where the wealthy lord and his family lived, along with where the peasants or serfs lived.

  • There must be a drawing of the labor that was performed by the serfs and what was produced from this work. This means the different types of food and goods that were produced.

  • There must be two pictures, one representing how the wealthy lord and his family spent their leisure time, and another how the serfs spent their leisure time.

Modern day manor:
Drawing portion of your manor:

  • Your modern manor must have the following:

    • Your house

    • Where you shop for food

    • Where you grow food- if applicable

    • The jobs of certain people- Usually meaning chores around the house.

    • How you spend your leisure time. This may take place within your “manor” or outside of your “manor”.

  • You must draw your house

    • Within this drawing there should be a picture of where your family eats dinner, the two most important rooms of your house, and the roles performed by your family members. This means, the chores performed by yourself and your siblings, and how your parents help out around the house.

  • There should be a picture of where your family shops for food. If your family shops for food at multiple places, include the main location for your shopping. You need to depict the food that is purchased at the store.

    • If your family grows food at your house this should be depicted as well.

  • There must be a drawing of what you do for your leisure time and where you and your family spend this time

Formal writing portion of the project:

After completing the above assignments you must write a DP comparing your "manor" to that of a Medieval Manor. 8-10 sentences
You may focus on what made the Medieval Manor so successful for such a long time. Focus on the jobs of the different people on the manor and how everyone depended on one another.

Your DP should be written on a separate piece of paper from the poster and be turned in separately.

Learning Targets:

  1. Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and evidence.

  2. Understand the interrelationship between cultures.

  3. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

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