Communiqué Mauritian nationals travelling to the United Kingdom

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Mauritian nationals travelling to the United Kingdom

Further to the Official Communiqué issued by the Prime Minister’s Office on 19 September 2013, members of the public and travel agencies are once again reminded that Mauritian nationals travelling to the United Kingdom (UK) should strictly abide by the existing rules and regulations governing the application of a visa for the UK and that they should fulfill the requirements of the UK immigration authorities.

Mauritian nationals travelling to the UK have to fully comply with the present UK Immigration laws and the issuance of a UK visa allowing their stay in the UK, and that they have to leave the UK territory before the expiry of their visa.
Members of the public proposing to travel to the UK should recall that:

  1. Mauritian nationals travelling to the UK for a period of less than 6 months as a tourist or family visitor do not require a visa and may avail themselves of the visa free regime, provided they fulfill the UK immigration requirements;

  2. Although Mauritian passport holders do not need a visa to enter the UK for short visits, yet they are subject to an examination by British Immigration Officers at the UK port of entry on each travel to the UK. If the immigration officer is not satisfied that the person is a genuine visitor, he/she may be refused entry in the UK;

  3. Mauritian nationals wishing to stay in the UK for more than 6 months should apply and obtain a proper visa prior to proceeding thereto;

  4. Mauritian nationals already in the UK and intending to extend their tourist visa should apply for an extension prior to the expiry of their initial visa;

  5. Mauritian nationals who intend to study in the UK should have a valid confirmation for studies and a valid student visa issued by the British High Commission in Port Louis prior to proceeding to the UK; and

  6. Mauritian nationals who have previously been refused a visa or refused entry in the UK as a visitor should imperatively obtain a visa prior to undertaking their next travel to the UK.

Mauritian nationals, who breach the rules and conditions of their entry in the UK or those who abuse the visa free regime and stay illegally in the UK, run the risk of being repatriated and face a ten (10) year ban entry in the UK.
Moreover, the UK authorities have recently expressed serious concern regarding the present UK visa exemption regime, which is not functioning efficiently and some Mauritian nationals visiting the UK under this regime, are committing severe immigration abuses and offences.
Information on the application for a visa for the UK may be obtained on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) website:
Alternately, Mauritian nationals are requested to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade, Port Louis, and/or the Mauritius High Commission in London, as hereunder, in case they have any doubt, or in case they need any additional information/clarification.

  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

11th floor,

Newton Tower

Sir William Newton Street

Port Louis

Telephone : (230) 405 2500

Fax : (230) 208 8087, (230) 212 6764

Email :

  1. Mauritius High Commission London

14 Basil Street


London SW3 1AJ

Telephone : + 44 203 402 4825 and + 44 203 402 4840

Fax : + 44 203 402 5725

Email :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration

and International Trade

Port Louis

April 2014

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