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2016 Mid-Year Regional Meetings

East Coast Regional Mid-Year Meeting
February 19–20, 2016

Holiday Inn I-64 Westend/Crossroads

2000 Staples Mill Rd., Richmond, Virginia

Contact: PRPEC Chris Slawinski

Phone: (703) 683-1400 x115
Southeast Regional Mid-Year Meeting
February 26–27, 2016


3130 Hartley Road, Jacksonville, Florida

Contact: James J. Thomas

Phone: (904) 291-1575
West Coast Mid-Year Meeting
March 11–12, 2016

Vallejo Veterans Memorial Building/Ramada Inn of Vallejo, California

Contact: PNP Gary Blackburn

Phone: 707-373-1810
North Central Mid-Year Meeting
April 1–2, 2016

Best Western Ashland House & Conference Center

201 E Ashland St., Morton, Illinois

Contact: Marty Posekany

Phone: 616-225-9264
South Central Mid-Year Meeting
April 7–9, 2016

Downtown Holiday Inn

Shreveport, Louisiana

Contact: PRPSC Bob Holcomb

Home Phone: 512-295-3691
Cell: 512-656-3226
Northeast/New England Mid-Year Meeting
April 29–30, 2016

Clarion Inn Toms River

815 Route 37 West, Toms River, New Jersey

Contact: Sharon A. Munday, Branch 124 Secretary

Phone: 732-350-6403
The East Coast Region held its Mid-Year Meeting in February. The Southwest and Northwest Regions
do not hold Mid-Year Meetings.


Partnering for Successful Youth Activities

FRA’s youth activity programs remain a viable way of attracting current and former sea service members to the association and raising awareness of what FRA is all about. Supporting events for youth participation is also a good way to mentor future members and leaders. Many of our branches provide support to Girl Sout and Boy Scout troops, Sea Cadets, Young Marines, NJROTC units, Soap Box Derby entrants and other sporting programs. A good example of such a program is the Delaware Military Academy (DMA) located in Wilmington, Delaware, which was founded by FRA shipmates.

The Delaware Military Academy (DMA) was founded by retired Army Colonel Jack Wintermantel and Navy Command Master Chief Charles Baldwin, a 14-year member of FRA. It opened to the first class of cadets in September 2003. The Academy now serves more than 560 cadets in grades nine through 12. The Academy believes learning is a lifelong process of growth and development, and it stresses physical and mental activities that impact all facets of a person’s character and personality. The Academy’s education programs include a series of planned activities that are designed to cause specific learning outcomes.

The goals of the Academy are best reflected in its mission statement, which is to prepare young men and women for the next level of education and to provide them with a foundation that leads to good citizenship. In addition, the Academy furnishes cadets with a healthy mental and physical environment with military training as a requisite for a better understanding of the obligations of citizenship and self-discipline, and it affords opportunities for proper social activities, as well as exposure to moral ideals.

DMA is considered to be the “flagship of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (NJROTC)” in the nation. It was one of the first public all-Navy charter high schools in the country. The Academy is inspected by the Department of the Navy on an annual basis and has earned the designation of Distinguished NJROTC Unit with Academic Honors every year. With this designation, DMA has been authorized to nominate a total of nine eligible NJROTC cadets for admission to the U.S. Navy, U. S. Military and U. S. Air Force Academies (three to each). DMA is open to enrollment for residents of the state of Delaware and there is a waiting list of applicants every school year. Any student who desires this type of education, including those with physical and/or educational challenges, may apply to the Academy.

There is no military obligation to join any service upon completion of the NJROTC program at DMA. There may be a benefit to cadets who decide to join the military, as those cadets who complete two or more years of NJROTC may qualify for advancement up to two pay grades depending on the service and circumstances if they do join.

Branch 309 holds its monthly meetings at the Academy and is very supportive of its mission to prepare young men and women to be good citizens. DMA founder Shipmate Baldwin spent 25 years in the Navy, holds a master’s degree in educational leadership from Wilmington University, is a former high school principal and Commandant of DMA and is proud that more than 30 of his former students have attended the U.S. Naval Academy.

Shipmate Baldwin is currently working on a project that would allow FRA members and/or branches to make donations to the school, which has a 501(c)3 tax status. The Academy is required to pay for all of its own capital funding (e.g., buildings and maintenance). More information about donations, as well as further details about the Academy, can be found at its website: You may also contact Shipmate Chuck Baldwin at

Supporting youth activities is a great way of engaging future leaders of America. All branches and shipmates are encouraged to develop a program that will be beneficial to youth, branch, shipmates and parents. The possibilities are endless.
Penny Collins is FRA’s Director of Membership Development and a member of FRA Branch 24 in Annapolis, Md. She can be reached at
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