Commando Series Game Title: Congo Merc

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Commando Series
Game Title: Congo Merc
Game Released: July 2012
Decision Games, PO Box 21598, Bakersfield, CA 93390
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Congo Merc is a solitaire game in which the player takes command of mercenary forces fighting in the Congo crises of 1964-65. The player is up against the Simbas, fierce—if somewhat erratic—Congolese rebels, sometimes supported by Soviet bloc forces. The player commands the Mercenaries. The game system runs the Simbas.
38.1 Mercenary Units

Leader. A commando of extraordinary abilities.

Commando Platoon. A team driving jeeps, land rovers or the equivalents.

Armored Car. Light armor.

Heavy Weapons. Vehicle mounted mortars, heavy machineguns, recoilless rifles, AAA guns, etc.
Sapper Section. Combat engineers.

Supply Column. Various logistical vehicles.

Paras. Paratroopers.

PSYOP. Propaganda and intelligence teams.

CIA-58. Elite CIA-trained anti-communist Cuban unit.

38.2 Air units
Airstrikes. On-call airpower.

Helicopters. A flight of helicopters.

38.3 OPFOR Units
Simbas. Congolese quasi-communist rebels.

Cubans. Communist Cubans supporting the Simbas.

Leader. Cuban cadre, including Che Guevara.

38.4 Objective Chits

Hostages. Critical personnel or intelligence information to be rescued or captured.

Massacre. Massacred humans.

There are two types of Objective markers, Real and Massacres. Mission Cards will designate the number of objectives to be placed via the Random Objective Location Table. The number of objectives listed is the number of Real Objectives. You must also deploy all Massacres. When initially deploying Objective markers, place them face down, mix them up, and then place them on the map on their un-revealed side. They are revealed via the conditions set under rule 25.0.

Example. If a Mission calls for you to place two objectives, then you will mix together two Real Objectives plus the three Massacre markers.
Real Objectives. Once revealed, the player can transport these to bases via Supply Columns for victory.

Massacre Effects. Once revealed, units must stop when they enter this space (they can move out normally on a further Op). These effects remain for the remainder of the game. A Massacre marker cannot be removed.
Note: One event card is drawn when moving into a space with a revealed objective/massacre; a second event card is drawn if the objective marker is unrevealed.

40.1 Airborne Leader

The Charles leader is airborne qualified. He can be chosen initially only as a leader if at least one airborne unit is recruited, or if you win a battle including at least one airborne unit and roll a “6” per the Leader rule. He otherwise cannot enter play.

40.2 Reconnaissance

Friendly armored cars, the CIA-58 unit and the helicopter may conduct reconnaissance.

40.3 Paratrooper-Qualified Units

The three para units and the leader Charles are paratrooper-qualified.

40.4 Ground Transport

Mercenary Supply Column units may ‘pick up’ Real Objective marker and transport them. See the Transport rule.

Note: Real Objective markers can also use airfield moves if there is a Mercenary unit transporting them.
40.5 Helicopter Transport

A helicopter unit can transport one paratrooper or one leader.

40.6 Airfield & Water moves

These are allowed via Intel card play.

Note. That’s it. No other units may be transported other than per above.

Rebel Leader

The Rebel leader functions as a normal Rebel unit, except that it gives a +1 die roll modifier OPFOR tactical superiority die rolls if it is involved in a combat. Also, if the Rebel leader is eliminated in combat, then the player gains one Op, or the player may instead choose to reveal one face down Objective (player’s choice), and the leader is removed from play permanently.


42.1 Rescue Hostages!

The Simbas are threatening to kill civilian prisoners. Fight your way in and bring back the hostages—alive.

42.2 Search & Destroy!

Communist guerrillas are infiltrating the Congo. Raid into enemy territory and bring back prisoners for interrogation.

42.3 Coup!

Rebels have taken over a province. Capture their leader.

42.4 Race for the Wreckage!

An airplane has gone down containing top secret intelligence papers and maybe more. You have to fight your way in and get the intel out before the Simbas get in.

Optional Rules

Two or more separate Commando forces may be moved during the same Operation if each moving force is stacked with a leader and if both move to the same space. Once all forces are in the same space, pick a single Event card for the combined force.


RP you did not expend during initial deployment can be saved to: 1) purchase additional Ops; pay 2 RP and receive one additional Op. This can be done at any point in a scenario; or 2) Aircraft Turnaround, see below.


A force conducting an Operation may attempt one Recon. This is done at the start of the Op, prior to movement, and can be either a ground or air recon. For a Ground Recon, the force must have at least one Recon qualified ground unit, and be adjacent to a space containing a face down Objective marker. Execute the Recon procedure. For an Air Recon, place one available air unit (airstrike or helicopter) on one face down Objective anywhere on the map. Execute the Recon procedure.


Roll one die: on an even result, reveal the Objective; on an odd, nothing happens.

35.0 additional logisticS

A player may use a supply column to increase the movement factor of a force with which it moves by one space for ground movement.

Additionally, a player may use a supply column to declare “Full Firepower” at the beginning of a battle if it is part of a force engaged in combat. For that battle, all Commando units’ firepower ratings are temporarily increased one (+1). This is so even if the supply column is eliminated in that combat.

After the conclusion of the movement or combat in which the supply column is so employed, roll one die: on an odd result, the supply column is expended (placed in the Recruit Pool); on an even result it remains in play.


At the start of any combat. the player may use helicopters to move uninvolved Commando units to reinforce the engaged force. Each available helicopter can transport one Commando unit from any printed Base to the battle. The units must be qualified to move via helicopter by the scenario.

Multiple helicopters may move multiple individual ground units together if the ground units all reside in the same base. A Reaction Force move does not expend an operation.


Airstrikes and helicopters returned to the Recruit Pool due to a post-mission die roll may be returned to play by paying one RP per unit. Move that airstrike or helicopter to the Air Available Box. This requires the expenditure of one Op, and the player may turnaround any number of units for which he expends the RP.

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