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Dear Colleague:

Whatever the outcome of the election we know we have some tough fights ahead of us. Jobs With Justice is a critical ally in those daily battles that we, as lawyers, are fighting, whether for workers’ rights, immigrant rights, civil rights or basic civil liberties. As we know all too well, these battles cannot and should not be limited to the courtroom, which is why we need to support JWJ.
JWJ is a vital force that can also take on the powerful and win real victories. Whether it is taking on Walmart in Boston, and winning, supporting workers at Verizon, and winning, supporting immigrant workers unfairly denied their wages or standing for collective bargaining rights in the public and private sectors, JWJ has been there standing up for people in need.
Unions recognize JWJ’s value and support the organization as best they can, but it’s simply not enough to fund all of the incredibly important work that JWJ does and will do if it has the resources.  JWJ is expanding to meet the increased opportunities and challenges that we face today. But, they need our support to do that—and we can have fun while we do.

We will be holding our second, annual “Legal Trivia Night” on Tuesday, November 27th from 5:30-8:30pm at the Sacco and Vanzetti Club, 44 School Street, Downtown. This event is for those in the legal community who care about the rights of workers, immigrants, students, people fighting discrimination and corporate abuses—those sectors of the population that JWJ works to support—in the hope that, individually or as a firm, we will pitch in to support this one of a kind organization. Last year’s Legal Trivia Night was a great success and a lot of fun. We hope you and/or your firm will consider making a donation, sponsoring a team and joining friends from across the legal community for another evening of fun for a good, and vital, cause.

Thanks in advance for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Gillian Mason at 617-524-8778 or email
In solidarity,

Dick Bauer

Greater Boston Legal Services
Dr. Elaine Bernard

Executive Director

Labor & Worklife Program

Harvard Law School
Bryan Decker

Sandulli Grace, PC

Philip J. Gordon
Gordon Law Group, LLP

Jasper Groner

Segal Roitman, LLP
Monica Halas

Greater Boston Legal Services
Karl Klare

School of Law

Northeastern University
Aaron Krakow

Krakow & Souris, LLC

Shelley Kroll

Segal Roitman, LLP
Ellen J. Messing

Messing, Rudavsky & Weliky, PC
Warren H. Pyle

Pyle Rome Ehrenberg, PC
Audrey Richardson

Greater Boston Legal Services
Burton E. Rosenthal

Segal Roitman, LLP

Robert M. Schwartz

Alan Shapiro
Sandulli Grace, PC

James A.W. Shaw

Segal Roitman, LLP
Anne Sills
Segal Roitman, LLP

Chris Souris

Krakow & Souris, LLC
Warren E. Tolman

Holland & Knight LLP
Lee Weissinger

Legal Services Division, MTA
David Yamada

Suffolk University Law School
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