Colonial Williamsburg Biography Project

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Colonial Williamsburg Biography Project

In fifth grade over the next few weeks, we will explore Colonial Williamsburg in depth by researching, discussing, studying, and creating a mini replica of this amazing capital city. You have been assigned an important member of Colonial Williamsburg’s 18th century society. Not only will you represent this real-life historical figure on December 17th, but you will also research and inform the other students about this person and his or her role in our nation’s history. Use the following directions to complete the project for this unit:

  1. Use the biographical sketch provided and the Colonial Williamsburg and other websites to research and gather information about the following for your assigned person:

• Name, occupation, family background, and social level

• Childhood times including education

• Any early influences on the person

• Accomplishments/Achievements

• The impact the person had on the history of our country and/or their perspective about independence from England

Additional data, statistics, pictures, interesting facts, etc.

2. Use a graphic organizer or mind map to create an outline to demonstrate the organization of your information.

3. Write a report on your person with 5 well-designed paragraphs. Include a bibliography in MLS style. (I recommend that you use EasyBib, an online bibliography and citation generator.) You must also include your prewriting work, including graphic organizer(s) and rough draft(s). Please see the informational rubric for specifics on how your informational research essay will be graded. Optional extras: You may wish to include an appendix with related illustrations, maps, pictures, etc., and/or create a title page and use a report cover.

4. Dress in character and present a 2-4 minute oral presentation about your historical figure for the class. This is dress rehearsal for December 17th. Small props may be used that help identify you. Do not read your paper to the class! You may use small note cards with bullet points, but you may not just read them. Tell us about your person in an interesting and engaging way! You may consider telling us about your historical figure in the first person, but no accents, please.

Again, see the attached rubric to understand how your oral presentation will be graded.

Your Essay is due: Friday, December 11.

Your Oral Presentation will be on Friday, December 11 or Monday, December 14 or Tuesday, December 15 or Wednesday, December 16

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