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College of Medical and Dental Sciences
Research and Knowledge Transfer

Issue 10

October 2012

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Look out for the new RKTO Workshop Series!

8th October 2012


Writing for Publication


Dr David Thickett


Professors Jayne Franklyn,

Roy Bicknell

and Tony Smith

12th November 2012




Professor Ben Willcox
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The RKTO Newsletter is published by the College of Medical and Dental Sciences Research and Knowledge Transfer Office.

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Research and Knowledge Transfer Workshop Series

The first MDS R&KT workshop of this academic year will focus on the topic of Publishing in High-Impact Journals at 1.00pm on Monday 8th October 2012 in the Leonard Deacon Lecture Theatre. This session is intended to give you tips on the best strategies for developing and submitting your future papers, with a talk from Professor Jon Frampton on the importance of publishing in the context of the REF, and editors’ perspectives from Dr David Thickett and Professors Jayne Franklyn, Tony Smith and Roy Bicknell. Our speakers will include their own personal dos and don’ts for making it easy for your reviewers to give you the thumbs up. There will also be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the panel discussions.

Chinese Tigers In Birmingham: Collaborating with SYSU

In mid September our College hosted a prestigious and successful delegation of important visitors from Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU). SYSU is one of the leading universities in China, with over 55,000 students and five Schools of Health Sciences (Medicine, Public Health, Stomatology, Nursing and Pharmaceutical Sciences), among which the School of Medicine is ranked within the top three in China and affiliated to eight different hospitals. SYSU is located in Guangzhou city, where our Guangzhou Centre opened last year with a core focus on research in the fields of translational medicine, lifestyle, infectious diseases and cognitive neuroscience.

Our recent delegation from SYSU underlines our work towards a three-way partnership with this institution and the University of Glasgow in projects covering immunology and infection, cell and gene therapy, clinical trials and public health. The visitors toured local GP surgeries, the new QEHB and our own facilities such as the biorepository and cell therapy laboratories. They also enjoyed a busy programme of presentations and meetings with many of our leading academic researchers. We look forward to developing more exciting collaborations with SYSU, including exchanges of students and staff and joint award programmes for postgraduates. For more information please browse our detailed news releases.


Working together with our visitors Guangmei Yan (SYSU Vice-President and Professor of Pharmacology), Haipeng Xiao (Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine), Zhongdao Wu (Associated Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine), Wenhua Lin and Yuantao Hao (Associated Deans of Zhongshan School of Public Health).

Research Funding Hints, Tips & Tricks: Available Here!

Get Your Career Moving With PERCAT Masterclasses

Our Postdoctoral and Early Researcher Career Development and Training Away Day in March 2012 identified a requirement for a series of short workshops to assist in planning for future career development. As a result Professor Roy Bicknell and Mrs Lesley Bodenham have engineered the introduction of ten “masterclasses” on topics across this theme.

The first highly successful PERCAT seminar was held a few days ago on the subject of CAREER PLANNING. Early Career Researchers from across the College can register to participate in the next event about TEACHING – or in any of the other forthcoming workshops – via the PERCAT website. More details including potted biographies of the speakers are also available here. If you join at least 8 out of all 10 workshops then you will receive a certificate of attendance. The events are sponsored by Birmingham Science City and the Science City Research Alliance. 

LMU Student Visa Scandal Shockwaves

You may have seen in the news that the “Highly Trusted” status of London Metropolitan University as an institution sponsoring international (non-EU) students was recently suspended, because the UK Border Agency (UKBA) identified failings in the management of these students by the institution. The two alleged issues were (i) students studying at the University without leave to remain in the UK and (ii) a lack of internal monitoring, which prevented the University from proving the students were in attendance. There are huge implications, not only for the students studying at London Metropolitan, but also for the HE recruitment more widely.

All PGT and PGR students are required by this University to be monitored for attendance throughout their registration. If you are not sure what this involves or have any queries or concerns, please contact your local Postgraduate Manager for more information.

The Big Idea

The final of the Big Idea Biomedical Ideas Competition will be held in the CPD forum of the Medical School on Wednesday 31st October. Come along to vote for your favourite idea! The event will start with a networking lunch at 12.30pm and includes a series of talks from experts such as Chris Hand (Abingdon Health) and Terry O’Neill (HealthTech and Medicines KTN) to help you identify and exploit the commercial opportunities of your own research. To register to attend and for more details please contact our Technology Transfer Officer Mrs Claire Fenlon.

Warning Label: Intending To Submit A Grant Application?

The Intention to Submit Process: You’ve Got To Be In It To Submit It!

What’s the reason for ItS? Externally funders are explicitly demanding institutionally-led internal review processes, imposing sanctions for non-compliance, and internally we believe we can do significantly more to support the development of the best possible research applications.

What’s the process? We have a one-page Intention to Submit form for RCUK applications and (soon – watch this space!) a separate one-page Intention to Submit form for NIHR proposals. The ItS form must be completed and sent to the research office ( 12 weeks prior to application deadlines for researcher-led calls. You will receive one of 3 recommendations:

1) Immediate development with no further input;

2) Immediate development with directed support (grant clinics, individual mentors etc);

3) Future submission following further development and re-assessment.

What happens if I don’t submit an ItS form? Not submitting an ItS form may mean that you will be unable to submit your grant application.

What are the next deadlines? A list of forthcoming deadlines is available here. If you think you may have missed a date please alert your Research Facilitator ASAP, and for full guidance notes and forms please refer to the links at the top of this newsletter.

Prizes of the Month: To Be Confirmed In Our Next Issue!

And Finally, Other Congratulations To...New Professors

We heartily congratulate Professor Ben Willcox on promotion to Chair of Molecular Immunology, Professor Simon Bowman to the position of Honorary Chair in Rheumatology, Paul Cooper on gaining a Professorship of Oral Biology and Sheila Greenfield on gaining a Professorship of Medical Sociology over the summer period. Well done!

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